High-Flying Fun at Five with Rockstarmomma's Year 5 Blogiversary Giveaway

Happy New year, lovelies!

It's 2013 and it's hard to believe 5 blogging years have already gone by! That's a crazy long time (at least for me). When I started this blog in year 2007, I was patiently waiting for my big baby bump to pop and I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I have attended amazing blogging events and I've met some incredible blogger friends. Now,  I can't believe my blog has turned 5 and my baby girl is turning 5! *gives myself a high five* I can't tell you how much fun it has been but is has been phenomenal. Now, I'm planning to be a Paparazzi or Gossip blogger just for fun. Both maybe? (Identity crisis.)

Also, what better way to ring in the New Year and my blog's 5th year anniversary with ████████████ 97% loading.. wait, just wait for it... a giveaway! :)

In celebration of 5 years of blogging, my daughter's upcoming 5th birthday or my "most favoritest and bestest" day (dear notorious red line for spelling and grammar check, bring it on!) and for the hope that there will be many more happy blogging years, I'm hosting a humble giveaway and sending out a ton of awesome stuff.

But, before I jump to the giveaway, I'd like to let you know that I have appreciated all of you who have been following my blog for the past years, following on Twitter, and liking the R0ckstarm0mma and Shutter Count Facebook page. That being said, I wanted to give something back to everyone. Which is why I am so thrilled and excited to host this year's giveaway, showcasing our generous media partners and sponsors! I've had the privilege of working with some amazing people from these equally great companies and I want to take a minute to thank them as well!

In order to enter the giveaway,  please use the Rafflecopter form below! The names of the winners will be displayed after the giveaway ends and will be notified via email and you have 48 hours to reply. Also, please make sure to leave your address so I can email you.

I’m a huge fan of daily entries, so I’ve included lots of them, all the sharing via Twitter and Facebook can be done on a daily basis to help you rack up more entries.

Ok, on to the good stuff. Here are the amazing prizes made possible by our generous sponsors.

Want to win one of these goodies?  Sure you do. Sooo... let's start this new year with a bang!

Ready? GO!

Fruits in Bloom

Thank you. Salamat. Merci. Gracias. This gourmet arrangement says it all. Pineapple flowers, chocolate-enrobbed bananas, green apple wedges and red grapes are beautifully arranged to convey the universal language of saying appreciation. Click here to know why I can't stop raving about these yummy fruit arrangements.
I only look at this for like 2 seconds and it has made my day already.  How much more if I eat it? :)
Brighten someone's day with fruits, chocolates and sprinkles and join this giveaway because I'm giving away not one, not two, but three Fruit Bloom Gourmet Arrangement from Fruits in Bloom! Prizes are for pickup only.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Toccare Spa

All you need is love. And maybe a trip to a luxury spa, Toccare Spa!

5 lucky readers of my blog are in for a treat: Get a chance to win GCs from Toccare Spa! The ultimate pampering experience of a 90-min. Filipino Hilot massage worth PhP 1250. :) My Hilot massage there last Thursday was pure bliss. Seriously the most relaxing 90 minutes of my life! Oh, and that moment when the masseuse found the “lamig” on my back. Yay! :)

After the Holiday season, this fabulous prize is the perfect way to kick start the New Year.

Toccare Spa Luxury Spa nestles in a haven of natural beauty and tranquillity on the 4th floor of Antel Spa Suites in Makati, which is one of the most luxurious and relaxing health spas in the country.  Whether you need some relaxation, me-time and pampering, or seek a healthier lifestyle, Toccare Spa is the perfect place to soothe your mind, pamper your body and lift your spirit. Enter to win:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Soyami Soya Chips

Do you remember the days when you could buy a full bag of chips? Now it's just a bag of air.... with a higher price. Possibly the biggest letdown ever. Think you know what qualifies as a healthy yet yummy and super affordable snack? Oh well, all I can think of is Soyami.

I'm lucky enough to discover a lighter, healthier yet still totally delicious snack that completely changes my view about chips. For once, I have a full bag of crisps, not half a bag of chips and half a bag of air. Not to mention it's healthier and totally guilt free! Also, the White Cheddar flavor of Soyami Soya Chips is my daughter's ultimate favorite so instead of putting candies, lollipops, and other junk food in the lootbags for her birthday, we'll add Soyami Soya Chips instead. Yay!

