Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Lucas' 1st Airplane Themed Birthday Party

Our adorable Shuttercount baby, Lucas, celebrated his first year of sky-high adventure at an airplane-themed birthday party. This one takes off with all the festive details such as vintage planes that represent exciting adventures and high hopes for the future.

Everything is captured in gorgeous detail by Benj of Shuttercount Photography. So please find your seat, fasten your seat belt, prepare for takeoff and be inspired by some really cute party ideas! Lucas' adventure begins with the witty hashtag #AirLukeOne.

Organique Acai: Welcoming the Year of the Fire Monkey with a Gift of Health

Hold on to your hats, folks, the circus is about to begin! :) It's time to say goodbye to the introspective Yin Wood Sheep Year of 2015 and open up to the expansive Yang Year of the amazing Fire Monkey! Health-wise, it's about time to pay closer attention to what we are ingesting and commit to a healthier 2016.

That's why health-related new year resolutions are at the top of my list and this year, I'm giving my hubby a gift of health, a bottle of Organique Acai, to encourage him to push further.

We started our new year resolutions by getting on the habit of drinking Organique Acai Premium Blend every morning upon waking up! FYI, acai (pronounced ah-sah-ee) berries are small, dark purple berries considered to be the world’s number one superfood containing 10 times the antioxidants found in red grapes and blueberries.

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Whole Mom New Beginnings Workshop

I had a great opportunity to attend the New Beginnings workshop, held last January 23rd at The Parenting Emporium, Quezon City. I learned a lot of preggy tips and tricks from the celebrity moms behind Whole Mom: Rica Peralejo, Chesca Kramer and Marilen Montenegro.

Indeed, it's a pleasure to meet an impressive team of beautiful and inspiring moms who encourage other women to make happy homes, embrace their beauty, and nurture the heart. Leading by example and hailing from various backgrounds, they listen, challenge and inspire women with thoughtful discussion and share their suggestions and perspectives.

In this workshop, I've learned how to stay belly beautiful while expecting my bundle of joy.  They have crafted a day of fun and enlightening workshop during what may be a stressful time for moms-to-be, new mothers and trying to conceive.  I also learned that being a 100% whole mom does not stand for perfection.  It's all about three things; Home. Beauty. Heart.

 Below, some of the most helpful, interesting and thought-provoking things I've learned from the workshop;

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Play and Win in Robinsons Supermarket Biscuit Run Game

Last weekend, a friend told me about the Biscuit Run Game at Robinsons Supermarket and I knew I had to check it out. It is super fun and engaging for kids and my daughter loves playing it! That's why I wanted to write a post walking you through the site and showing you how awesome it is.

Here's the gist of it: From a far away galaxy, three of the most loved biscuits are travelling back to the supermarket shelves on Earth. Their mission? To share their biscuit goodness to their human friends. Help them get back to where they belong and join the tastiest biscuits and cookies in their adventure across the galaxy and get a chance to win over P100,000 in prizes when you enter a game code!

Giveaway Alert: Busy Days Deserve #LUXNights

As promised, after my short hiatus, I am collaborating with Lux on a new  exciting giveaway. If you remember from my previous blog post, I introduced you to the new LUX Perfumed Bar soap and Perfume Bath Collection that promises to be the luxurious indulgent treat every woman deserve.

As an expectant mom, there are times when I barely slept and spent  the past few days cleaning our room (one way I cope with stress) while preparing my daughter's baon as well as the things I need to prep for her birthday party in school this Friday.

Crazy busy is my standard response to "How are you?" as I hurl myself breathlessly to my next appointment, answering a bunch of email inquiries, and being a pregnant mom. But I'm only one bath away from a good mood. I have found out that if I am stressed, tired or in a bad mood, once I get in a good 20-minute relaxing bath with Lux fragrances, I feel refreshed, energized and honestly, in a better mood.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Fitness First Platinum Club at Viridian

If your last vacay involved obscene amounts of carbs, alcohol, and a huge tub of ice cream—then perhaps it's time to check into the newest Platinum club in Greenhills, a healthier alternative to getting over that inappropriate post-holiday binge.

I discovered this place when I was invited by Fitness First, the leading health club operator in the country, last Tuesday. It's the 5th Platinum club located at Viridian, the newest and most prestigious residential condominium tower at the heart of the Greenhills Shopping Center along Connecticut and Missouri Streets in San Juan City.  We were guided by their expert staff for a quick tour of the club and introduction to the equipment and facilities.

After seeing all the corners of the club looking impeccable, that occupies a sprawling 1,860 square meters of the first and second levels of Viridian, I strongly believe it is poised to redefine the fitness experience with its innovative club design, expansive Freestyle floor area and cutting-edge equipment. The whole place was buzzed with energy while health obsessed gym rats mopped their faces with towels—sweat or tears, it was impossible to tell. *wink*

Watsons Switch and Save: The Next Wave of Switcher's Surprise Will Surprise You

I'm an avid Watson shopper and like most smart shoppers, I am used to getting cute freebies with a purchase from the store. But how will you react when you get a gift so coveted and pricey, its almost unbelievable—simply by buying Watsons Label!? That is why you should not miss the chance to shop at Watson's Mall of Asia on January 28th to experience a surprise of epic proportions and you might win exciting prizes!

If you're anything like me, you welcome this insider tip with open arms, solely because you've recently gone through the latest promo from Watsons in order to save on the things that matter most and you're looking forward to the biggest surprise of your life.

The first and second wave of surprises from Watsons are absolutely beyond surprisingly good status to surprise even the biggest "clueless" fan/shopper. Say, meeting your favorite celeb plus getting the chance to win the latest gadgets, a trip to a dream destination, a new car, an all-expense–paid shopping extravaganza.