NSO Delivery: How to Get Your NSO Birth Certificate, Fast and Easy

Enrolling our children in a good preschool is a task that every parent will eventually have to do. They say that a child's first school experiences set the stage for the rest of his/her academic career so it's important  to get off to a good start.  

My daughter is about to begin preschool and I have researched some preschools near our place. I've decided to enroll her at Integrated Montessori Center and one of the requirements for her enrollment is a birth certificate. Now that's the task! What to do? :/

Good thing I was able to attend Teleserv's Blogger's Breakfast held at Harvest Gastro Pub in The Fort last week. I found out the easiest and fastest way to get my daughter's birth certificate.  It was an event organized by Teleserv team,  lead by Mr. Raffy David and Mr. Ronald de Vera.  We truly enjoyed the food at Harvest and I've learned a lot about NSO delivery wherein we shared NSO-related stories and  we had our questions answered. 

So what is a birth certificate?

No guys, your birth certificate is NOT an apology letter from the condom factory.  Eek!
A birth certificate is a vital record that establishes the birth of a child or it is simply an official record of the date and place of  a person's birth.

Here are the uses of a Birth Certificate:

To enroll in schools; to obtain a passport; to get a driver’s license or a marriage license; to apply for government and private benefits (such as insurance and retirement benefits). Well, the list goes on. As for me, I need my child’s birth certificate as proof of age to enroll her up for preschool. :)

There's a lot of ways on how to obtain an NSO Authenticated Certification:
1. In Person – By going to NSO Serbilis Centers nationwide.
2. By Postal Service System – By sending a mail to The Civil Registrar General National Statistics Office P.O. Box 779, Manila Philippines
3. Through Phone – By calling NSO Birth Certificate Delivery (02) 737-1111.

4. Via Internet – By logging-on to www.birthcertificates.com.ph.

What is SECPA?

Hmm... If you ask me,  I prefer the last 2 options! And you'll be amazed how NSO Birth Certificate Delivery Service is surprisingly efficient. It is easy, fast and convenient, with online, phone ordering capabilities accessible from the privacy of your home 24-hours a day, 7-days a week.  The convenience of secure payment processing, rush delivery and 24-hour customer service is just a click or one phone call away.

Thanks to Teleserv, the premier citizen service provider in the country. Their upgrades and expansion on service designs and systems are underway in order to meet the changing and upgraded needs of every Filipino.

NSO Birth Certificate Delivery Services has expanded its payment facility online with the opening of an online channel that accepts credit card payments for NSO certificates. After calling the Helpline (02) 737-1111 or chatting online at www.birthcertificates.com.ph, you can now opt to pay using your credit card through the online payment facility found on the same website. Secure and safe, the online payment channel is fully compliant with the PCI-DSS certifications.

NSO Birth Certificate Delivery is so fast and easy!  From the moment you place your order to the moment your NSO birth certificate is in your hands, you can easily track your order, either by checking your order status online or contacting Teleserv's dedicated 24-7 customer support team.

From the standard payment channels of Metrobank, Bayad Center, and Bancnet, you can now enjoy the power of the web and do everything online. Chat with our friendly Customer Care Officer, know the answers to your NSO concerns through the website, and settle your payment online all with just a click of a button. Your NSO certificates will be delivered right at your doorstep in 2-3 days wherever you are in the country.

Signed, Sealed, Delivered!
In case you are not sure how the NSO Helpline and Online works, here are some quick pointers:

Dial 737-1111 on your land line phone or mobile phone. Append 02 before the hotline number if dialing outside Metro Manila. For live web chat, log-on to www.birthcertificates.com.ph.
  • What are the advantages of using NSO Birth Certificate Delivery on requesting for an NSO Certificate?
No need to travel to an NSO Serbilis Outlets to apply and travel back on the date of release so you can save money from travel and food expense. No need to queue for long hours or take a work leave just to go to an NSO Serbilis Outlets so you’ll save time. Also, we deliver anywhere in the Philippines, we can deliver on your home or office address.
  • What type of documents can I request through NSO Birth Certificate Delivery?
NSO Birth Certificate Delivery offers delivery for NSO Authenticated Birth Certificate, Marriage Certificate, Death Certificate and CENOMAR or Certificate of No Marriage.
  • What are the necessary requirements when receiving the documents upon delivery?
If the requestor is the owner of the Birth Certificate, he’ll just need to present a valid ID with picture. If the requestor is not the owner, he’ll have to present a valid ID with picture of him and the owner and an Authorization Letter. For Marriage Certificate, Death Certificate and CENOMAR or Certificate of No Marriage, just present a valid ID with picture of the requestor.
  • For cases of unsuccessful delivery, can I request for my certificate to be redelivered?
For cases of unsuccessful delivery on the first attempt, we will try to deliver your document a second time. After the second attempt, we will still deliver the document upon request but on a case-to-case basis. You may also request to pick-up the document on any 2GO Aboitiz branches nationwide.
  • What time can I call NSO Birth Certificate Delivery?
Both channels [hotline and online] are available 24 hours. We are available 7 days a week even on holidays.
  • Is NSO Birth Certificate Delivery a nationwide service?
Yes. We deliver anywhere in the Philippines.
  • Can someone request for an NSO Certificate that belongs to another person?
Yes. But the requestor should be an immediate family member of the document holder for Birth Certificates. Since Marriage Certificates, Death Certificates and CENOMARs or Certificate of No Marriage are considered as public documents, anyone may request these documents.
  • How much do I pay for the document(s)?
Birth Certificates, Marriage Certificates and Death Certificates costs Php 330.00 per copy and CENOMARs or Certificate of No Marriage costs Php 430.00 per copy. Both rates are inclusive of processing and delivery.
  • Where can I pay for the document(s)?
You may pay at any Metrobank branches, Bancnet ATM, or Bayad Center outlets nationwide.
  • When can I receive the documents I requested?
Delivery is usually within 2-3 working days upon receipt of your payment.
  • Is there going to be a circumstance where in the delivery of my documents would be delayed?
Yes. There will be circumstances where the delivery of your documents will be delayed.
  • What are the common reasons why the delivery of my documents will be delayed?
Common reasons would include re-verification of documents requested (e.g. blurred copy of the first issued document [we usually request a clearer copy from NSO] and does that have negative result in the NSO archive upon first issuance [we usually double-check it first if the requestor doesn’t really have a record at NSO before delivering the negative copy result .)
  • Where can I follow-up my request?
You may follow-up your request through (02) 737-1112

Now that you have all your vital documents, where’s the best place to keep them safe? You can keep them in a safe-deposit box, fireproof safe or even in a dry box.

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