Apple Morales, the beauty and brain behind this healthy snack discovery,  who is also the owner and President of AM Global Works Marketing Corp., (manufacturer of Soyami Soya Chips) loves Soy so she experimented on soy products that was not yet in the market. These chips have by now gained the reputation of being a healthy snack option, especially among snack chips lovers. A healthy alternative to chips that are considered junk food and an option to fruits and nuts as healthy snack fare, Soyami Chips now enjoy the distinction of being the country’s first and only real soya-based snack.

Aside from that, 2 lucky winners will win a gift pack from Soyami Soya Chips! How awesome is that?! Join now!
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Azta Urban Salon 

Remember, there's no excuse for a bad hair day ever! So why don't you start the new year with a new look and treat yourself to an amazing hair makeover at Azta Urban Salon?!

Luscious locks are easily achieved with Azta Urban Salon’s experts who use products that are low in chemical concentration, maintaining hair’s natural PH balance and preventing hair damage. The Hot Oil treatment will reveal a completely new, soft, beautiful and silky hairdo that is easy to style and makes every day a good hair day.  It will also make your hair more manageable, with treatments done by trained hair stylists. So you can be sure your precious hair is in good hands.

Get a chance to be one of the 3 Winners of Free Haircut & Hot Oil services. Free services will only be valid for 3 branches: Eastwood, Alabang Town Center and SM San Lazaro branch. If you want to get your fringe treated and trimmed soon, then join this giveaway now or forever hold your peace! :)

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Here's a yummy one from Alchemy!  A box of crunchy-creamy macarons from pastry genius, Meryl of Alchemy Baking Magic. Also, I'd just like to publicly profess my love for macarons. Macarons from Alchemy, to be exact. If you want to try eating something special? Extraordinary? Even magical? Alchemy is your portal to a sweet otherworldly experience.

These beautifully made soft and colorful Macarons is just too yummy and too pretty for words!
Want to win a little piece of heaven in a box? Then join this giveaway!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Want to sparkle and bring out that bling this 2013? Be one of the winners of 5 Caronia gift packs filled with new Caronia collectibles! Here's a teaser for you. Check what's inside:

Join now!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Diana Stalder

Giving away 5 gift packs of a few of my favorite beauty products to keep your skin hydrated and soft. All from Diana Stalder, the pioneer in facial and skin care centers in the Philippines. I love their products because they keep my face looking radiant all day. Seriously. Now, it’s time for you to experience it.

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Mustela is love.

Who is Mustela? They have been in business for over 60 years and is well known in Europe.  Also, they produce skin care for pregnant moms and assortments of baby products. Their products are "formulated to minimize the risk of allergic reactions". Recently, I have been using Mustela products with my not-so-little baby girl and they are lovely and soothing! Will make a product review soon. For now, and for those who haven't tried it yet, join this giveaway and experience how amazing Mustela is.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Hodge Podge

What is Hodge Podge? Hodge Podge is "Your One-Stop Shop for Bottlecap Accessories" that was launched last March 2012. Owned by Gel Rodriguez and Kei Uy, they make the cutest bottlecap accessories such as necklaces, keychains, magnets, cellphone accessories, bookmarks, pins, mini rings and mini dangling earrings. Take note: All their supplies are imported (from the US).

Check out my daughter's customized "WonderMaia" bottlecap accessories for her 5th birthday. As amazing as her party host and magician, Wizzo, these babies will surely be a big hit on her party. :)

Want to win bottlecap goodies from Hodge Podge? Well, these cuties are just a few likes away!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Tea 101

My goal is to drink healthier drinks in 2013 (read: milk tea=sugary, creamy, delicious tea w/ condensed milk) but it's day 3 & I'm already drinking it. It's my ultimate stress reliever and fave workplace, editing videos there is just... refreshing! Also, my daughter is addicted with their Platter 1!

Limited Tea101 Tumbler
Tea 101 offers a variety of Bubble Tea products imported from Taiwan. So join now and enjoy the benefits of health drinks in delicious refreshing bubble teas. Win GCs and a limited Tea101 tumbler. Please note that the GCs is valid at Tea 101 California Garden Square branch only.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

But wait, there's more... (my favorite line ever)

There are more prizes up for grabs. For the rest of the stuff, get clicking below.

