A Rainbow and Smiling Filipinos after the Chuva

Only in the Philippines do we see people smiling amidst depressing situation,  flood waters and heavy rains caused by the so-called "habagat". A lot were pictured smiling whilst walking in the flood, some are even swimming, diving and having fun. Even though they're stranded in the flood, they still wave and smile at the camera. It's amazing how Filipinos can still  look so cheerful to strike a pose and to greet the camera with a smile on a time like this.
After what happened, a Filipino would prolly say, "Chuva lang yan. Filipino kami," :) And by chuva, I mean rain. I have confirmed with Google Translate that the Portuguese word for "rain" is in fact, chuva. It's not just a word like chorva, chuva, chenes coming from gay lingo. So yeah, there's  a lot of chuvaness and it's been a week of non-stop CHUVA.  But no chuva can bring us down because the Filipino spirit is waterproof.

I love the positive attitude, sense of humor, and the resiliency Filipinos have. I laud Filipinos' happy and optimistic attitude. We, Filipinos, are one of the happiest people in the world. We are a strong bunch and we can easily adapt to adversities but I think the problem with us is, we do not have the instinct to prepare for calamities like this.  I just hope that as soon as the flood receeded and the sun shines, Filipinos won't go back on practicing improper waste disposal so the Philippines will be flood-free. Still, the good thing about us is that whenever we fall down, we rise up again.

Also, I'm quite happy and pleased to see many Filipinos helping each other to reach out. I just hope we can continue this everyday! I'm so proud of the Filipino volunteers and it's so nice to see how brave the rescuers are. Even the 12,000 prisoners in Muntinlupa Jail gave up their meals so that the food can be donated to flood victims. Indeed, neither rain nor flood can drown the Filipino spirit.

Wanna know another reason why Filipinos are so happy today? I can see a ray of light. Here comes Mr. Sun and a rainbow! It's no longer chuva-ing outside. Yey.

Remember, people, there's a rainbow always after the chuva. So to my fellow Filipinos, just keep smiling like we always do. Everything's gonna be okay. :)



Any comments, my dear?