SM Megamall’s Mega Food Sale: One Mega Food Trip at Dulcinea

I have announced a few days ago about the SM Megamall’s Mega Food Sale. Perfect for foodies and food lovers (like me!). And I know I just can't miss it!

It's an epic food trip from August 17 to 19, 2012! Over 100 dining establishments are up for nonstop dining discounts and promos, huge price offs & delicious offers like Buy 1 Take 1s, Eat all you cans, free appetizers, free desserts, free drinks, and many more! Yay!

Check out the video of this mega dining experience!

My first stop?

Dulcinea! It's located at 4th floor, SM Megamall Bridgeway. Their super sweet offer that I can't resist is..

Dulcinea's Churros All You Can! Get Unlimited Churros con Chocolate for only P 108.00 only from 2:00pm – 5:00pm
The timeless Churros of Dulcinea.
It was an obsession that started a few years ago. I don't know how and I don't know why, but I came across it. And by it, I mean Dulcinea's churros con chocolate. I confess to being addicted to these little, tasty treats.

I'm melodramatic, I know. But these churros are worth the drama.

This soft, sweet and luscious all-time favorite dessert is timeless and THIS. This promo is like a dream come true. I used to wish I can have a refill of my churros con chocolate and that they'll make 'em unlimited! And hey, guess what?? They actually did! :) The regular price of Churros con Chocolate is P 98.00 and this weekend, you can get it for only P 108.00 and it's unlimited!!! It's definitely worth it! Don't judge me, but I almost finished 3 plates/servings of Churros con chocolate, with 5 churros in each plate! Haha (I said DON'T JUDGE ME. Dang it!) Now, I'm officially a churros monster and yes, I can eat churros for the rest of my life!

How about you? Can you finish one, two, half a dozen....Ahh well, who's counting?  I bet you won't be, once you dip it in the chocolate-eh and sink your teeth into one! :)

But for the sake of my waistline, I will never wish for another churros all you can deal this year! Twice, or maybe thrice is enough, yeah? :)

It's my ultimate comfort food and it's my daughter's favorite snack! We also had the pasta paella and the ever so yummy and one of Dulcinea's bestseller dessert, Cream puffs! :) The pasta is really good and it's really flavorful. The serving is quite big (good for 3-4 persons, with a price of P495.00) and it's filled with generous amount of seafood, pork, chicken and chorizo. Actually, I'm not a huge fan of Paella but this one made me a believer. Delicious. I shared this with my good friend, Aylin, who is also a food blogger and we didn't finish all of it in just one sitting because the serving is just too big for us! :)

Now, here's some heavenly delight... cream puffs! This one made my day perfect.. It's so fresh and really creamy but the cream and caramel on top is not overpowering. It's light, crusty outer shell filled with caramel is just perfect. When you take a bite or when you pull it apart with your fingertips, be careful not to make a mess!  Such messy fun! Just lemme know if you need some eating techniques. :)

Also, they have great customer service! Bobster, the very friendly manager was happy to answer all our questions however silly they are! :)

Indeed, it's an epic food trip I'll never forget! Thanks to SM Megamall for inviting me to this awesome food fest! This food sale is definitely a "GO NOW!" foodie experience! So if I were you, I 'd rush to SM Megamall now. Because life, my friend, is uncertain.. so eat NOW or better yet, eat dessert first and indulge!

But wait, there's more...

Aside from enjoying this sweet deal, I also got a chance to win an all-expense paid food trip to exciting destinations like Hongkong, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam! You too can have a chance to win!

Tomorrow, I'm off to Yabu for our family day( and maybe, we'll get another round of Churros at Dulcinea! Yabu is the country's 1st authetic katsu restaurant. I also love Yabu's promo where you can get free appetizer set & (2) bottomless lemonades for every order of (2) Katsu sets and All-day bottomless Miso soup for every Katsu set. Sweet huh? Who can say "No" to that? Well, certainly not me! :)

They will also be having a Foodie Fair with SM Supermarket & the Lifestyle Network at the Event Center. Check SM Megamall’s Facebook page and Twitter account for updates and to win delicious free treats! :)

But other than  that, make your way to SM Megamall’s Mega Food Sale.. pronto! Because this is one Mega Food Trip that can’t be missed! :)