Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Giveaway Alert: Romwe “the Birth of Venus” Sweatshirt Big Sale + Giveaway

Good news, ladies! A great new sale + giveaway has just been brought to my attention by our generous friends from Romwe! At this stage, I'm sure you guys have heard about Romwe.Com, the amazing fashion website that is taking the fashion world by storm.

Among one of the most talked about fashion websites on Youtube, Romwe is dedicated to providing you with high-quality items at a reasonable price and with worldwide free shipping.

Now feast your eyes, girls! Fall in love with one of Romwe's popular designs, "The Birth of Venus" Print Sweatshirt, which is a famous painting by Sandro Botticelli. It describes Roman mythology goddess Venus emerging from a seashell. This combination of art and fashion is an amazing vintage style and will definitely add character to any look. More than 3000 customers have already added it to the shopping cart.

The most exciting part is that Romwe is putting their Botticelli Venus Sweatshirt on sale! On July 31st only, this sweatshirt will be only $17.99! That's 56% off but for 24 hours only.  So don't miss out girls, it'll be shipped in 24 hours with worldwide free shipping!

Want a free one?? Enter the Rafflecopter below for a chance to win this fabulous Romwe “the Birth of Venus” Sweatshirt! Please don't forget to leave your email address in the comments. *wink*

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Have a great day, lovelies!

Much love ♥


#PusoToTheMax Max's Gilas Favorite Delivery Treat and New Chicken Dips

I'm really glad I live in a country (read: Philippines, Proud Pinoy) with both world class basketball team and online delivery of the world class chicken from Max's Restaurant.

Max's Restaurant, the official restaurant of Team Gilas Pilipinas, continues to drum up support for these modern-day heroes as Gilas Pilipinas inches closer to the most awaited and prestigious competition in Spain slated for August.  I'm a huge basketball fan and I'm joining Max’s Restaurant in supporting Gilas Pilipinas in the FIBA World Cup!

As my way of supporting Gilas Pilipinas, I ordered Gilas Favorite Delivery Treat for today's lunch.

It's an offering of one whole Max's sarap to the bones fried chicken with a free bottle of banana catsup and a limited edition Gilas Pilipinas Eco Bag for only PhP299.

Max's and Gilas fans may now share the thrill of watching their favorite basketball team while enjoying Max's world famous, crispy-on-the-outside-and-tender-on-the-inside fried chicken. Max's Gilas Favorite Delivery Treat is valid until July 31, 2014 for both online and delivery transactions anywhere in the Philippines.

I also ordered my favorite dish that I never fail to ask for whenever I eat at Max's Restaurant, the Sizzling Tofu. It is served with tofu cubes, chopped onions and red and green bell peppers, glazed with a special sauce and topped with chilies. It's definitely my comfort food. Yum!

Coinciding with Max's Gilas Favorite Delivery Treat, Max's announced the winner for its "Dito Galing and Gilas" campaign. All set to fly for Spain are the lucky winners Pauline Vislenio and Jennifer Tayag Dueñes who will both be given a once-in-a-lifetime chance to watch Gilas Pilipinas compete live against the world's best basketball teams in the world.

Also, have you tried Max's Pinoy Style Fried Chicken with the new three dipping sauces?  Whenever I go to Max's Restaurant, I always make sure to get my special sauce ready, you know the drill. I simply mix the Banana Ketchup, the Worcestershire sauce and some hot sauce on a saucer. There's something about that golden chicken goodness smothered in a mix of sauces that gets me, every time.

With Max's new chicken dips, I can try something new and I can try all three!

When I ordered Max's Pinoy Style Fried Chicken, I was asked by the waitress if I wanted to have Max's gravy (just add Php10), Chili Sauce (add Php15) or Pinoy Sarsa (add Php15). All of them are tasty and delicious but my favorite is the Chili Sauce! Try it!

With the hashtag #PusoToTheMax, let's continue to express our love and support to the Philippines team that has made it to the FIBA World Cup after 35 years. Get your Max's Gilas Favorite Delivery Treat while they last!

 Follow @maxsrestaurant on Twitter and maxschicken on Instagram and keep using the hashtag #PusoToTheMax.


#TattAwards 2K14 Finalists

Tatt Awards 2014 now trims the list down to the top five online mavericks per category as they announce the finalists!

