A Healthy Night with Soyami

Do you remember the days when you could buy a full bag of chips? Now it's just a bag of air.... with a higher price. Possibly the biggest letdown ever. Remember, my friend, you should never trust a bag of chips that says 50% more because it is usually full of 50% more air and 50% more MSG. You know, that awkward moment when you buy a bag of air and there's chips inside. The company is so nice enough to put in some chips eh? Those chips are rip-offs! Seriously. Ok, the rants stop here.

Think you know what qualifies as a healthy yet yummy and super affordable snack? Oh well, all I can think of is Soyami.

I'm lucky enough to discover a lighter, healthier yet still totally delicious snack that completely changes my view about chips. For once, I have a full bag of crisps, not half a bag of chips and half a bag of air. Not to mention it's healthier and guilt-free!

So I was hyper happy when I got invited to a blogger’s event, A Healthy Night with Soyami, at Tourne, Fort Strip, Bonifacio Global City last month. It was hosted by the dashing and very handsome model and TV host, Marc Nelson, who is also one of the endorsers of Soyami Soya Chips. Apple Morales, the beauty and brain behind this genius and newest healthy snack discovery, who is also the President and Owner of AM Global Works Marketing Corp., graced the event.

It was indeed a healthy night with crowd-pleasing and discreetly healthy meals with Soyami chips served by Tourne Executive Chef, Sandralyn Hataway.

There were small yet interesting talks about health and wellness from different sponsors. The sponsors of the event also had a quick introduction of their products. We got lucky enough to take home some products from the sponsors too.

I got myself an age-defying kikay kit from Q Life: FaceOne which includes a toner, facial cleanser, a lotion, and some moisturizing creams. I'm still using it though and so far, so good. I can't see any kyoot pimple on my face. (But man, I'm getting pimples on weird places recently.) :) We also enjoyed some healthy, refreshing drinks and smoothies from Fruit Magic. We took home some healthy drinks like Lightwater and Vit Boost from Sun Coast. I also loved the earth-friendly pen, as well as the highlighter, pencil, and blue gel pen I got from Tree Hugger! I am actually using the pen whenever I use the Starbucks journal I got from my very suweeet bruh. :)

There were also some raffle prizes from Rudy Project, Fitness First and Haribon Foundation. Needless to say, I highly support their mission of creating a healthy living environment. Read: Think Pink. Live green.

Big ups to the sponsors and of course, to Soyami for a successful blogger's event. Thanks heaps to Miss Apple Morales and Richard Paglicawan a.k.a. Mangyan Blogger for the invite. Some pics were taken from Soyami's fan page. :)

Of course the best part was taking home a huge lootbag of Soyami Soya Chips and some goodies as my "ubong" for my lovely daughter.

We love munching on their Soya Bread Styx, soya oatmeal cookies, and soya puto seko. Actually, we love 'em all! Soyami is indeed so yummy, so healthy. My baby girl loves it to bits!

Now lemme share some of my Rockstarmomma F.A.T. (Fact.Advice.Tip.)

FACT: Four sticks of Soyami bread styx= 1 gram of fat. Not bad huh?

ADVICE: Go ahead and give some Soyami Soya Chips to your loved ones. Enjoy. Remember, takers eat better, but givers sleep well. :)

TIP: Packing these healthy snacks in your bag will help to avoid impulse (and high calorie) foods. Whether you are going out or heading for work, make sure you're stocked with these healthy eats all day. Keep 'em at your desk to battle temptation when those evil co-workers leave landmines of candy,chocolates and donuts. Lastly, make sure to send your kids to school with healthy snacks like Soyami Soya chips!

Check out and like their fan page because they'll be having an awesome contest soon!

Happy snacking guys!


  1. Bought some Soyami chips myself from the grocery to see what the hype was all about. I am so used to eating salty chips so I found it a bit bland. Hehe!

    1. ditto. I actually thought it was bland the first time I tried it.. I used to love salty chips too. But the older I get, the more I crave for it. cause I want to eat healthier snacks.. and the more I get to eat it, the more I realize it is indeed surprisingly good. :)

  2. WAhhhhhhh! Marc Nelson????? Wahhhhh! If I only knew, I would have gone to this event. Sigh. Heartbreak.

    1. hahaha Ikr. He's so hot and he's funny too! good thing Soyami got him as one of their endorsers :)

  3. I can never forget Soyami. The first blogger event was a Soyami event in SM North almost 2 years ago. Soyami chips are yummy talaga. My favorite is the cheddar flavored one.

  4. this looks cool! and u have a point bag of chips now can never make you satisfied maybe satisfied with full air hhaa xx

  5. Haven't tried Soyami before but would love to soon! :)

  6. I wonder why they call it Soyami? ohhh SO Yummy! I bet it is nutritious and made of Soya :)I will try one!

  7. I've been reading your blog lately, on and off and I want to leave a comment. I find your blog name just right for you. Your indeed a hot and rockstar mom.

    It reminds me of my mom way back then, but well of course my mom now is old..er(she dont want to hear that she belong to ELDERS category).

    Your kid really seemed to like. I wonder if they have this here in the states.

  8. So sad I did not nandon po kayo. I am not good in recognizing faces kasi :(. I love soyami too. I think it's obvious hehehhe:)


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