Thursday, September 3, 2015

The Secret To a #MarksBetter Whopper at Burger King

How do you like your burger? Sweet or spicy? As for me, I like it angry. And by angry, I mean spicy, flame-grilled, juicy, satisfying and will leave you wanting for more. That's why I like to call it Angry Whopper.

Nothing on earth tastes as good as the #MarksBetter Whopper with its savory, flame-grilled 100%  pure beef patty (If you're a vegetarian, you might want to stop reading at this point) smeared with creamy mayonnaise, and topped with juicy tomatoes, fresh lettuce, crunchy pickles and sliced white onions. All on a soft, sesame seed bun. Yum.
Warning: This Angry Whopper might make you scream #MarksMasarap nga! In case of fire, smother with ketchup!
To be honest, I always wanted to know what's the secret formula for a juicy Whopper that has the power to make me savor the true beef taste and scream "#MarksBetter and #MarksMasarap nga!"

The "Grill and Chill Cookout" event at Burger King's Tiendesitas branch, as well as Tom Rodriguez' new Burger King commercial, prompted me to try its newest creation. I wasn't just hungry tho, I also felt a nostalgic longing both for the mystery and curiosity to find out why their burgers are definitely #MarksBetter than any other burger!

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Super Sulit Ensogo Deal of the Week: Figaro P200-worth of Gift Certificate for only P130

A well-deserved afternoon snack of pasta, a slice of cake and a cup of coffee? Check, check and check! Who can't resist Ensogo's P200 worth of food and drinks at Figaro for only P130?

I saw this super sulit deal at Ensogo where you can get P200-worth Gift Certificate valid on selected food and hot and cold drinks at Figaro. This is a super sulit deal that would make you look forward to breaks with each passing day. I got 3 vouchers so I invited a friend and we met over a cup of coffee and a plate of gourmet pasta with a super yummy cake!

Figaro is my favorite cozy nook for coffee, pastries, and a lot more yummy dishes, so this deal is a "must-buy-now" for me! Apparently, it's another chance to satisfy my cravings and satiate my appetite to Figaro's coffee and amazingly delicious dishes.

Jack ‘n Jill Opens Snack Factory in KidZania Manila

To make life even more fun, Jack ‘n Jill partnered with KidZania Manila to launch the Jack ‘n Jill Snack Factory.At the Jack ‘n Jill Snack Factory, kids can play the role of Snack Engineers to createPiattos, Chiz Curls, Roller Coaster, and Chippy—some of the well-loved Jack ‘n Jill snacks in the market.

 To make the experience as realistic and immersive as possible, the Snack Factory features specially-designed machines that simulate the processes of making snacks.  It also has snack designing cutters, dough ingredients and various flavors which the kids can use to make Jack ‘n Jill goodies.

Sunday, August 30, 2015

For the Love of Hattendo Japanese Chilled Cream Buns

Chilled cream buns for this chilly weather? Yasss please. :)

Japan has taken cream buns to a whole new level: delicate, soft buns with creamy filling that's not cloyingly sweet inside. Surprisingly, the combination of flavors and textures work perfectly together. They call this heavenly dessert “Hattendo Japanese cream buns,” and I finally got to try them at SM Mega Fashion Hall last weekend.

So, what exactly are these amazing cream buns?

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Top Five Reasons Why I Love AUB Easy MasterCard

In a world where credit cards are said to be "evil," I can't think of any reason why I should get one. I'm not even a credit card junkie, but I finally decided to get one when I found out about (drum roll, please...) AUB Easy MasterCard.

Yaaaas, I named it, and prolly the reason why other credit card companies won't find me irresistible and they will never, ever partner with me. Oh well, it's okay tho because AUB Easy MasterCard changed the way I perceive credit cards, and it' definitely a game changer in the credit card industry.

Asia United Bank (AUB), one of the country’s fastest-growing universal banks, recently unveiled its first credit card which has game-changing features that afford cardholders personalized flexibility, an industry first.

Friday, August 28, 2015

Robinsons Supermarket, Happy at 30!

To commemorate 30 years of good service and excellent products, I joined Robinsons Supermarket's fun celebration held at its branch in The Forum (formerly Robinsons Pioneer) last Thursday.

Of course, it's more fun and exciting with my Fab Four Friends.
Not one, not two, but three decades of serving the Filipino family, Robinsons Supermarket celebrates with a series of activities for its loyal patrons to enjoy. Also, I really love how passionate they are in promoting health and wellness through the #ILoveWellness campaign.

Growing Popularity Establishes Hi-5 Philippines as the Edutainment Program of this Generation

Roughly two months since its launch, Hi-5 Philippines is already winning the hearts of Filipino children nationwide with more tuning in to sing, dance and learn with them. The local adaptation of Australia’s favorite edutainment program is enjoying success with its steadily rising viewership rating.

The vibrant and youthful energy of Hi-5’s all-Filipino cast, as they engage children to learn while having fun through music and creative play, have captivated the little ones and their parents as well, gaining them a significant following.