The brave, the witty and the bold have made it to the top, and it is now time to pass it on to the rest of the online community as the voting begins.
The power to choose the best is in your hands. Vote for your favorite finalists at TattAwards.com until August 3, 2014.  The remaining fifty percent (50%) of the Tatt awards criteria will be coming from the general public’s votes. The additional half of the criteria is based on content quality, social media impact and relevance to the specific category that were already determined by the Tatt Council during the deliberation phase.

Winners of this year’s Tatt Awards will be revealed on August 8, 2014. Winners of the major categories of Tatt Awards 2014 will receive a cash prize of Php 100,000.00 and special awards will receive Php 50,000.00.

Tatt Awards 2014 Finalists:

The One - This recognizes the masters of reinvention who not only adapted to new media, but succeeded in it as well. These are people whose creativity, unique voice and understanding of their medium enabled them to reinvent themselves yet remain bastions of their unique POV, subsequently becoming arbiters of online cool and enabling them to stand tall amidst the clutter and ever changing social media tide allowing them to crossover between mainstream and digital platforms and vice versa.
Vice Ganda
Kimpoy Feliciano
Katha Magazine

Trending Twitter Phenom of the Year - The most influential trendsetter on Twitter that moved people either with humor, opinion, or witty one-liners - all in 140 characters. This person is ahead of the pack in terms of Twitter popularity and content.
Kimpoy Feliciano
Vice Ganda
Senyora Santibañez
Gandang Gabi Vice
Professional Heckler

YouTube Phenom of the Year - This award is for the most influential video maker (individual or group) who shook the Pinoy Youtube space with creations, ignited thoughts, and entertained people online.
Mikey Bustos
Lloyd Cadena
Super Selfie (Gab Valenciano)

Instagram Phenom of the Year - This award is for that person or group that harnessed a community of Instagram followers and likers to appreciate his very own art gallery of images online. Filtered or not, his images have inspired and influenced many to share more of their lives - in pictures, real-time.
Jelito De Leon
Patrick Dee
Googly Gooeys

Supreme Trendsetter of the Year – The Philippine Star’s Supreme section covers the best in social media, pop culture, and trends. This award goes to the person who has used social media to make a supreme impact on the pop culture landscape.
Baby Zion
KathNiel (Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla)
Vice Ganda
Flyart Productions
Ang Diary ng Panget
Ellen Adarna
Miriam Defensor-Santiago

Best Social Media Movement Award - This award goes to a social media account owner or group who launched an online movement working to improve the state of a societal cause in the Philippines. This person or group invested time and effort for the betterment of other people’s lives.
Youth Act Now
Gawad Kalinga

Best Digital Artist, presented by Spotify - This is for musical bands and indie artists who fought hard to claim their space in the hearts of the Filipino audience who accept that web time is better than airtime. They created, shared, and now they lead people’s hearts through music online.
Sarah Geronimo
Mayday Parade
Parokya ni Edgar

Best Style Blog/MicroBlog Award - This is for that one person that not only reviewed fashion on his blog and/or microblog but also set trends that everyone followed and loved. This covers all Philippine fashion niches like clothes, events, and personalities.
DG Manila -David Guison
Liz Uy
Kim Jones
Tricia Gosingtian
Style Bible

Best Fitness Blog /MicroBlog Award - As long as you talk mostly about sports, health, and fitness in any blog or microblog you have. The channel can be about any sport or all of them! It can even be an instructional blog about the activity or just a commentary about games.
David Guison
Run Rio
Fat Kid Inside

Best Podcast Award - Informed, in the know, and always ready to talk about the latest topics relevant to their field, this group/person not only presents us with access to the latest trends and ideas that would help shape our online society, but also the shares opinions that not only makes us think, but also engages us to participate in the conversation.
The Cave
Geeky Nights
Becky Nights
From The Stands
The Morning Rush

Best Lifestyle Blog /MicroBlog Award - A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. And the first step to get this year’s Lifestyle Blog/Microblog Award is that this blogger has to have a good reputation in the sphere of food, travel, and photography blogging .
Our Awesome Planet
When in Manila

Best Tech Blog /MicroBlog Award - Informed, in tune and in check with the latest in tech, this person does not only present us with access to the latest in trends, but also the backstage of the fast paced world of e-knowledge.
Geeky Nights
Pinoy Tech Blog
Geeky Pinas


Grendha Collection, Perfect for Rainy Days

After a relaxing (read: lazy) weekend spent in the cozy comfort of our living room, I checked the weather outside and it was raining cats and dogs. I had no choice but to wear my shoes that eventually got wet and my toes didn’t even see the light of day.