Frabelle Foods

My New Year Resolution: Never skip breakfast. And one reason why I never have to skip brekky again is because we have loads of yummy goodness at the fridge. Read: Frabelle Foods.

I was invited to the 1st ever Frabelle Foodie Chef Finals and I took home a huge gift pack of Frabelle Foods products. Find out who the 1st Frabelle Foodie Chef Grand Winner is "here". 

This is my kiddo's current favorite breakfast: Frabelle Yummy! cheesedog and scrambled egg sandwich with Longganiza Recado on toasted bread. Yum! Also, Frabelle’s Premium Honey-Glazed Ham is amazeballs and Frabelle's supersized hotdog sandwich is our fave snack during our movie marathon. But no matter how many hotdog sandwich, bacon or cheesedog we have, it will always be gone by the time the movie actually starts. :)

Want some Supersized-Hotdog-Cheesedog-FundogzNachoCheese-HoneyglazedHam-Tocino-HickorySmokedBacon-Longganiza-OVERLOAD?? There are 5 winners of a set of Frabelle Foods Products worth 1,000.00+ pesos. So what are you waiting for? Click away!

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Ceelin Plus

My daughter takes Ceelin Plus, the Ceelin with Zinc for "Kontra Sakit, Kontra Liit!". It has Vitamin C which strengthens the immune system and Zinc which not only is an immune booster but also, proven to have the most significant effect on linear length in children less than 5 years of age when 10mg is taken daily. Together, this powerful combination boosts your children's immunity, preventing sickness/diseases, resulting in normalized growth thereby preventing growth stunting. The secret is out/ Will blog about it in detail on how Ceelin Plus turns Maia into a WonderMaia. :)

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Gonuts Donuts

“Eyes as black and as shiny as chips of obsidian stared back into his. They were eyes like black holes, letting nothing out, not even information.”
-Neil Gaiman

Photo Credit:  Iya Lagdameo from Gonuts Donuts Facebook page
I started to visualize those words and guess what? I had a picture of Gonuts Donuts in my mind. The reason why my diet-related New Year's resolutions are hard because I keep on munching these donuts. To be honest, when I first tried it, I never thought this donut would be this addictive. :)
Photo credit: Shutter Count
 Seriously reconsidering a standard cupcake tower for my daughter's party and surprising her with a huge tower of donuts instead. :) I bet my WonderMaia would love that! Look forward to a sweet year ahead because it is about to get sweeter the moment you win a GC of 2 dozen Gonuts Donuts.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Wee Nam Kee

How do I love thee, Wee Nam Kee? Let me count the ways.
That awkward moment when your stomach gurgles loudly during the most quiet situation. Just because of THIS.
We first met in Singapore and it was a mouth watering experience. I love your awfully famous and awfully delicious white-skinned chicken rice. Your cereal prawn is one of the best I've ever tasted and your Honey Crispy Squid is extremely addictive.

Too much info though. Will make a longer post about my Wee Nam Kee experience at their newly opened branch in Glorietta soon.

Want to celebrate the first weekend of 2013 by having a lunch or dinner  at Wee Nam Kee? If yes, then you know what to do.. *wink*

a Rafflecopter giveaway


I love Nona. Why? Because Nona Knows Best. A proudly Malaysian brand of cooking and baking mixes to bring luxurious convenience into your kitchen. 2 lucky winners will win 2 gift packs and each gift pack has the ff: NOna Butter Cookies (Maia's favorite), Nona Fried Chicken Frying Mix, Nona Tempura Batter Mix, Nona Jele-A KOnnyaku Jelly Mix in peach flavor, Nona Jele-A Agar-Agar Jelly Mix in rose flavor and Meet U "Gold White" Coffee 4-in-1! I love Meet U Gold White Coffee and will definitely blog about my honest, personal coffee experience soon. :)

If you want to try Meet U coffee, bake like a pro, and want these yummy goodies, join now!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Rexona ka ba? (Ask me why please!)
Kasi I know you won't let me down. :)

Cheesy and corny, I know. But Rexona never lets me down. So I'm giving away 5 gift packs. If you want 'em, come and get 'em!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Juice Footwear

Get a chance to win this sexy yet very girly pair of laceless Joy Pink  sneakers from Juice Footwear! Why do I love it? Simply because it's fashionable and fashionable feet need not be expensive. Yes?

