Wednesday, January 4, 2012

2012: End of the world? Doomsday? Who Says?

Happy New Year guys! It's the new year. 2012. And by 2012, I mean the world. The much-hyped 2012 doomsday. The imminent end of the world. The Apocalypse. According to all the ridiculous hype and doomsday ramblings surrounding Dec. 21, 2012, the Mayans "predicted" the end of the world with one of their calendars.
The Mayan calendar
The mayans, the Incas, the Egyptians, Nostradamus and a lot more believe it is the end of the world.
We were warned! IKR
People are saying that according to the ancient psychic Nostradamus,the world will end on December 21,2012. 
Michel de Nostredame aka Nostradamus
Here's a quote from a site, about what Nostradamus wrote;

2012 Nostradamus predictions paint a bleak picture of massive destruction and havoc brought about by a comet. It is not clear whether this comet will strike the earth or will pass very close to our planet, causing massive earthquakes and other cataclysmic occurrences. But all interpreters of his quatrains are united on the opinion that it will be a comet which will come somewhere in December 2012. Nostradamus writes in one of his quatrains –

"In the sky will be seen a great fire dragging a trail of sparks."

This line clearly suggest a comet and many are of the opinion that it will be very big in size. Certain interpreters put the size to be just a little less than the planet Jupiter, and if such a comet passes close to the earth the effect of its gravity will cause the oceans to rise and also give rise to earthquakes. [...]

He mentions – "The Great Star will blaze for Seven days" meaning the comet will be very near the earth for seven days and nights. Further he says – "The Huge dog will howl at night, when the great pontiff will change lands." The great dog is taken to be the United Kingdom by many interpreters, and the line suggests its destruction. The pontiff is taken to be the pope and hence Rome too will be destroyed.

So they say there's a comet coming the size of a Jupiter? Or a massive cloud of negative energy will engulf the solar system. Hmm, talk about a dark cloud with a bad attitude! haha Umaattitude! Star Trek lang ang peg.  Scary? Alarming? Nkklk!? Pero totoo ba? Naniniwawala ka ba? In english, do you  believe it? Will the world end this year? Really? Seriously?

Well some nuts believe it, and doomsayers would have us believe doomsday is upon us. But a lot of people refuse to believe it and that includes me! Man there's no way the world will end in 2012. Why?

Here's what they have to say;

"Guys relax.. I saw back to the future 2 and Marty Mcfly went to 2015."  - from someone who just saw the movie Back to the Future 2. Wow, that is so 80's. ;p

"Dude, Harry Potter goes to King's Cross in 2017. Chill." - from a Harry Potter fan

How can the world end in 2012, when I have a yogurt that expires in 2013! Duh! - Fat kid from the grocery

"The Mayans think the world will end in 2012? What a bunch of idiots." - Christians.

"This year is just going to be filled with morons talking about the end of the world the whole time." -another prediction from someone I know who claims to be a manghuhula/ fortune-teller

Dear end-of-2012 Believers, We will be watching you and we refuse to believe that the world will end in 2012 because we won't let the world end before ALL of the 16 Million (and counting) Beliebers has met Justin Bieber. Sincerely, Beliebers.

And so Justin Bieber confeeeeermed it,

"The end of the world will not be in 2012, it will be when I lose my Beliebers." - Justin Bieber.

Last but not the least, here's a short letter from...

Dear ignorant people of 2012, It's 2012 people, not the end of the world! Y'all going to feel so stupid when the world doesn't end. Sincerely, 2013

So there, if the world doesn't end on December 21, 2012, as some guys believe it will, here's what we can expect. Baby boom! 'Cause I have a feeling there will be a lot of babies born on September 20, 2013. Do the math.

Oh and expect more parties playing Jay sean's song, 2012! Hmm, well I'm guessing it's on everybody's playlist by now. So turn it up. Mash it up. We're gonna party like it's the end of the world. LSS much.

