Philam Vitality Active App Review

For busy moms like me, going to the gym is a drag. It's something I haven't done in over a year. After I gave birth to my son, Yuan, exercise became an overbearing chore to even think about. The hardest part of getting into shape is getting out of the house and motivated enough to go for even a walk.

However, I realized that I'm not getting any younger (I'm 30-freaking-6 years old) and I need to start living a healthier lifestyle because life is a gift. We do better and live better when we take care of ourselves.

My kids are my reason, not my excuse. The reason to take care of myself so I can take care of them. Self-care isn't selfish, it's vital. I want to live long enough to see my kids grow up. I wish I've realized this sooner. But I'm so happy to find a way where I can challenge myself to make changes, so that I am the strongest and healthiest woman and mom that I can be.

With that challenge, I discovered a new app to help fill in the times when I can’t, or don’t want to, go for a walk.  Philam Vitality Active has turned me from being an out of shape couch potato to being ready to run a 5K. It gave me the push I needed to start getting back in shape and I was encouraged to exercise more, which includes walking with my baby on his stroller and running in the afternoon.

In a nutshell, Philam Vitality Active app is the newest mobile app that was recently launched by Philam Life in order to make living active easier and more accessible to many Filipinos. The app is a simplified version of the Philam Vitality program which instantly rewards its users for hitting their fitness targets. It's perfect for people who need motivation (ahem!) to go for healthy living since you can get cool rewards by making every step count.

Having a fitness goal in mind is easy but getting started may be a struggle for many.  Here are the steps to get started:

1. Download the Philam Vitality Active app on your mobile phone. Get it on Google Playstore or Appstore.

2. Sign up and register in the app using the promo code: activealyssa or activemika or vitality QR code below.
Once you have signed up, complete a short questionnaire. The app will also let you know how old you really are. Calculate your Vitality Age – a measure of how your lifestyle is impacting your health. It may be higher or lower than your actual age and it gives you a good idea of your health status and a few pointers on where you could improve.

Then, you'll be given a weekly target that you can achieve by doing activities like walking, running, cycling, etc. On top of that, you’ll get stats to analyze your weekly activity log and track your target points.

3. Track your progress.

Link any fitness device or free fitness app to your Philam Vitality Active account to track your activities.  A wide range of popular apps and devices are supported.  You can also create your own team where in you can add your friends and people in your area, in order to compare and see how you stack up. I'm using S Health on my Android phone while my husband is using Apple Health, but if you are using a different brand of Android phone or iOS, you may download free step counter apps for Android and iOS like Runkeeper, Polar, Misfit or Strava so you can use your phones with the Philamlife Vitality Active app.

4. Get rewarded.

Unlike other fitness apps that help you earn badges, the Philam Vitality Active offers cool rewards such as free movie passes at SM Cinemas, passes to SM Ice Skating, SM Bowling, Blink, and Exploreum. So here's my first badge! Yay!

And then, the second badge! Target reached for 2 consecutive weeks!

#TheStruggleIsReal but if we’re going to struggle might as well reap its rewards, eh? :) For every challenge completed, you will be given points and you can enjoy exciting rewards every time you achieve your fitness targets for two consecutive weeks.  The more points you earn, the higher your Philam Vitality Status and the bigger the rewards.

Available rewards to choose from are:

Free P200 hotel/resort accommodation from Agoda
One free movie rental with Blink
Free entrance to the dome theatre at Exploreum
Free P200 of call & text credits on your Globe Postpaid plan
Free P200 of call & text credits on your Globe Prepaid
Free up to P200 worth of GrabCar ride in Metro Manila, Cebu and Bacolod only
Free P200 worth of shopping in Lazada
Free one game of bowling at SM Bowling
Free 2D movie ticket at SM Cinema
Free one hour of ice skating at SM Skating
Free P200 of call & text credits on your Touch Mobile Prepaid

Of all the fitness-related apps I've tried, Philam Vitality Active is by far the easiest one to manage, with lots of freebies and rewards to choose from. Trust me, it'll keep you motivated on becoming the version of yourself you want to be. It's a fun app to try, with an interface that is surprisingly intuitive and clear. I was able to reach my target of 250 points last week. Another week to go to get my Free SM Cinema ticket! Yay!

Also, I lost 5 pounds and several inches, but gained a whole lot more energy. So whether you're trying to lose weight, walk more steps in a day, or make time for a quick outdoor run, this app can help. Oh, and it's free, unlike other apps where in you need to upgrade to the paid version. This app seems too good to be free. But it is, really. So, give it a try. Just track your steps and walk some more— you’ll be surprised at how easy and rewarding it can be.

Start your journey today on a healthier lifestyle by downloading, enrolling, and participating in Philam Vitality Active! The best part? Enjoying the rewards plus, a chance to win one of eight Garmin Vivofit 3 watches. Promo period is from March 1 to April 30, 2017.

For more details, like Philam Life on Facebook or visit  #LiveActive and walk your way to exciting rewards! Choose to live life with Vitality today!



  1. Yan na din po goal ko this 2017! palagi ako ngsasalita na magpapapayat ako after ko manganak, but I never done it! But now, tinuloy ko na tlga, almost 8 days na po ako ngeexercise, I already loose some weight and I plan to loose more! Good Luck satin madam!

  2. This is very helpful.. I'm a mom too and i need this!to release stress and unwanted fats and toxins..

  3. I also need to exercise na. I already downloaded Philam Vitality's app pero hindi pa ako nakakasimula. Thanks for this info. 🙂

  4. ginagamit ko na rin po yan madam! maganda sya! totally makikita ko results ng exercise ko! thanks for sharing it!

  5. Hello po. Alam nyo po ba kung san makikita ang egift code? I choose globe prepaid as my reward pero walang egift code eh.

    1. Same here po. Nahanap nyo pa po ba yung egift code?


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