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Hi, guys!

I'm Michelle, a beach-loving mom who likes to write about parenting, fashion, fitness, events, beauty, tech, travel and some other ramblings that can make other moms laugh/cry/relate. I'm also a licensed physiotherapist who decided to be a WAHM and yaya of 2 little brats.

Why I call myself Rockstarmomma: I've always wanted to be a "rockstar" and the closest thing I've ever been to being one was when I'm singing Rock-a-bye baby while rocking my baby to make him go to sleep.

Best human skill: I'm really good at losing my keys and so many other things. Left brain and right brain, meet Mommy brain!

Best superhuman skill: Dog-like sense of smell (poop detector, to be exact) and um.. milk-making!

Biggest achievement: Being a mom, still rocking (and not losing my mind) at 37. Winning a lot of blog writing contests. Indeed, content is KING.

Most valuable Parenting TIP: It's okay if you don't finish folding the laundry. Just chill and nap on those unfolded laundry straight out of the dryer. Best place for a power nap! Oh, and cherish the first day you buy your car because that will be the last day it is ever clean. Always bring a barf bag too. You're welcome. :)

So, if you're looking for a perfect mom who can do everything and has it all together, you came to the wrong person (so NOT me!) and quite frankly, I don’t know what you’re doing here. :) That said, I want to reassure other moms that it's okay to be imperfect and they're not the only ones having a messy and unpolished version of parenting. Sometimes, it's actually good being reminded that all of us are flawed, no matter how we appear from the outside. Yep, it feels good to be real.

Here's a little something that I wrote way back in 2007. Read on:

In an effort to save you from the usual traditional style autobiography, I thought you would find it refreshing to read about me in my own words. My hope is that you will get a better feel for who I am.
Well, I can't really sum up my autobiography, because I'm still pretty busy living it! My life these days is a mix of creative writing, preparing myself for motherhood and childbirth, blog hopping and writing my own blogs.

To begin with, I was raised as a child in a small town in Balanga, Bataan. My parents are separated but they have always been and will continue to be my biggest daily loves. At the early age of 9, my parents started screaming at each other which made me and my siblings really upset. I found it so hard to live with a broken family at such an early age. More than that, it hurts to see my younger brothers and sister cry helplessly for comfort and guidance. At a young age, I learned to think and act like an adult who thinks like she is matured and old enough to live an independent life.
Through my later teen and early twenties, I would prefer studying in my dorm than going out with my friends. At Far Eastern University, where I received my Bachelor's degree, I studied the anatomy of the human body, biochemistry and all sorts of medical science related with Physical therapy.

University was considerably more challenging for me as I had suddenly become a little fish in a much larger pond. I had to work double hard to overcome the laziness I had developed over the past years before entering college. Bumming and just being lazy and bored with my life, in particular. Though before I even graduated in college, some of my friends have influenced me to go out, lay down my hair, chill out and have fun. Then I was hooked. I was in. It was just all for fun. But I still tried my best to study hard while having fun because I didn't want to disappoint my parents. Thus I began the long 5-year commitment to getting my college diploma and I sure did. A commitment that would soon demand my life more responsibilities than I ever thought existed.
College and taking the board exam was indeed one of the most difficult and trying periods of my life.I did pass though. There were more than a few times where I wanted to give up. In fact, I probably hated it more than I ever thought that's why I wasn't able to practice it. It was like I had been at the front of a very long line, expecting myself to accomplish a lot of things for just the shortest time possible and then discovering that I was actually at the back of it. Way back. amp! That following years, I tried harder to live my life on my own and worked for different companies looking for bigger opportunity. I worked as a liaison officer, medical indexer and a call center agent.
Furthering my skills, I enrolled for a 6-month medical transcription class at a medical transcription school hoping to get my foot into working at home. This time, I never finished the program as I ended up getting unexpectedly, surprisingly pregnant. But there's no regrets. This is all unplanned but I still believe that it surely happened for a reason. A series of people who have, at the right times, pushed me and believed in me. They believed in me more than I did. My story is one of encouragement that life is indeed full of surprises.

 Looking back, I now realize that I was really not the "hopeless person" that I thought I was. I was just a girl and I was not overly gifted but some very important people in my life all told me at one time or another that I was special and they made me feel loved and blessed at the same time. Some people have done more than that and have really gotten in my face, not allowing me to quit or to give up.

Even now as I write this, I sit back amazed at how complex and beautifully woven my life thus far has been. It is like God's hand moving and still busy writing my story. This humbles me and makes me so thankful that I have been blessed by so many wonderful people in my life.

So you see, when you strip away the hype, and the flare for the melodramatic part of my life, I am really not that special. It is the people in my life (you now who you are) who are special that makes my life even more special.
If life is a ride, which it surely is, then mine has got to be the balls-out wildest roller coaster in the park. I don’t mind though. I know any life is going to have its ups and downs. Only an idiot would buy a ticket to a roller coaster that didn’t have turns, climbs, loops and dives, and anyone who really wants his money’s worth is going to look for the highest, fastest,heart-pumping ride he can find. For me, the same is true of life. And while I’ve never spent much time thinking about the past, there’s been so much things lately that is misleading, untrue or simply a lie that I thought it might be fun to take a look back and finally put this wild story down on paper. Right now, I strongly believe that the best is yet to come or like what I heard from a song a while ago, the rest is still unwritten.

If my life is really a joyride or a crazy roller coaster ride, without even knowing how short or long it is, then I might as well just enjoy the ride, have fun and get real crazy!

Well, thanks for taking the time to read through this rather monstrous bio, my life story or whatever you may call it. All I know for now is that I've just written a tiny, little bits and pieces of my so-called life.

And what's next?
After pregnancy... I dunno yet.

For now, I'm just patiently waiting for my baby girl...and my only christmas wish is to have a safe delivery and a healthy,beautiful,bouncing baby girl this coming new year. :)

Have a hearty Christmas everyone!

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