On a serious note, if the Mayans and the doomsayers happened to be right, how should you live your last year? Hmm.. Tough one huh?

As for me, I'm gonna live each day to the fullest! I believe 2012 is the Year Of Great Things, not The End of The World! It marks the end of excuses, hatred, negativity, bad vibes, and all that. And my favorite way to start the year fresh is by coming up with a "new" New Year's resolution like... Uhmm..

Maybe get to Mars in 315 days?? Escape? Haha Hell naw. Jk.

Seriously though, I'm prolly gonna do the more or less thing. So I'm gonna do less and whatever I chose to do, I'm gonna do it more carefully. That said, I'm gonna work more, shop less. sleep more, eat less, pray more, complain less, live more, give more, love more, smile more.... more ... more... and a lot more. Oh and I need more " new haters"... b'cause the old ones are starting to like me. Tsk. So there you go... If my new year's resolution lasts longer than a Kardashian marriage, I will consider it a success. Really. :)

So remember guys, live each day like it's your last and cherish every happy moment forever. You'll never know when life ends but memories last always. We won't live forever so please, please lang, live every day like it's your last.

"Live this year like it's your last."- Mayans, Nostradamus, and their fellow doomsayers

Ow kamown! I bet this is not the last new year this world will see. Live it up. No regrets. No doubts. No second guesses. Just go out and make it happen. LMAO. Happy New Year everyone! HAPPY 2012! :D


Christian Bautista & Karylle in LOVE & LAUGHTER Concert at Resorts World Manila

The holidays may be done, but the celebrations are not yet over and thoughts are turning to Valentine's Day. Heck yeah! Valentine's day is right around the corner. If I were to be treated on VD, I'd love to got to the Love & Laughter concert 'cause I'm a HUGE fan of Karylle and Christian Bautista. Really. So if you ask me on a date to a concert other than THIS, stop right there. FO. Friendship Over. RO. Relationship Over. ;p
This February 29, Christian Bautista and Karylle debuts on the concert stage with Love & Laughtera Post-Valentine cum Leap Year show at the Newport Performing Arts Theater at the Resorts World in Manila.
This concert is produced by Resorts World in cooperation with Ultimate Entertainment and Stages Talents.
The two Asiansations exhibited undeniable chemistry in the international series The Kitchen Musical, but the two singers never had the chance to work on a concert together before.
Before The Kitchen Musical,  Karylle already played leading lady Maria to Christian Bautista’s Tony in STAGES’ The West Side Story, where the two received glowing reviews both as individuals and as partners.
Christian and Karylle will dish out memorable love songs of different themes in the show- from falling in love to heartbreak to reconciliation and moving on.  Joining the two is comedienne Nanette Inventor, known for her hilarious skits that will give the show its funny dimension and also guest performers Opera Belles and Primo.
Tickets may be purchased at the Resorts World Manila Box Office located at the main casino entrance or at all Ticketworld outlets nationwide.

So guys, save the date!


Wednesday, December 21, 2011

My Househusband: Ikaw Na! Will Rock the House This Christmas

Only a few days left until Christmas, and I can't wait to watch a movie! It's been ages since I've looked forward to a movie to watch this eagerly, from the roster of films at the MMFF 2011. It's a yearly thing for Filipino families and avid movie-goers to flock around cinemas and movie houses in the Metro just to watch the featured movies at the Metro Manila Film Festival after getting all the gifts and "aguinaldo". It kicks off every Christmas day complete with extravagant and grand parade of floats and traverses. It will always be part of year-ending event and this year sounds even more promising because there's a lot of movies to look forward to.

One of the movies that I'm really excited about is the "My Househusband, Ikaw Na!". It is something that is very entertaining and it promises to deliver a quality family-friendly movie this Christmas.

