Everything You Need To Know About Shiseido The Collagen and Why Anne Curtis Loves It

Oh my... Age is in the air.

I really feel that pollution is waging war on my 36-year-old skin. New research shows that there's a link between pollution and skin problems. Well, you can't actually see it and you prolly don't feel it but there's a lot of junk floating in the air. And yep, these pollutants are aging us and hitting our skin hard.

But that's not all... Collagen production begins to decline as we age and goes rapidly downhill in our forties and fifties. Yikes!

Most cities, like Quezon City and Manila, have high pollution levels that's why women who are living in the urban jungle who are exposed to high levels of particulate matter like soot, smog and traffic pollution have more age spots and wrinkles than those living in rural areas. Our skin responds to pollution (throw in UV exposure and the stress that comes with it) by increasing the inflammatory response, which destroys the collagen and elastin that support our skin.

Luckily, we don't need to give up city life or our stressful job to thwart these aging effects. Take it from the lovely Anne Curtis who shared her no-fuss beauty secret during the launch of Shiseido the Collagen. With more than 7 million followers on Instagram, Anne is a veritable skin care expert, and my trusted beauty brand Shiseido is taking full advantage of that fact. The singer, actress and Showtime host, has been tapped to be the new brand ambassador of Shiseido The Collagen, which comes in  ready-to-drink, tablet and powder form.

She admitted that at the age of 32, she already saw a few signs of aging in her face and body, that's why she needs anything that would help her from the inside out. She also shared a few of her personal favorites, as well as her beauty regimen like drinking Shiseido The Collagen. That's the secret on why she wakes up feeling refreshed and has so much more energy, even if she has only slept a few hours. 

So, if you wish to look younger and have a bright skin ala Anne Curtis, then you probably need to give up on buying useless cosmetics and give a chance to Shiseido Collagen's unique patented beauty ingredients  that will make your wishes come true. Your inner beauty will be brought out by Lingonberry and Amla.

The event ended with a toast to the newest beauty must-have, Shiseido The Collagen, and its new ambassador. The beautiful dermatologist, Dr. Anna Palabyab-Rufino, shared that collagen is essential in keeping skin, bones and even teeth strong. It also gives skin strength and elasticity. Aside from collagen, Shiseido The Collagen also contains lingonberry.

So, what can lingonberry do to your skin?

It's a superfruit which contains polyphenols or powerful antioxidants. It can help neutralize the effects of the sun's radiation. The sterols reduce redness and skin sensitivity and have anti-inflammatory properties.

AMLA or Indian gooseberry is known for its good effects on hair and  skin. Here are a few benefits;
  • Lightens the complexion
  • Anti-aging effects, diminishes the wrinkles and fine lines
  • Exfoliating and cleansing agent
  • Reduces Pigmentation
  • Skin Brightener
  • Treats acne and pimples
  • Skin toner and tightener
  • Repairs damaged tissues
 Other supporting ingredients are low molecular fish collagen, hyaluronic acid, ceramide, GABA, ornithine and moisture peptide.

The price of Shiseido The Collagen is P229.50 per 50ml bottle, while the Collagen EX Drink retails at P254.50 per bottle. 

There are 2 variants of Shiseido the Collagen that is now available in the Philippines: Shiseido The Collagen and Shiseido The Collagen EX, an enhanced version recommended for those 40 years old and above. I decided to try it and here is my take on Shiseido The Collagen EX after drinking it for 10 consecutive days.

I have to say this is the best tasting collagen drink ever and if you are wondering about the calories, don't worry. :) You won't gain weight because it's only 8.5 calories per bottle.

The most noticeable thing about collagen for me is how it has affected my sleep. You can expect to get a relaxing effect from drinking this, which means it is a good support for stress-care, and even helps with sleep. For the first time in my life, I wake up feeling refreshed with a healthy moist and glowing skin. You know the feeling after having a diamond peel sesh? That's exactly the super-smooth-and-soft-skin feeling you'll get. Promise.

TIP: It's best to drink the night before your big event or before you go to bed, because that's the best time for our body to absorb collagen. And no, not all ingestible collagen is created equal. I've tried other collagen drinks but this one is definitely the best and most effective I've tried. Shiseido The Collagen really does make my skin looks better than it is.

I super love the results, that's why I gave their powder counterparts a try too. It has a very nice pink packaging which comes in a zip lock bag for easier storage. One pouch contains 126mg of powder and is priced at P2,499.50. The usage is about 3 weeks with one spoonful everyday.

This is how the collagen powder look like on water, no sugar or honey added. There is no weird taste to it. Actually, it is tasteless and odorless, unless you dissolve it in food  like soup or flavored drink.

As for me, I use the attached spoon to scoop it into my morning coffee. It becomes like creamer which is actually addictive. I also mix it with my smoothie or overnight chia pudding. The best thing about it is that the powder doesn’t affect the taste of my fave mango smoothie.Yum!

Shiseido The Collagen also comes in a tablet form. A box containing 126 pieces of The Collagen Tablet retails at P3,499.50 while a box of Collagen Ex Tablets which have 120 pieces is priced at P6,799.50.

I'll definitely continue on using Shiseido The Collagen products, and trust me on this one...

Your skin will love you for drinking it and you'll surely love your newly rejuvenated skin. Check out the prices below;

Take the first step toward a beautiful new you! Shiseido The Collagen is now available in all Mercury Drug outlets and Watsons stores nationwide.

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