Now, I'm having problems on what to wear during rainy days. I want to stay in style without sacrificing fashion and avoid looking plain.

In the past, I’ve gone for the cheapest ones that I could find but I’ve learned from bitter experience that this is a false economy. I've experienced hobbling home from a rainy day out with broken straps hanging off my sandals and some painful blisters. Ouch indeed!

This time, I’m going for comfort and sturdiness so that my rainy day footwear actually lasts me all year! I won’t say that I’m completely ignoring the cost, but I’m not going to be seduced by the under-a-hundred-pesos cheap sandals again because I know from experience that they don’t last and incredibly painful to wear. So I’ve had a look around the internet (where I do most of my shopping) and found Grendha's new collection, and quickly developed a crush on most of their range.

Here are my top picks:

Zaxy Very Happy, P1,495
Zaxy Sunday Sandalia, P1,795

Zaxy Popstar Punk, P2,595
Zaxy Popstar Queen, P2,595
Zaxy Picnic, P1,795
Zaxy London, P2,595
Zaxy Garden, P1,795
Grendha Conquista, P1,695
Grendha Acai Print, P1,495
Its new collection is perfect for the rainy days. The best and most stylish way to look and feel pretty amidst the bad weather, revolutionizing the trend in fashion with its sophisticated design and quality materials makes the perfect footwear to fit for the rainy days.

It is made of Polyvinylchloride (PVC) material, making it 100% waterproof, durable, and stronger than rubber! The choice of colors and prints made, give each product a unique personality suitable for stylish lady that is fit for everyday wear, even during the rainy days! It is the perfect footwear for the modern woman who is searching for a product with quality, with good value for money, and a product with design in tune with the current fashion trends.

So ladies, be wise, be beautiful, and choose Grendha. It is available in Bambu Stores and all leading Boutiques and Department Stores nationwide. Like GrendhaPhilippines on facebook.

And with that, I will now be retreating back to "chillax mode" and wonder what to choose from Grendha's fabulous collection. Are you planning to get new shoes this rainy season? What do you think about Grendha? Leave me a comment below :)


Saturday, July 26, 2014

Myra Puts Holistic Twist on Skin Care: 5 Natural Steps To Beautiful Skin

Ladies, here's the real, like really real, truth behind holistic skin care as it starts to gain popularity in the skin care industry.

Having beautiful skin is not just about what you put on your skin. You might think your facial creams and lotions are doing enough to keep your skin look beautiful, well, think again. Studies show that the real secret to healthy, young-looking and glowing skin has to start from within.

Holistic skin care means taking care of your skin from the inside. There's a need for women to learn the basics of a healthy, holistic daily regimen, and in order to get that effortless, “lit from within” glow, you have to complement your creams and lotions with a healthy lifestyle and way of life.

Here are 5 easy and natural steps to keep your skin healthy and beautiful:

1Sleep. Help your skin cells regenerate and your facial muscles relax by making sure you catch quality sleep. Your entire body, including your skin, goes into repair mode while you snooze. If you still feel like you’re not getting enough rest when you wake up in the morning, it could be that your alarm is rousing you in the middle of your deep-sleep stage. So if you know you’re only catching a few hours of shuteye, try setting a wake-up time that’s a multiple of 90 minutes. This is the length of the average sleep cycle, so you’re sure to wake up to a beautiful morning.

2. Exercise. Regular exercise is also one of the keys to scoring healthy skin. By increasing blood flow, exercise helps nourish skin cells and keeps them vital. It also helps carry away waste products, including free radicals, from working cells. Think of it as a cleanse for your skin, but from the inside.