Last December 17, I attended the Bloggers conference of Metro Manila Film Feast entry of OctoArts Films, My Househusband  Ikaw Na! in Guilly’s Bar in Tomas Morato. The event was hosted by one of my favorite fashion bloggers, Melai Entuna of Bloggers United & Style and Soul, and the juiciest host of Juicy!, Shalala. That said, I've been lucky enough to meet and greet the cast and lead of the movie; Roco Naccino, Ellen Adarna, Eugene Domingo, Judy Ann Santos and for his first title role, Ryan Agoncillo.

"My Househusband: Ikaw Na!" is an official entry by Octoarts Films to the Metro Manila Film Festival, “My Househusband: Ikaw Na!” opens in theaters nationwide this December 25, Christmas Day as part of the 2011 MMFF.

The press conference was so much fun and it's actually one of the best events I've attended because my favorite comedienne, Miss Eugene Domingo, was there. And aside from winning awards for five years in a row, she's really funny and I love all her punchlines, bloopers and whatnot! Hilarious! Really. Put her in any situation, ANY, and she'll surely bring out the 'fun'. She's an epitome of a great actress/comedienne. A seriously talented and engaging one. She also stars at the Shake, Rattle and Roll 13 which is also an entry for 2011 MMFF, so she was torn between two floats.

"Naniniwala ako sa kasabihang “the more entries you sent, the more chances of winning” - Eugene Domingo Uhmm kaya naman. Ikaw na! You already! :D

In “My Househusband: Ikaw Na!” Eugene plays Aida, a mistress who happens to be Rod and Mia’s neighbor. With Mia always away, Rod and Aida develop a friendship that even has the Missus jealous at one point. Although Eugene has done so many movies this year, she grabbed the opportunity to be cast in “My Househusband: Ikaw Na!” in order to work anew with Ryan, Judy Ann and Direk Joey, and to portray a role that challenges her.

“I’ve never played a mistress before nor best friend to a straight guy. Even in real life, I have lots of girl and gay friends but very few straight guys so I am tackling my role here from a fresh point of view,” said she, who’s gusto in working on “My Househusband: Ikaw Na!” surely brought out the best in her yet again.

Judy Ann, who, in the movie, plays Mia, a mother and wife who is the sole breadwinner of her family, is not touted young superstar for nothing. She has been in showbiz for more than 20 years now and has done about 70 movies, many of which have won awards for her from many prestigious award giving bodies.
As for me, I'm such a HUGE fan of Juday eversince she started playing as Mara in Mara Clara. She is indeed the Queen of Pinoy Soap Opera and one my favorite local actresses. And we also have the same birthdate.. LOL Anong connect?! Hahaha Basta lang, for me, she's the epitome of beauty, class, and a brilliant actress. Peg ko din sya, just like Miss Eugene Domingo who also said that peg nya din si Juday! So there... Keri! Pwedeng same kami.

And of course, let's not forget the main man, the perfect househusband himself, Mr. Ryan Agoncillo, who does all the tidying, cooking and cleaning in the house while his wife works to support him. Ryan was quite flattered when Eugene told everyone how impressed she was with Ryan's performance. Thus, making it a movie to beat this year.

Sabi nga ni Ryan, this is a really good movie to watch out for 'cause No Other Woman lang ang peg ng movie na to. Juday as Christine, Eugene as Anne and of course, Ryan as Derek. Why not?? Bet! LOL This movie teaches us that there's nothing wrong about being a househusband because people today have changed their ideas about what makes a good husband or father. It doesn't make him any less of a man just because his wife works for their family. Also, it doesn't matter if your hubby is a full-time househusband as long as you work as a team and you're both happy. A happy family life is still the most important thing, not what other people think or other people's opinions. Screw society, the traditionalists, and the "norm". Just make sure you're both happy and happily married at that, because marriage does not guarantee a happy ending, just an ending. And both husband and wife should work real hard to add or insert "happy" before the ending. Everyday is an opportunity for us to make a new happy ending. So make the best out of your life today and create your own ending.

