Fruits in Bloom: Christmas Spirit in Full Bloom

Christmas time is fast approaching and I want to have something new and different at the center of our festive Christmas Eve dinner table, in addition to honey glazed ham and a plethora of goodies. Flowers as centerpiece are nice but they quickly fade and wither away.  So I want something I can eat and share with my family. So imagine a table centerpiece that you can actually eat.. something new, fresh and healthy.

Well, I can't think of something new, unique or anything of that sort until I remembered how amazing the Fruits in Bloom Hello Kitty edible arrangements were when I was invited at SM Kids' K-Pop Launch at Makati Shangrila Hotel. Their gourmet arrangements are both beautiful and totally edible. It has that "Wow" factor, very creative and it's too cute to look at. All their fruit arrangements look like a flower arrangement design, only healthier and more delicious, because they are made from healthy, fresh fruits.

Hello Kitty edible arrangement by Fruits in Bloom at the SM KIds' K-Pop event. That just screams YUMMY! :)
This gourmet arrangement was made of a variety of crisp apple wedges drizzled in semisweet, pink food coloring with Hello Kitty on top. The kiwis and grapes were super juicy and sweet too :) It  really surprised me with its freshness because it didn't seem like it had been sitting out too long. Normally, apples that are peeled and sliced would turn black or brown, right? But I guess that's not always the case. I saw a few more Fruits in Bloom gourmet arrangements again from the SM Kids event at the Philippine Fashion Week and they all look amazing! Indeed, it is something that is definitely new and unique for parties and events. It's also a new, fresh and innovative way of sending good thoughts and well wishes to your loved ones. It makes a great gift that is certain to surprise them.


So what is a Fruits in Bloom gourmet fruit arrangement?

Fruits in Bloom gourmet fruit arrangements are exactly that.. not a just pretty piece of fresh fruit but chunks of  luscious fruity goodness, picked at perfection and artistically cut into flower shapes, beautifully arranged and attached to thin wooden skewers to resemble a beautiful bouquet of flowers.  All kinds of fruit are used such as apples, melons, pineapple, grapes, strawberries dipped and drizzled in chocolate.

Isn't this an appetizing Holiday treat? Well, I say Christmas just got a lot healthier!
It's a beautiful edible arrangement that is sure to be the star of your holiday party. A fresh, colorful and sweet treat for the holidays with red and green grapes, yummy strawberries, juicy orange wedges, deliciously tangy kiwi, green apple wedges and apples dipped in white chocolate with red sprinkles. Also, it comes with an elegant keepsake container. Now, would you like some flowers to eat? They're very tasty! Really.

I'm pretty sure some of you are quite concerned with the quality and freshness of the fruits, but you don't have to worry about it because I've tried it and there wasn't a bad piece of fruit on the entire gourmet arrangement. I can even eat the whole thing in one sitting. What sets Fruits in Bloom apart from other competitors is that their gourmet arrangement is fresh, innovative, unique and premium. From picking the finest and freshest fruits up to the design process conceptualized by their creative team headed by Patricia Mauricio together with its 2 international designers ensuring creations that are unique and fit every client’s need. Also, it's completely free from any artificial additives and preservatives. I've heard they have a trade secret on how they keep their apples white even in a longer period of time.

That being said, it really makes a perfect refreshing touch after a great meal and a  fun alternative to the traditional arrangements like flowers and cakes. It's also a unique and healthier alternative to candies and cakes, and more practical than flowers. The only thing I'm worried about is that it's too pretty that guests might get hesitant and afraid to take a piece of fruit because it might ruin its beauty.

For its price, a Fruits in Bloom arrangement varies but I can assure you that it's totally worth it and it's a real value for money. The price starts as low as P850 excluding the delivery fee. They can even customize according to your theme, brand, color scheme, etc. These unique and exquisite gourmet arrangements don't come at a bargain price but be ready to get the amazing appreciation and adoration to follow. If you ask me, I'll choose one of these Fruits in Bloom edible arrangements sent to my house with a cute note over roses any day!

So if you haven't though of what to give your boss this Christmas, try to choose one from Fruits in Bloom's Christmas Collection. Who knows, you might get promoted next year? :)

If you're a guy, you better grab the chance to show her what you really feel but instead of saying "I love you" with flowers or sugar-laden cakes, why don't you say it with... well, fruits? I'm pretty sure your sweetie will love it to bits (especially if he/she's on a fruit diet! yay!).  But if you are someone who is still waiting for the day the guy of your dreams sends you one of those beautiful gourmet arrangements, well you better stop waiting. I guess these days,  it's socially acceptable to buy and send one for yourself as a reward or sweet treat for the Holidays that you truly deserve, yes?

As for me, I so want to have an edible arrangement this Christmas. Hopefully I can get one without my kid munching on the apples first. Hmm.. so anyone's in the holiday spirit and feeling extra generous who wanna buy me an edible arrangement? Anyone? :) Oh well, I'll think I'll just order myself one.

Anyhoo, here's a juicy news for fruit lovers out there. If you want to try one of Fruits in Blooms gourmet arrangements, you have two options --you can either buy it or win it.

Buy it and order one from Fruits in Bloom. You may opt to pick it up at their store or have it delivered. Fruits in Bloom is located on the ground floor of the Frabelle Building, 109 Rada St., Legazpi Village, Makati, tel. no. 812-0380, mobile 0915-326-9136 or visit Check out their Facebook fan page here.

Win it by simply joining my 5th year Blog Anniversary Giveaway that I'll be hosting next month. Just  because our friends from Fruits in Bloom and other sponsors are feeling generous and wanting to spread some Holiday cheer to you guys. So please check out my blog post next week.

Spread the love along with some holiday cheer.  :)



  1. This is actually a very nice and unique idea for a Christmas gift for my boss, he actually loves fruits!:) Just wondering though, does Fruits in Bloom make gourmet fruit arrangement for weddings? I'm sort of doing wedding planning lately and it would really help me a lot if I get in touch with them as a supplier.

    1. Yep, it's a great gift for your boss this Christmas. Way to make a good impression too! haha Btw, Fruits in Bloom makes gourmet fruit arrangement for all occasions so I guess that includes weddings.. ideal as table centerpieces for weddings as well. Please check the contact numbers on my blog post so you can get in touch with them pronto. :)

    2. Wow! So instant! Thanks for the info Michelle!

  2. How cute, they're doing character themes na pala!

  3. so nice! it's my first time to see an edible centerpiece .. edible flowers hahaha I might order one for my lolo. :)

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  5. Super nice! I want to have it for my daughter's 6th birthday! :)

  6. I ordered this before, was really a hit on my mom's birthday! :)


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