Kor Water Bottle, the popular hydration vessel of Oprah, Gwyneth Paltrow, Martha Stewart and David Beckham
3.  Hydrate. Healthy skin is well-hydrated skin. If you want your complexion to glow, you need to make sure that you’re drinking enough H20 on a daily basis. Keep this Kor water bottle on your desk at work or in your car, and remember to sip often. Want to add a little flavor? Toss in a lemon wedge or a splash of fruit juice—it’s a great substitute for sugary sodas or iced teas.

4.  Eat Well. The food you eat matters to your skin almost as much as it does to your waistline. This is because your skin uses vitamins and nutrients from food to repair and rebuild damaged skin cells. Make time to plan your meals daily with the help of this Yummy Light Meals recipe book, so you don’t end up going for unhealthy options or fast food.

5. Take Vitamin E. This is where the heart of Holistic Skin Care is. As you go about your usual work day, you get exposed to bad and uncontrollable free radicals that damage your cells. The result: tired-looking skin that looks dull, dry, and aging. Help your skin bounce back and recoup easily by adding a daily dose of Vitamin E to your diet. Since this vitamin isn’t produced by the body, taking a powerful Vitamin E supplement like Myra, can help. It’s rich in anti-oxidants to help boost your skin from within and also stops skin-damaging, free radicals from stealing life from your cells. The best part is, it also repairs damaged cells and works hard to protect the healthy ones. And with more healthy cells in your body, you’ll be able to have beautiful, glowing and younger-looking skin throughout the years to come.

When thinking of beautiful skin, always remember this formula:
your creams and lotions + a healthy lifestyle + healthy cells = healthy, youthful-looking, and glowing skin. Make sure that you take care of your skin from within with Myra Holistic Skin Care. Go ahead—take a Myra Capsule now!

Watch the latest Myra Holistic Skin Care TV ad, featuring Sarah Geronimo and Judy Ann Santos:

Follow Myra Holistic Skin Care online!
Twitter: MyraHolistic
FB: https://www.facebook.com/MYRAPhilippines
IG: MyraHolistic
Use the hashtags #tuloyangganda #MyraHolistic


Friday, July 25, 2014

Power Toothbrush from Philips Promises Advanced Plaque Removal

A person’s smile conveys happiness, pleasure and amusement. And the power of this smile has plenty to do with how clean one’s teeth are. That’s why people go to great lengths to ensure their oral hygiene with daily brushing and regular visits to the dentist.

“Oral health is something that people should not overlook. Clean teeth and gums not only look good, but also help us to avoid oral infections and even diseases,” comments Ms. Me-Ann Achacoso, Philips Business Development Manager for Health and Wellness.
To promote good oral habits, Philips is introducing its new Sonicare EasyClean toothbrush. Equipped with its very own patented sonic technology and ProResults brush head, the Sonicare  EasyClean promises to whiten teeth by removing and reducing stains, with up to two times more plaque removal than a manual toothbrush.

According to Ms. Achacoso, the Sonicare EasyClean toothbrush produces 31,000 brush strokes per minute which results into a dynamic cleaning action that drives fluids between the teeth and along the gumline to remove harmful plaque. It features a Smartimer that helps ensure the recommended dental time for brushing, and a Quadpacer that encourages thorough brushing in all quadrants of the mouth.

In addition, the SoniCare EasyClean features an angled brush head neck to help access the back teeth and other hard to reach areas of the mouth. The EasyClean toothbrush is proven safe on orthodontics, dental work, veneers, implant material and sensitive teeth.

“Poor oral health can lead to expensive and painful dental procedures. We at Philips have developed meaningful innovations for taking care of your overall health, so you can enjoy and put a smile on things that matter most,” concludes Ms. Achacoso.


The Voice Kids Philippines: Who's your Bet?

Here we go!  I'm thrilled over ‘The Voice Kids- “The Final Showdown” and I'm pretty sure this is going to be a bloody finals. So who’s your bet?

The vocal battle stage is set as the final four artists of the highly rating talent search in the Philippines, “The Voice Kids” compete for the grand title in their highly anticipated final showdown on Saturday, July 26 and Sunday, July 27 on The Filipino Channel (TFC) worldwide  (Sunday, July 27 and Monday, July 28 New Zealand Eastern Standard Time or NZST).

The finale will not only witness the vocal battle among the young artists but also the competition amongst the three coaches, Sarah Geronimo, Bamboo Mañalac, and Lea Salonga, as they groom their bets to win.