Love. Family. Happiness. That's all that really matters.

Now go watch the "My Househusband, Ikaw Na!" Full Trailer! Now na!

With the stellar acting prowess of its talents in and the very interesting story of “My Househusband: Ikaw Na!”, it is expected to lead box-office results and bring home the bacon in the MMFF 2011.

“My Househusband: Ikaw Na” opens on Christmas Day. Watch it guys! The stars of this movie makes the movie pretty interesting and worth watching.So bring the whole fam bam this Christmas & watch & enjoy a family-oriented movie.

For updates, photos and other information about the movie, ‘like’ them on Facebook or visit

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Mo Twister and Rhian Ramos Trilogy Star Wars Continues; New Kissing Video

The Mo-Rhian Star War(la) trilogy, at the very least, continues its epic legacy of bad morality and publicity with more viral and controversial videos surfacing the web.

It's not that I'm a showbiz chizmis-crazy kind of person but some friends would like to know and see mo, I mean more. :)

And what's new? Rhian Ramos' make out or kissing scene video with Mo Twister is now on YouTube. This is just one of the most controversial and viral videos circulating in YouTube right now.

I'm not sure if I can call this a scandal or just an intimate vid or some kind of MOMOL vid with all that kissing and pumping in between their laughs and giggles. Read: MOMOL= Make Ot Make Out Lang. It's going viral and I, for one, officially don't like Mo Twister. And I don't like Rhian either. Bow.

Here's another one of the earlier videos of Mo talking about the ABORTION.

If it's true, then I feel sorry for them. I guess he could be one of those guys who wish that God made women with an "abort baby" button on their arms that they could press "accidentally" so their lives would be easier and better. But abortion is murder, plain and simple. It's a crime against God because this is not merely my own opinion, but the teaching of the Bible.

Exodus 20:13... "Thou shalt not kill."

I'm in no position to judge anyone but try as they may, they cannot justify their crime of killing a life no matter what their real motives are. Abortion is a sin, which makes the mother guilty of murder, and the father too if she had his consent. Thus, it is normal for Mo to feel GUILTY, to feel remorse or regret, after what they've done. I understand why he would feel guilty after murdering their own child, let alone why they did it in the first place. That's their own child for crying out loud! Ayan na, kalma! Kalma! Haha  Eh kasi naman Mo, dapat kasi nagpakalalaki ka. Dahil ang tunay na lalaki, pag nakabuntis, di dapat naiisip ang salitang "abortion". *sigh*

I just can't help but wonder how some people can do this and then forever suffer from guilt. I imagine a woman who had an abortion, staring idly at an empty spot beside the Christmas tree every year, thinking and trying to imagine what it would have been like to have her child sitting there enjoying Christmas with all the food and gifts from a "loving and nurturing family". :( Then after Christmas, she will continue to wonder what her life would've been if she didn't abort her unwanted, unwished-for and unborn child.

So there, Mo was crying and looking awfully guilty about the alleged abortion. Rhian didn't comment at all. Deadma lang. Then Rhian said Mo had threatened and harassed her. But Mo Twister denied harassing her and being an abusive boyfriend. Now, they said they're both seeing other people. So is it the end of their story?? I sure hope so. But why are there so many videos still leaking out of nowhere? As ugly as how their relationship has ended, these videos make the 'issue' (and both of them) a whole lot uglier than ever before.I don't even know who's bitter ocampo and disturbed!

Hoh well.. Let's not allow Mo Twister or Rhian from stealing the scene and attention from those who need help from Sendong. There are more important things in life than this. Go figure.


