Coming Home to Mandaue Foam

They say home is where the heart is. Also, an awful lot of you would see owning a house or condo as the best long-term investment. Well, that includes me and my hubby. So we just got a condo a few months ago at California Garden Square, located at the heart of  Mandaluyong City.

Then what comes next after buying a condo? The itch that wifey get to look for new furniture and to start decorating. Right after moving in, women can't help stockpiling decorating ideas along with some hot ramen. It's not rocket science. It's just natural how a woman turns a house into a home, groceries to a meal & love making to birth. Whatever you give a good woman, she makes it greater. Agree or agree??

So I was pretty excited and over-the-moon about getting the new pieces and quirky home accessories for our condo. I browsed online and found Mandaue Foam website, showcasing high quality furniture & stylish home accents. They are all sorts of awesome!
Mandaue Foam. Your home, your imagination.

A friend told me that a house isn't a home unless there is a fast wifi connection. When she went to our place, she asked "What's your wifi password?" whereas normal people would normally say, "What a lovely sofa!" or maybe "What a lovely home!".

Well, I have to agree with her but I also think that a house isn't a home unless you have beautiful furniture as well. If you have a beautiful house with fab furniture and a happy family to come home to everyday, then you are absolutely HOME. Whatever you took away from the house isn't nearly as important as the special people and special things that are waiting for you in the house...and that is why I'm coming home to Mandaue Foam.

After browsing Mandaue Foam's website, I'd love to share my top three great finds that I think are pretty neat.

A modern 3-door show rack or shoe cabinet to keep our shoes organized! Love this!

Secondly, each room in the house seems to reduce in size as a family grows so I seriously want to add  these elegant yet practical space savers, such as the square ottoman w/ storage to help me out with decluttering and to maximize the space.  The same great class and design with less space consumption! Hah! They're great space savers right?
Last but not the least, a hotel quality pocket spring mattress is also a must have! One thing I'm sure of is that.. I need to invest in a good, comfy bed because we all need to get a good night's worth of sleep.
I'm such a little housewife, my dream is not to be a billionaire like Bruno Mars. I just want to be happy and live comfortably with my family in a 2-bedroom condo with a stocked fridge! All I want is to see that my house is spotless, laundry's done and dinner on the table when daddy gets home. Simple. But I have to add that I cannot wait to go to  Mandaue Foam  and get things for our condo... pronto!

Oh and I might add some personal touch for our little home... perhaps a department of missing socks somewhere so no sock should be left behind! Because no sock should be mismatched! My daughter, as well as my hubbykins, always mourn over their lost socks. :( RIP little, lost socks. You will be missed.
New advocacy: No sock should never be left behind! No sock should be mismatched! 
Corner frames... at the, well, corner, of course.
Some corner frames and lastly, a bath tub with a sign. Need I say more? :)

How about you, people? What was the best investment you bought when setting up your first house? When was the last time you gave your home a clear-out and bought a new furniture? Whilst you're at it, drop in & check out Mandaue Foam’s newest TV commercial:

Just remember, my dear, they can take away your house but not your home, your money but not your riches, your happiness but not your joy, and last but not the least, your past but not your future. Also, don't forget to consult your husband about the comfort level of the chair he will spend the majority of the time sitting in, the overall style of your house, and the “feel” you are trying to create in this "home" you are building together.

So come home to Mandaue Foam. Your home, your imagination.

Check out  Mandaue Foam's Facebook  fan page HERE and follow them on twitter HERE! :)



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