Dare to Imagine and Come Home to Mandaue Foam

I'm one of the lucky bloggers who were invited by Nuffnang and Mandaue Foam for the The Bourne Legacy movie screening last Saturday at Shang Cineplex.  

I thouroughly enjoyed the movie and my fave parts of the film were the breathtaking and action-packed chase scenes in Manila. No bias. Nothing in Manila moves that fast though. Least of all the cops and Manila traffic. But I've never been so proud of the ever congested Manila... the jeepneys, makeshift houses, busy streets, the captivating sight of Palawan and the smiling faces of fellow Filipinos. On a brighter side, the poor, congested and over-populated Manila did not diminish the beauty of amazing El Nido Palawan. Want to know how positive and resilent Filipinos are? Please check out my post here.

When the Bourne Legacy's  director, Tony Gilroy, was asked by Bloomberg's Charlie Rose, "Why Manila?" He answered, "It's so colorful, ugly and gritty, raw, stinky and crowded."

Offended? Nah. We shouldn't be, people. We simply have to get it cleaned up! Watch Bourne Legacy & look at the streets of Manila on a famous Hollywood movie minus the flood.

Speaking of the flood, Nuffnang Philippines and Mandaue Foam also hosted a donation drive for the victims of the monsoon rain or "habagat".  So I sorted our old clothes and packed some canned goods with mommy's little helper, Maia. Mandaue Foam gave us a super soft and fluffy Fantasy Pillow for donating relief goods. It's the softest thing ever and it's my babygirl's current favorite pillow! I also have a blog post here about my top 3 picks after checking Mandaue Foam's website.
Sorting old clothers and packing some canned goods with Mommy's little helper :)
I laud Nuffnang and Mandaue Foam for being so kind to distribute relief goods to those who are in need. It's sad to see the people greatly affected by the flood. Even my parents' and relatives' houses were not spared by the flood.
The inside and outside of our old house. Flood everywhere!
This is the blue sofa destroyed by "habagat". The same old couch I used to fall asleep on when I was a kid, then magically wake up in my bed. It has been years since we got it, the same couch where my dad used to sleep on when my mom gets mad. Sadly, it's sad to know that our old sofa met its untimely demise after being soaked in the flood. Now, it has that sort of sag that leaves my parents staring out at their painful kneecaps while struggling to get up.

I'd personally love to have the couch or this recliner chair that my daughter loves, but I've always put myself last when it comes to "things" and my parents deserve the best seat in the house. Now that their living room looks empty, they could really use an elegant looking sofa for this blank slate. It really doesn't matter if it's a recliner chair or a couch, as long as they have something comfortable to sit on. It would be great for something wonderful to happen like this to bring some joy back into their lives. Then we could look back on this year with some good memories and forget the sad ones.

Mandaue Foam's furniture sets take chilling to a whole new level. Just look at my babycakes, Maia, sitting pretty & putting her feet up while singing "A Whole New World" by herself on the recliner chair displayed outside the cinema, thinking I don't hear her. Haha What did I do to deserve such a sweet and weird little daughter. :) Looks like I need to get her a couch she can get out of!

The classic color of beige in a furniture often gets a bad wrap for being ‘boring’ or too ‘safe’ but I think when it’s nicely done and supremely comfortable, it’s actually quite stunning and can ooze sophistication. I still marvel at the fact that beige is a cutting-edge color and beige never look this good in a couch or chair. It's what we all need to make a boring room really pop! This is the backdrop my parents need for their living room and the sleek vase is a killer accent piece as well.
Mi familia. Advance happy birthday Ma! Love you!
So when Nuffnang announced the contest about the new furniture sets that they're giving away, I instantly thought of my parents. I feel that at their age, and after losing their precious old sofa from the flood, they're simply too old to bother buying a new one. I think they are deemed worthy enough and it would be the best gift ever for my mom on her birthday on Sept. 4. She said she's too old for a new sofa but I told her that, "Ma, sometimes you have to have something new in your life, no matter how old you are. You deserve the best. "

So why Mandaue Foam? Simply because it's...

Manila's finest furniture store that can give us a

A high quality piece that’s practical and statement-making

Nationwide and trusted brand that carries a wide range of foam and furniture products

Durable products that are made of high quality materials

Amazing, sophisticated design

Unique styles that can bring your home to a whole new level

Ergonomically and aesthetically designed, giving supreme level of comfort

Furniture that imprints itself into one's life

Outstanding, high quality products and certainly high end

Affordable prices

Modern, stylish and sharp looking furniture sets that last a long time

If I told you that I knew everything about interior design and choosing furniture, I’d be lying. I am far from perfect. I still don’t know much about this, but I do know that Mandaue Foam produces Manila's finest reclining chairs, sofas, and other high quality foam and furniture today.

So to Mandaue Foam, I am hoping that you can help and be a blessing to us by giving my parents a new sofa for their home or maybe a new recliner chair to ease their back pains and painful knees. Just something they can sit on comfortably without having to see them sitting on the floor. :) A high quality piece, by giving them something new and positive, to have a new start in making new memories for our family. The highest quality piece that is built to last a lifetime and can bring a sense of beauty, pleasure and comfort to our family.

Ah well, while I'm praying for a miracle, I hope you can visit Mandaue Foam's website. Your home, your imagination. There's so many things you can do in your own home, just use your imagination. I couldn't imagine getting furniture anywhere else besides Mandaue Foam. Because with Mandaue Foam, there's no place like home. :)



Any comments, my dear?