Quick and Easy Carbonara Recipe Using Clara Ole's Cream-based Pasta Sauce

It's pretty easy to satisfy the occasional urge for a delicious plate of pasta by visiting good Italian restaurants in Manila. Even making it at home couldn't be easier with the help of quality cream-based sauces from Clara Olé.

Clara Olé, a leading name in pasta sauces, tomato sauce, marinades, syrups, jams & jelly, dips n’ dressings, introduced its newest line of cream-based sauces, also known as "the Cream Team," that will surely provide delight in every family meal.

There’s no doubt that this trifecta of sauces—Carbonara Pasta Sauce, Béchamel White Sauce, and Creamy Tomato Pasta Sauce—from the Clara Olé line of products will make more moms and cooking enthusiasts head to the kitchen to whip up a non-stop bevy of delectable dishes using Clara Olé’s impeccable, quality sauces.

For tonight's dinner, I tried using Clara Ole's Carbonara Sauce for a super speedy supper (try saying that really fast) and guess what? My daughter loved it! Even my pasta-hating hubby loved it! It was immaculately rich and creamy, fused with the right amount of saltiness of smoked bacon and cheesy flavors that will lend your pasta a rockin’ and mind-blowing taste with flavorful creaminess.

Yep, you're looking at the newest member of Maia's best thing ever list of Mommy's dishes! Seeing how simple a good homemade carbonara is to make, I won't hesitate buying this pasta sauce too often. Here's the swift and easy carbonara recipe that I made;

500 g. Spaghetti noodles
2 pouches of Clara Ole Carbonara pasta sauce (200 g)
250 grams ham/ bacon
2 Eggs
Minced garlic or garlic powder
Chopped fresh basil leaves (You can also use parsley or oregano)
Grated cheese
Olive oil or butter
Freshly ground black pepper

How to cook:
1. Pour the pasta into a pan of boiling water then set aside.
2. Saute minced garlic and ham/bacon in olive oil or butter until crisp and golden brown.
3. In a separate bowl, mix eggs, cheese and pepper, reserving a little cheese for the garnish. Tip: Warm eggs up in bowl of warm water before using so you don't start from fridge cold.
4. Pour in the Clara Ole carbonara sauce and simmer.
5. Top some grated cheese and garnish with chopped herbs like ground basil leaves or parsley.

Seems easy enough, right?

What I love: You can throw the theory that salt = flavor and more bacon=better out the window when it comes to this pasta sauce. No need to add more bacon (too fattening!) because it has a hint of smoked bacon flavor in it already! The plot thickens (or should I say the sauce thickens?) even further when you compare it to overall sugar and salt content with other brand of sauces. Yep, you guessed it: the cheaper sauces all contain far more sugar and salt!

Also, you will save a lot of time because there's no need to spend hours of cooking to make this. Indeed, life is made easier with Clara Ole pasta sauce.

This is a photo after Maia commandeered her plate of Carbonara. You know a Carbonara is good when it can make your eyes roll back in your head with pleasure. You look up, and it lurks there, batting its eyelashes then end up closing your eyes to savor its goodness.

You can also use the Carbonara Pasta Sauce as an exciting dip for nachos, fries, potato chips, topping for sausages, as burger sauce, sandwich spread, dressing for salads and veggie sticks.

Will definitely try the other sauces in the line-up soon. Béchamel seems like the perfect cream-based white sauce with a masterful blend of butter, cream and cheese, that I can use in making baked lasagna or baked macaroni. It can also serve as filling for rolled chicken meat dishes like cordon bleu, chicken a la kiev, meat pies, and even sandwiches.  Plus the Clara Olé Creamy Tomato is also next on my list. Truly, Clara Ole remains true to its commitment of offering value for money, convenience and excitingly delicious products for everybody’s everyday meal.

So make those pasta dishes come to life by using Clara Olé’s newest quality cream-based sauces. Head off now to your favorite supermarkets or grocery stores.

To know more about Clara Olé value offerings, visit www.claraole.com or “Like” www.Facebook.com/myclaraole or follow via Instagram @ClaraOlePH and share your unforgettable cooking encounters and dining experiences using Clara Olé Carbonara, Béchamel White Sauce and Creamy Tomato. You can even catch exciting Clara Olé “Pot Sessions: A Cook Without A Book” adventure webisode series via their Facebook app: https://www.facebook.com/myclaraole/app_566691690034303.

So, how do you make carbonara? Obviously there are many ways, but here is my way. Remember, the key to good carbonara, like any good piece of cooking, and especially this one, is the quality of the ingredients.

As always, leave your thoughts in the comments. Happy cooking!



  1. I just cooked carbonara yesterday ( Im the cook at the house :) ) because my mom kept asking for it and we are a family of pasta lovers,and it was tiring, and very magastos! I bought cream,evaporated milk,cheese,bacon,ham,chicken and of course some pampalasa, I'd say it was good because my mom and sister loved it and even shared it with their friends but if we talk about practicality and time-saving ( a precious time that you can spend on your bonding time with family than preparing and cooking), I'd rather use Clara-Ole if it will taste the same or better! Because as you said your daughter felt this: "it can make your eyes roll back in your head with pleasure. You look up, and it lurks there, batting its eyelashes then end up closing your eyes to savor its goodness." Then wow, how could an already made sauce do that? I would definitely try this! thank you for the review!

  2. Haha! This has been bookmarked. It seems that Maia really loved it. (not to mention, it was included in Maia's best thing ever) Definitely a must-try recipe.

    Faith Almario

  3. I love Clara Ole products, you don't need any touch-ups for the sauce! I'm getting hungry looking at your cooked pasta. Looks yummy! :)

  4. I had carbonara at Shakeys after lunch. My bill was around 1300+ for a family meal deal which included a platter of carbonara. With my family around, my pasta was so bitin. We all love carbonara so basically in 5 minutes ubos agad. hehehe! So, since my cravings was not fulfilled. I was searching for Carbonara recipes and luckily, I had stumbled to this blog post and I have a bright idea tomorrow that I will be preparing carbonara for lunch. Honestly, I do not know how but knowing that there is a sauce made by Clara Ole then I am confident my first attempt to make this creamy dish would be successful. So, thank you for sharing this Rockstarmomma and wish me luck on this new venture. :)

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  6. what's the serving size?

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  8. what are the eggs for?

  9. What do we do with the " In a separate bowl, mix eggs, cheese and pepper, reserving a little cheese for the garnish."??

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