4 Ways to Live Better and Be a Better You | Philam Life #LiveBetter Expo

Yasss! There are 4 things you need to do to live better. A.k.a. your "Plan B" when you find yourself with an empty bank account, jiggly fat, flabby arms, places to go, people to see and nothing to wear.

Well, that's when you know it's time to hustle hard and take charge of your overall wellness!

We all want to be better, richer and healthier but getting there is easier said than done. The good news is that Philam Life is committed to help Filipinos live longer, healthier and better lives through a journey of the brand’s four (4) key pillars: FITNESS, FOOD, WELLNESS and FINANCIAL HEALTH.

Last Friday, the #LiveBetter Expo kicked-off at the Glorietta 2 Activity Center in Makati City, with exciting health-related and wellness activities from Philam Life and its partners. Guests were treated to an afternoon program featuring different kinds of  activities from exciting booths, informative talks from health and wellness experts and other awesome surprises.

Guests were given a free tote bag. The tote bag has a list of booths that we need to visit. After completing the activities from the booths, we got a raffle entry for a chance to win a wellness getaway at The Farm at San Benito! Yay!

The chance to live better, longer and healthier has never been this fun! There were various health and wellness-oriented offerings that inspired everyone to live a healthier and more holistic lifestyle. We played the Getaway Memory Game at the Merrell booth and we won exciting prizes like bag, shirt and  more. Speaking of prizes and more freebies, Merrell and Skechers each gave P500 discount coupons just for signing up! Sweet!

No matter where you stand on a scale of one to ‘I don’t even know what wellness is’, I’ve compiled a list of 4 ways on how to live a longer, and healthier life than ever before.

1. Work out

It’s time to get in shape for a healthier you! Ever heard of the Philam Vitality Active app? Well, check my post here. Philam Life has this program called Philam Vitality that even rewards people for reaching their health goals! I'm so chuffed how Philam Vitality Active helped me to kickstart my healthier lifestyle! No more bloat, no more sweet cravings and a lot less inches! I was able to check my weight and BMI at the Vitality Booth. Lost 30 pounds in 4 months and now, I feel like I'm stronger than the weighlifting fairy, Kim Bok Joo! lol Look!

Philam Life’s #LiveBetter Ambassadors Nico Bolzico, Solenn Heussaff, and Mond Gutierrez also shared their thoughts on how to live a better, healthier life, and why they choose to become advocates for healthy living.

I don’t know about you but I have been in NEED of one big dose of #fitspiration and these three served up just that! 💪 They really inspire me to live a healthier and more holistic lifestyle. Mond said it's okay to be boring, which means it's okay to say "No" to friends who ask you to eat out. No to alcohol, soda and unhealthy food. Plus, he mentioned the balanced diet and exercise combo. Oh, and lots of discipline! *ahem*

Aside from having a #fitspiration, make sure you exercise too. Gold’s Gym is one of Philam Life’s Vitality Partners and they gave us free fitness consultation and free magazines during the event! And here's a tip: If you prefer working out at home, get a treadmill at Toby's or try the workout videos on YouTube. You can also try running, and make sure you get yourself a Garmin activity tracker/smartwatch.

Whether you're working out at the gym or at home, the subtle and stylish Garmin has you covered. It's actually a great investment for your health, that can help you monitor your training and recovery so you can better prepare for a race or training cycle.

2. Fuel Up

Remember, a healthy outside starts from the inside, so fuel up by eating right and resisting the temptation of overeating! Focus on whole, minimally processed food. It's always best to prep your own healthy meals at home. That being said, I signed up for the Nestlé Wellness Club at the Philam Life #LiveBetter Expo and received a FREE healthy recipe cookbook.

There was also an informative food talk by Chef Robby Goco, Managing Partner at Cyma Greek Taverna and Green Pastures, who shared tips on how to prepare meals that are both healthy and delicious.

3. Save Up

Went to the Philam Life Financial Health Booth and I've learned about how to earn more with Active Health Invest Plus and Philam Vitality. There was a financial health talk by Philam Life Premiere Adviser as they provide intelligent incentives to encourage us to live a healthier life.

One thing I've learned from the Philam Life Adviser is this: Put your money to good use. Don’t leave money lying around. Instead, invest it in a plan to help ensure you and your family a better future.

4. Relax

Sometimes the most productive thing you can do is to relax. I got a stress ball from the event which comes in handy especially at times when I'm experiencing stress at a rate of 4 WTF's per hour and feel like throwing it at people who stress me out. lol

I took a quick stress test at the Philam Life #LiveBetter Wellness Booth and got some tips from The Body Shop team, on how to stay stress-free! I really love The Body Shop and it's one of my fave beauty brands because of their vegan, natural and cruelty-free products, which is why I signed the petition to ban animal testing. They also gave out samples and P300 off vouchers.

Here's a recap! Four ways that I have found useful for becoming a better person from Philam Life #LiveBetter Expo; work out, fuel up, save up and relax. Philam Life helps Filipinos live life to the fullest by letting them take charge of their overall health, their mind, body, as well as their financial wellness.

Discover how you too can #LiveBetter! Learn more about it by visiting Philam Life at www.philamlife.com, or call (02) 528-2000. Stay updated on their promos by liking Philam Life Facebook page and follow @aiaphilamlife on Instagram.

I hope this was helpful for you, guys! Have a great day ahead. :)

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