Friday, May 29, 2015

Hotel Review: Birthday Vacay at Ferra Hotel Boracay

And I'm officially 34.

Last Monday was my birthday (as well as my husband's birthday which is a day earlier) and we celebrated it by going to Boracay. It was a last minute decision though and I didn't know my husband booked our flight until he told me about it last week. April was the toughest time of our lives because I had a (very unexpected) miscarriage, and I guess he wanted to make me happy and make sure that we'd spend our birthdays together in our happy place. Thankfully, he made it possible even if we weren't too prepared.

Since it's the peak season, we knew it would be more crowded so we decided to stay at a quieter, uncrowded, nice newly-opened hotel, Ferra Hotel.

Let Kids Play For Real: Johnson's Rally for Active Sensorial Play

Thanks to Johnson’s and child development experts, my kiddo can say bye bye to hi-tech gadgets and say hi to the real life. And by real life, I mean real play. Kids need to play with more educational toys and less gadgets!

I'm glad Johnson’s sent me this Sensory Toolkit to see how my kid can enjoy real play for real! I love how Johnson's rally for active sensorial play to enhance a child’s holistic development. In a society that is highly becoming digital by the minute comes the massive proliferation of gadget use. It is said that 36% of Filipinos have about 10 gadgets per household*, thus making the use of gadgets a necessity for daily living.

Kamillosan M Spray: Sore Throat Cure That Party Hosts Can't Live Without

While I was covering a kiddie party event at Magnolia Place last weekend, I caught up with the multi-talented host/magician, Alex Lagula, who is also the past president and immediate past Chairman of the Board of the Inner Magic Club (IMC). He is also one of the Philippines' finest and best party hosts/magicians in the country today.

Only in the Philippines can one host a Frozen-themed party in the scorching hot summer, so Alex made his way north and did just that, giving the audience his signature whimsy and magical performance.

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Why I Choose Nutri10 Plus Vitamins for my Active Kiddo

It's almost June! Are your kids ready to go back to school? Well, as a mom to a second grade kiddo, I'm not yet ready though. The thought of her going back to school is a bit repulsive. I am already having major anxiety and it literally makes me nauseous thinking about it.

Back to school usually means germs (lots of it!) as snotty noses run rampant and germs get passed around from one kid to the next. It also means I'm back to racking my brain and thinking of what healthy baon or snacks to prepare everyday.

Unboxing and First Look: Asus Zenfone 2 Review

I was happy and contented with my smartphone.. then came my Asus Zenfone 2. My first thought was... WOW! Yes, this smartphone had me at "WOW" 'cause it really feels classy and it looks good too. Simple. Clean cut. Elegant. Classic. Now, my red hair matches my top, lips and my new phone. Obviously, it's kind of my favorite color.

Last week, I received the Asus Zenfone 2 and I realized I have the hottest phone on the planet with incredibly brilliant specs. Genius, really. It's a lovely Android phone full of customizations yet one that costs half the price of other similarly sized smartphones. But then I thought, since I've never had an Asus phone before, would it take a lot of time getting used to and, would it make my life easier?

Friday, May 22, 2015

Pose Like Alex Gonzaga and Be Featured on Uniqlo’s LED billboard on EDSA with UT You Talk

Uniqlo, a global apparel brand, enjoins you, to be more powerful in expressing your personal style. Unveil your creative streak and participate in the global label’s “UT You Talk.” campaign. Pose like Alex Gonzaga and get a chance to be featured on Uniqlo’s LED billboard on EDSA.

You just need to upload a photo of yourself wearing a Uniqlo Graphic T-shirt. With hundreds of limited edition T-shirts that Uniqlo unleashes each year, you will surely find one that says exactly how you feel.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Occasions Filipinos Never Fail to Celebrate with Red Ribbon

Food and celebrations are inseparable. Nothing seems to reinforce the social bonds better than occasions made memorable by the company of family and close friends. I love how Red Ribbon cakes, breads and pastries turn these celebrations into memorable family moments

As a country, we are known for having many holidays.  These holidays are used as a reason to come together to enjoy each other’s company and renew the bonds between each member.  And while we have a penchant for celebrating even ordinary occasions, there are few occasions that we always mark in a big way.