Discover the World of Fantasy at Seriland

One of my childhood fantasies is believing Santa Claus is real and he has his elves working hard so that we can get all the fun and gifts we're asking for on Christmas day. Now that I'm a grown-up, I still believe in magical fantasy. And believe it or not, I still believe in Santa Claus even if I found out once that my dad had the same wrapping paper as Santa. LOL Of course, I know he's Santa and he sure looks like Santa back then (with his protruding beer belly) yet I still believe in Santa. I know it's weird but maybe it's just me, or that must be the "kid" in me. It might sound silly but I think we should still believe in Santa. Believe in others and ourselves. Believe in magic, fantasy and dreams. After all, Christmas was way better when we all believed in Santa Claus, as well as magic, dreams and fantasy. Sadly, it's not the same anymore. :( I know I'm a kid at heart when it comes to Christmas. Ho ho! I mean, ha ha! Can't believe it's only 5 days, and I can't wait either :) 

So now, my daughter is beginning to ask for gifts from Santa! Oh emmm! Believe it or not, kids today are even more imaginative and it seems like they are forever living in a world full of fantasy. I guess kids will be kids huh? And as a mom, my daughter is not an exception. She likes magic and play time as much as the other kiddos who like going to the playground. So I just let her play and have all the fun she wants, and take note, I even join in her play and gently nudge her to have more and unlimited fun, until she finally asks me to go home and take a rest. Reverse Psyche... it works ninety percent of the time and I have a happy kid cooperating with me after that plus the countless thank you's, hugs and kisses! :) If you're a mom, or even dads out there, you can join your kid too, into a world of fantasy full of magic and jam-packed fun. And where would that possibly be?


Established on November 20, 2010, it was developed out of curiosity on the science of 3D technology and the ambition to bring to the Philippines the attractions of SEOGWIPO SERI WORLD theme park in Jeju, South Korea. Eventually, friendship and business partnership between Filipino and Korean investors was developed. Both committed to provide unique and challenging attractions and promote fun-learning experience through the educational and entertainment value of Seri Fantasy World.

SERI FANTASY WORLD - a 1,200-square meter theme park located at the 2nd Level, South Wing of the Manila Ocean Park, Quirino Grandstand, Luneta Park, Manila. It offers never before seen attractions in the country. Its three (3) main attractions, namely TRICK ART MUSEUM, MIRROR MAZE and 3D CINEMA PLUS, are equipped with different angles of 3Dimensional technology for  visitors of all ages.

TRICK ART MUSEUM, a gallery of 3Dimensional art freehand painted by famous Korean artists, highlights interactive paintings that visualize 3D optical illusions when a picture is taken with it.

MIRROR MAZE is a labyrinth with multiple glass panes. It challenges the sense of space and direction. It gives the reflection of thousand images.

The 3D CINEMA PLUS, offers stereoscopic scenes and multi-sensorial effects to the viewers.
But the fun never ends there! KIDS’ PARADISE, a fun land with rides, jungle playpen, book café and toy world, gives limitless entertainment to toddlers and young-at-heart guests. It is indeed the Land of Happy Thoughts.

Discover happiness right here, right now. Visit or call them at (02) 559-9563. Like them on Facebook (SERILAND) or visit their website at


What We Can Do this Christmas; Help CDO & Typhoon Sendong Victims

What we can do today until Christmas Day;

1. Go to LBC to send some donations or relief goods such as rice, canned gods, noodles, biscuits, coffee, sugar, clothes, blankets, mats and medicines to CDO for Sendong victims! We can donate to them instead of overspending or buying gifts this Christmas. I've been thinking of giving my relatives a little something this christmas, but that little something might be of big help for the Sendong victims.:)

2. Pray for the people of CDO and the families affected by typhoon Sendong. Never underestimate the power of prayer. Never ever.

3. Spend Christmas by helping others. As for me, it doesn't make sense to eat, drink and be merry for yet another Christmas party when thousands are homeless and helpless in CDO.

4. Start to see things in Sendong victims' perspectives. Typhoon Sendong killed a lot of people, as well as the spirit of Christmas in CDO, Iligan and other affected cities in Mindanao. But we can always keep the spirit of Christmas alive by helping them.