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Nudo Swimwear

Now, how about a sexy pair of Mandala triangle bikini in Sahara color for your next summer vacay?  This lovely piece is designed by Nudo Swimwear using exquisite combination of materials and colors that reveals the sexy, edgy and luxurious nature without spending thousands of pesos for a pair.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Last but not the least, Shutter Count is giving away a FREE outdoor photo shoot session worth P4,000 to ring in the new year! Plus 8.5x11 20 pages photo book worth  Php2,000! Join now!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Also, check out Shutter Count's new promo: First Quarter Madness! You can have a cake smash session, family pictorial, and pre-event photo shoot all in one day! :) Let the madness begin.

Note: I have more prizes to add, so check out my fan page for updates.

Update: As promised, I'm adding two more giveaways!

Masatami Shave Ice

Get Masatamified and experience the sought after cooler of Hawaii, Masatami Shave Ice! I've tried Masatami Shave Ice's Rainbow shave ice with snow cap and Buko Pandan at Shangri-La's Enchanted Halloween last year. It is the fluffiest, most light dessert and my daughter loves it to bits. The ice is so fine that once it hits your lips, it instantly melts into a spoonful of refreshing, juicy goodness.  It's like eating a very cold cloud! ;p

Start the new year with a... POP!
There are 3 lucky winners of Five (5) GCs (equivalent to 5 huge servings of your favorite Masatami) Oh, and don't forget to try Masatami Shave Ice's newest flavor, Nutella! They say there's "no share" in Nutella but please do share this giveaway to your friends. :)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Pizza Pedrico's 

Now THIS. This is my daughter's favorite pizza and her favorite baon too! She loves the Cheez and Cheez flavor (yes, it is spelled that way) with its extremely rich layer of multiple cheez varieties perfect for all cheez lovers out there. But I still don't believe there's anyone else in the city that loves Pizza Pedrico's Cheez and cheez more than me and my daughter. ;) The crust is thin and the toppings are generous enough which I really love. The cheese is delicious and perfectly melted too. The best part? It’s not expensive, and I was quite surprised to know a small box of yummy pizza of about 5 inch in size will only cost P39. This one's perfectly baked to satisfy your pizza cravings, and perfect for those who are looking for affordable pizza for snacks. I say, you should give this pizza a try. It's a must try!

Anywho, who wants cheese, cheese and more cheese? Grab Pizza Pedrico's new Garlic Mushroom Melt! Or would you like to win gift coupons from Pizza Pedrico's? If you would, enter here:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Important reminders:
Deadline of entries is on February 16, 2013.  If you have not entered the giveaway yet, then be sure to enter to win no later than 11:59 PM of February 16th.
This contest  is open to Philippine residents only. I can ship the prizes within the Philippines only and all the sponsors are not responsible for prize shipment and taxes incurred. Bulky prizes are only for pick up at SM Megamall, California garden Square, MRT Shaw and Shangrila mall.
Make sure to like ALL the Facebook pages listed regardless of the prize you want to win. Skipping this step will render your entry invalid.
Please set all your posts to PUBLIC. Otherwise, I won’t be able to see and verify your entry.
Don’t forget to verify your email subscription (if you do that one), otherwise your entry will be considered null and void.
Winners will be chosen at random via Rafflecopter.

Good luck and I wish you a happy 2013! A HUGE, GIGANTIC "Thank YOU" to everyone who made my  5 years of blogging so awesome. Thanks again for following along with me on my little journey.  Your enthusiasm, support, and kindness has kept me going.  I appreciate each and every like, comment, follow and wish I could send each of you a gift or a small token. I look forward to another great year of blogging! :)

Hmmm.. I think I just wrote the longest blog post of my life. Now shhhh... time to bond with my WonderMaia.

Will leave you guys with this short and simple 50-second video (more like a movie trailer) that I made for my daughter. It's about "The Rise of a New Superhero". Enjoy! :)

Click here to watch the video.

WonderMaia_Trailer by R0ckstarm0mma on Vimeo.