Will the grand champion be Team Sarah’s Darren Espanto or Lyca Gairanod, Team Bamboo’s Juan Karlos “JK” Labajo, or Team Lea’s Darlene Vibares?

The first part of the finale airing this Saturday, July 26 (Sunday, July 27 NZST), will feature the performance-packed showdown of the final four young artists while the second part and the much-awaited announcement of “The Voice Kids” grand champion will happen on the next day, Sunday, July 27 (Monday, July 28 NZST) wherein the grand champion will take home P1 million, a one-year recording contract from MCA Universal, house and lot, a home appliance showcase, a musical instrument showcase, and a P1 million worth of trust fund.  

Aside from the grand finale and announcement of the winner on Sunday, the show will also feature performances from Martin Nievera, Lani Misalucha, Aiza Seguerra, Aegis, and TFC's 20th anniversary Ambassador and “Mr. Pure Energy” Gary Valenciano.

Do not miss the vocal clash of the best young singers in the Philippines on “The Voice Kids” grand finale on Saturday, July 26 and Sunday, July 27 on TFC worldwide (Sunday, July 27 and Monday, July 28 NZST).  Catch the grand finale via live streaming on TFC’s online service TFC.tv and via its video-on-demand service in the U.S., Canada, Europe, Japan, and Australia.

Connect with fellow global Filipinos, visit www.facebook.com/KapamilyaTFC or follow @KapamilyaTFC on twitter and instagram for more updates.

Who do you think will emerge as “The Voice Kids” Grand Champion?  Who's your bet?


KidZania Manila: Get set for KidZania Go!

KidZania Manila formally introduced its unique educational entertainment concept to teachers, educators and other members of the Philippine academe during the KidZania Educators’ Pod held at The City Club in Alphaland Makati recently. More than 90 child education experts from over 30 schools and learning institutions across the metro learned about the innovative indoor play city, which aims to help students reach their full potential through interactive role-play.

“We look forward to supporting and complementing our teachers’ efforts to help Filipino children and their parents discover the amazing power of role-play as well as the fun ways children can explore and discover their gifts,” said Maricel Pangilinan-Arenas, President and CEO of Play Innovations Inc. and Governor of the State, Philippines.

Maricel Pangilinan-Arenas, president & CEO of Play Innovations, and governor of KidZania State Philippines
Pangilinan-Arenas added that at KidZania Manila, children can learn to work with others, practice being good citizens, and work together to build a real sense of community. “We aim to create one of the most memorable and enriching KidZania experiences in the world, cognizant of both the universal and unique needs of children in a developing nation such as ours,” she said.

The global leader in children’s educational entertainment, KidZania Manila recognizes the power of role-playing and activates this concept to empower kids so they can learn through personal experience and, ignite their imagination, as they learn by doing. Set to open at the Bonifacio Global City in early 2015, the indoor play city features over 100 role-playing activities in different establishments supported by real-world brands.  Depending on their interests, children can choose from a wide range of jobs – be a Cebu Pacific pilot or cabin crew, ABS-CBN news anchor or correspondent, or a McDonald’s burger chef apprentice.

The program was hosted by Daphne Oseña Paez, who lived out her childhood dream to be a flight attendant. 
At KidZania Manila, kids will have hands-on experience through role-play of different careers, discover how a city works, and learn economic fundamentals - the concept of earning and managing money.  Each experience provides contextual learning experiences about teamwork, independence, self-esteem, financial literacy, and other valuable life skills.

During the event, the KidZania Manila team also unveiled KidZania Go!, the mobile extension of the kid-sized city which will give a foretaste of in-park activities. The traveling educational entertainment platform will tour different schools in Manila from August until October 2014, allowing children to get a glimpse of the KidZania Manila experience before the play city opens in early 2015.

KidZania Manila and KidZania Go! have been developed under the supervision of child educators and psychologists, promoting values, self-discovery and life skills development in a fun and entertaining way.

“The KidZania experience complements what kids learn in school and makes the concept of authentic assessment come to life. It enhances and extends the learning objectives and methodologies of K to 12 by providing powerful experiences that are not always possible in the formal schooling environment,” said KidZania Manila Minister of Tourism Rudy Villar.