5. Over 1000 dead in CDO, many of them unrecognizable. Let's pray for them.

6. To breastfeeding mommies, be one of the donor moms and share your breastmilk. Unicef is transporting frozen breastmilk to CDO.

For the record, tropical storm "Sendong" (international name Washi) is the world's deadliest storm this year and this would prolly be the coldest Christmas for the people of CDO. A tragedy consists of flash floods and landslides that sent mud and logs crashing down on houses and residents of Cagayan de Oro, killing about a thousand people. As of today, typhoon Sendong death toll rises to 1,000.

Here's how you can help victims of Sendong via Sagip Red Cross:

Text REDAMOUNT to 2899 (Globe) or 4143 (Smart)


You can donate the following denominations:
Globe: 5, 25, 100, 300, 500 or 1000
Smart: 10, 25, 50, 100, 300, 500 or 1000

Bank accounts for Donations
Banco De Oro
Peso: 00-453-0018647
Dollar: 10-453-0039482

Bank of the Philippine Islands
Peso: 4991-0036-52
Dollar: 004994-0103-15

Peso: 151-3-041631228
Dollar: 151-2-15100218-2

Philippine National Bank
Peso: 3752 8350 0034
Dollar: 3752 8350 0042

Unionbank of the Philippines
Peso: 1015 4000 0201
Dollar: 1315 4000 0090

All Check/Cash for the account of Philippine Red Cross (Swift Codes)
Banco De Oro

Bank of the Philippine Islands


Philippine National Bank

Unionbank of the Philippines

Cebuana Lhuillier

Xavier University:

Account Name: Xavier University
Bank Name: Bank of the Philippine Islands, CDO Divisoria Branch
Account Number: 9331-0133-63

You can also send in items in kind at the XU Gates

Capitol University:

Look for Ms. Armi Sobremisana for repacking and distribution purposes

TV5 Kapatid Foundation:

TV5 Kapatid Foundation Inc.
BDO Savings Account No. 005310-410164
Bank of the Philippine Islands Savings Account No. 1443-05333-2

Donations in kind like food, clothing, utensils, blankets, mats, water containers, and medicines may be sent to News5 Aksyon Center, TV5 office in San Bartlolome, Novaliches, Quezon City.

For inquiries, please call News5 Aksyon Center hotline – 938-639

SMART Subscribers:

Smart subscribers all over the country may send help to those affected by typhoon Sendong. Smart Money users can instantly transfer funds through their mobile phones to the official Baha Fund account number 5577 5130 6822 1104. Donors may also deposit cash to the same Smart Money account number in any Banco De Oro branch nationwide or through Hapinoy and Cebuana Lhuillier outlets.

SMARTCares: Subscribers may donate to #Sendong victims via text. Just send RED to 4143. Valid donation amounts 10, 25, 50, 100.

GLOBE Subscribers:

GCASH, text DONATE and send to 2882

Armed Forces of the Philippines:

Contact details: Situation Awareness Center (SAC), CRS AFP, Camp Aguinaldo, QC

Landline: 912-6615

CP Nr. (0917)2471252

Focal Person: Lt. Col. Rolando Rodil, Operations Officer

The Oblate Missionary Foundation (OMF):

Email us:

Call or text us 0644212652/09177204604/09228366422

Panday Bulig Relief and Rehabilitation Center:

Tabang Mindanao Center 12th-22nd streets, Nazareth 9000 Cagayan de Oro CityT/F: +63 (88) 856 6413E: for Ms. Beryl Tranco)

Rural Missionaries of the Philippines:

Northern Mindanao Sub-Region Room 01, Kalinaw Lanao Center0016 Bougainvilla Puti, Villaverde9200 Iligan CityT/F: +63 223 5179E: rmpnmr@gmail.comW: for Ms. Ida Melody Bucog)

Drop Center in Metro Manila c/o StartArt Project:

10A Alabama st New Manila Quezon CityMobile:+63926 7112450

For cash donations, please send to this account:

Bank Name and Address:Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI)Quezon Avenue branch, 9200 Iligan City, Philippines
Account number: 009359-1348-08

Swift Code: BOPIPHMM

Account Name and Address: RMP-NMR Inc.

