Guilty as charged with Soyami Soya Chips

In the case of good moms everywhere vs Rockstarmomma, where a study recently confirmed that mom's guilt is more prevalent; stating that a HUGE percentage of moms feel guilt for giving their children unhealthy foods like junk foods and chips... I was put on trial.

Well, I was found to be addicted to chips and was considered innocent until proven guilty so to speak!

The verdict? Guilty as charged! I was given life sentence of not eating chips again! Homaygawd! I die!

I was so sad. But just as I was about to give up hope and go curl in the fetal position somewhere in the corner, I saw the empty bag of my favorite chips.
Then I saw the back part and I carefully read the nutrition facts. I felt the guilt slip away. My favorite chips is neither unhealthy nor crappy after all, like the other chips filled with so much salt and MSG. I was so convinced I have NOT committed a crime for which I should feel guilty of! I believe I have been eating healthy chips for which I should be PROUD! So I plead myself not guilty for bingeing, overeating those yummy chips or making the wrong choice!

"It's true your honor, I got addicted and I was eating a whole lot of chips along with my daughter but I believe that doesn't make me a bad person or a bad mom. It started when I got a deal at Metrodeal, that's an unlimited pass to Active Fun at SM City North Edsa which comes with Soyami Soya Chips, drinks & ice Cream. From then on, I couldn't stop eating them and that's how the addiction began. So yeah, I eat a bag everyday and I even give chips to my daughter. I'm 30 now, but these chips make me feel like I'm 13 so I have to admit, I ate a bag of Soyami Soya chips for 1 week straight, in all 3 flavors, and I am still eating them. My little pumpkin usually eats healthy foods but she also loves chips so I often give her what I know she'll eat and what food she enjoys the most. She is smallish and I always worry about her not eating enough that's why I gave her chips. But I'd like to clarify that those chips we love to eat are not just ordinary chips. Those are Soyami Soya Chips. I admit I'm addicted though but I believe there's a thin line between guiltless pleasures and addiction. I also admit that sometimes I'm an emotional eater and for me it's a cheaper therapy and I don't need an appointment. I could give up junk foods and all the other chips in the world but not the Soyami soya chips! So yes, your honor, if eating that chips is a crime, I stand guilty as charged and I'm proud of it!"

So tell me, is it such a bad thing to eat a whole bag of Soyami Soya chips instead of letting them eat junk foods and unhealthy snacks like salted chips, gums, candies, fries, sodas?

Junk foods are out! Eating junk food is just a fad, while soya chips is a permanent thing. It’s not the end of the world if you eat chips as long as you know it's Soyami Soya Chips because you know you won't feel the twinge of guilt when you eat them. It can even boost energy to help fuel our body between meals and restore your exhausted mind and body.

Soyami Soya chips is a healthy substitute for eating junk foods because it is made with real soya and all the good stuff that goes into that, plus there's no MSG, high in protein and calcium and it's 0% transfat!! Hmm... Now that's a good chip! :)

In a nutshell, soy gives wholesome nutrients with no harmful side effects. Click here for more deets about soya and soy foods! It's actually a super food! No more counting calories or avoiding chips, just in case! Hey it's not bad to eat chips if it's as healthy as this! You can even enjoy eating them in 3 flavors; Original, Pizza, and White Cheddar. My daughter's fave is white cheddar and maybe that is why she's the cheesiest person I know. She loves it so much and she always asks for it! I realize it's a healthy snack for me and the whole family, but I can't for the life of me fathom why anyone would say NO to a snack as delicious and nutritious as this! I can't even think of a cafe or resto that would serve both chips and soya in one.. can you?? :)

Last time I checked, there was no such thing as restricting ourselves not to eat or let our children eat chips! Clearly I’m not a fan of junk foods for my kiddo! I t's just important for us moms to check on the nutrition facts every now and then just to make sure what we give them is healthy. It is possible for people to be able to indulge and enjoy the guiltless pleasures of eating chips without any hesitations! Because eating is supposed to be enjoyable! We love eating and guilt or anguish should have no place in it. It's naturally delicious and nutritious! I'm incredibly thankful I found Soyami Soya Chips because now I know that being healthy doesn’t have to be about deprivation of the food we love most. I can go snacking-all-I-can without the guilt and by all means, people, don’t let guilt derail you off your path to have some Soyami Soyami chips for snacks! It's now out in the market! I can't wait for their Soya bread styx to be available in the market soon, and I do hope they make some yummy tofu chips too! :)

Enough said, so if you're one of those moms with kids who also love snacking but hate the feeling after indulging a lot? Eat these guilt-free snacks that’ll keep you full and hyper happy! Indulge in these healthy snacks and find yourself a good reason to go for another bag of Soyami Soya chips! Get your own bag now cause I got loads of Soyami Soya chips right here and I'm keeping it all for myself! It's the only chips I could eat guilt-free day after day after day... Bags after bags after bags of chips! LOL

With Soyami Soya chips, it's definitely good health and goodness first! So yummy. Guiltless. Heaven does exist.

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