Southern Philippines Fundraising Campaign:

Help CDO:

BPI Bank Account No.: 2059 0571 81
088-880-2432 or 09426921918

SAGIP Kapamilya:

ABS-CBN Regional Stations:

ABS-CBN Cagayan De Oro
Barangay Bulua, Cagayan De Oro City

Shrine Hills, Matina, Davao City

1. BDO Peso Account
Account name: ABS-CBN Foundation Inc.-Sagip Kapamilya
Account Number: 39301-14199
Swift Code: BNORPHMM
2. BDO Dollar Account
Account name: ABS-CBN Foundation Inc.-Sagip Kapamilya
Account Number: 39300-81622
Swift Code: BNORPHMM
3. PNB Peso Account
Account name: ABS-CBN Foundation Inc.-Sagip Kapamilya
Account Number: 419-539-5000-13
Swift Code: PNBMPHMM
4. BPI Peso Account
Account name: ABS-CBN Foundation Inc.-Sagip Kapamilya
Account Number: 3051-1127-75
Branch: West Triangle, Quezon City
Swift Code: BOPIPHMM
5. BPI Dollar Account
Account name: ABS-CBN Foundation Inc.-Sagip Kapamilya
Account Number: 3054-0270-35
Branch: West Triangle, Quezon City
Swift Code: BOPIPHMM

Again, our family's prayers go out to the people of CDO and all the victims of the typhoon.  Let's pray for them and send help when we can. Christmas is a season of giving and let this Christmas be a time for sharing & giving to the people and families affected by Typhoon Sendong. After all, it wouldn’t hurt to take it down a notch on the gift-giving and send help to Sendong victims.  A little donation wouldn't hurt. Really. For the spirit of Christmas.


Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Don Henrico’s RUN: Help Save a Life today!

Ho! ho! and before I forget to say another HO! Lemme just say, 'Tis the season to eat pizza. 'Cause nothing says the holiday season like a pizza from Don Henrico's! 

Take a bunch of chicken ala buffalo, fudge brownies, carbonara, Hawaiian Delight Pizza, 
place them together cheese to cheese. Pizza Party.
I'm obsessed with the salad and its Caesar salad dressing. It tastes good on everything!
Seems like a good Tuesday to me!
TIP: Don Henrico's Pesto is really good! And their buffalo wings and wedge dips is love.
Everyone knows (especially for people who love running like me) the only cure for a hungry stomach after a good run is to eat as much pizza as possible and then eat more pizza all day long. LOL B'cause everything is better with a slice of pizza. Agree?

That said, I just had a lovely meal from Don Henrico's event tonight.  I swear their pizza is my weakness. Plus the salad and the chicken and the pasta... Hoh well. :) But this time it's not just all about pizza 'cause this famous local Italian restaurant, Don Henrico's, is going outside of its usual venture this December with a new found purpose of saving lives, courtesy of a charity marathon event. Consider this your Christmas present to society . 

Named the 1st Don Henrico's Run: Help Save a Life today, this urban race aims to aid the Sagip Buhay Medical Foundation, a local organization that provides medications to our les fortunate brothers and sisters admitted at the Medicine Wards and ICUs of the Philippine General Hospital in Manila.

The run will take place at the CCP Complex, Pasay City on December 17, 2011 at exactly 3:30pm - just in time to catch a glimpse of the scenic view of the sunset bay, according to the organizers. Clever idea.

Interested participants can register at 3K, 5K, and 10K races at all Don Henrico's outlets in Metro Manila from October 25 to December 15, 2011. Upon registration (registration fee is P600 for the 3 category); registered runners will automatically get their race kits that include a singlet, a bib number, and an exclusive post event shirt.

Don Henrico’s RUN Finishers will get the following right after the run on their respective tent on a per category level:
·         FREE 500 Cash Vouchers (subject to terms and conditions stated on it)
·         FREE Slice of Pizza on a first-come-first serve basis and is available until supply lasts
·         Don Henrico’s RUN Certificate of Participation

The entire proceeds for this event will help provide assistance to healthcare professionals at the said hospital, which inevitably leads to more financially dependable patients getting treatment and more lives saved.

"One of the brand's mission statements is to share and help improve the quality of life in the community that we serve," says Anthony Mercado, Corporate Marketing Manager of Don Henrico's Pizza Foods Corporation. "And what a better way to celebrate the Christmas season than to do something you love at the income of those in need."

The Management of Don Henrico’s really appreciates the support that Chris Sports extended to this very first CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) project initiated by the brand. Being Don Henrico’s partner as official registration centers of Don Henrico’s RUN makes this event more popular and much accepted by running enthusiasts, local and foreign runners.

For more information on this run, log on to For queries and suggestions, participants can also get in touch with Mr. Mercado at 0922-8741337 or visit the Don Henrico’s fanpage on Facebook: Don Henrico’s Pizza Foods Corporation.



  • Chris Sports Megamall
    2nd Floor, Bldg. B, SM Megamall, Mandaluyong City, Metro Manila,
    • Telephone No: (632) 633-1659
  • Chris Sports Glorietta
    2nd Level, Glorietta 3, Ayala Center, , Makati City, Metro Manila
    • Telephone No: (632) 818-6124
  • Chris Sports SM City North-The Annex
    3rd Floor,SM City North Edsa, Annex Bldg.,Quezon City, Metro Manila
    • Telephone No: (632) 441-1889
  • Chris Sports Ever Gotesco Grand Central
    Ground Floor, Ever Gotesco Grand Central, , Monumento, Caloocan City
    • Telephone No: (632) 366-1152 
  • Chris Sports Market Market
    4th Floor. Market! Market!, Taguig, Metro Manila
    • Telephone No: (632) 886-7467
  • Chris Sports SM City Manila
    Ground Floor, SM City Manila, , Manila City, Metro Manila
    • Telephone No: (632) 522-1345 

·         Unit H, Aloha Hotel, 2150 Roxas Boulevard
Cor. Quirino Ave., Malate, Manila, 1004 Philippines

PGH Central Building Main Entrance

UP College of Medicine (just at the back of Calderon Building)
DON HENRICO'S Restaurants Mega Manila Branches
Don Henrico’s MALATE
  • 574 Pedro Gil St., Malate, Manila (across Robinsons Place Manila-Pedro Gil main entrance)
Tel. Nos.: 524-9134; 524-9141
Don Henrico’s ALABANG
  • 2nd Level near Bridgeway Entrance, Filinvest Festival Supermall
Tel Nos.: 850-3916 to 17
Don Henrico’s WEST AVENUE
  • West Avenue cor. Examiner St., Quezon City
Tel. Nos.: 371-7171; 372-7272
Don Henrico’s MALL OF ASIA
  • Ground Level, North Wing, Entertainment Mall, Mall of Asia, Pasay City
Tel. Nos: 556-2848; 556- 2904
Don Henrico’s GREENHILLS
  • 2ND Floor, Connecticut Arcade, Greenhills Shopping Center, San Juan City
Tel. Nos.: 571-3911; 571-3912
Don Henrico’s TOMAS MORATO
  • Toledo Building, Tomas Morato Avenue cor Sct. Limbaga St., Quezon City
Tel. Nos: 332-2201; 332-2254
Don Henrico’s STA. LUCIA
  • The Brick Road, Sta. Lucia East Grand Mall, Cainta, Rizal
Tel. No.: 681-5242; 682-7095  

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