Party Beyond Ordinary at Victoria Court's Super Thematic Rooms

It's December and it's Party Time! Whether you're thinking about throwing a hotel party over Christmas break, a holiday party, a bridal shower, a memorable birthday bash, or any type of you-will-never-ever-forget party, Victoria Court provides the perfect venue for you to Party Beyond Ordinary.
Victoria Court is not just a place for what others would call "bookings" and "happy endings" because aside from catering couples, it became the coolest and hippest party venue, as the chain came out with one themed room after another.

Here, you can have a uniquely different way of holding your Holiday and Christmas parties, be it a small get together of less than 10 guests or up to 30 people. You can have the best party ever and have your guests feel not being dragged to the usual horrific corporate holiday parties and events.

You can have it any way you want. You can even throw a party with fake alcohol, just to see how many of your guests act like they're drunk and wasted or you can dress up like Mike Myers if you want to. You can also get the gang together and party the night away at a drunken party or a stag party at Victoria Court.

You can even have a Star Wars themed birthday party or 80s themed party if you want to! Their Super Thematic Rooms is just pure awesome and amazing. I'm dying over the cuteness + awesomeness + an absolute creative genius behind these party-themed rooms and thematic suite rooms at Victoria Court! They have impressive looking suites where people can explore and have fun in a totally different world while they engage their imagination through a nostalgic mix of fiction and fantasy.

Got a call from President Obama :)
Being at the Oval Office makes me think for a second that I'm in the real Presidential Oval Office. This room is so much fun! Who says the Oval Ofiice is just for formal business meetings? Now, it's a popular venue for stag parties too! Upon entering The Oval Office, we saw large portraits of past American presidents and the famous Presidents Seal at the parking garage. It has two huge rooms, one is the receiving room and the other, a large bedroom with an extra large comfort room.

No, this isn’t the real Hotel Veniz at Venice, Italy. It's a beautiful replica of it with a huge gondola located right smack in the middle of it. I lurve this room! The look and feel of this room is astounding!
Moulin Rouge’s Elephant Room, pretty swanky and sweet.
Tastefully done. Lovely venue for prenups and sexy photo shoots.
The Moulin Rouge, The venice, The Oval Office and Princess Jasmine in Pasig can accomodate up to 30 people and for smaller parties, Pasig also offers The Penthouse, The Startrek, Mrs. Smith and Austin Power rooms good for 15 to 25 guests.

While The X-Men, Matrix, and Austin Powers II can accomodate up to 20 people with room rates starting at P5,000 to P12,000, good for 5 hour use of the room.

The Princess Jasmine Room

Man that massage was total bliss. Much needed.

So there's my masseuse, Jasmine, at the Jasmine Room. Is it a mere coincidence or what? And I had no idea my back could crack in ways it did until she decided to plant the feet on my back & proceed to dig them down my spine. That one definitely hit the spot, and it's perfect especially when the holiday rush is stressing you out. 
The Secret Forest 

The Secret Forest is a kind of secret getaway for me. I can lock myself in here for hours or maybe days. I don't mind. And if you ask me why? Well, it's a secret. :)

You can enjoy their package which also includes these must-have party amenities:

5.1 Surround System/ Entertainment System
iPod Dock
Cable LCD TV
Private Whirlpool
Hot & Cold Shower
Free WiFi Connection
Buffet set-up
Provision for 1 Private Car Park
Souvenir Items

And of course, there will be drinks, food, lots of tremendous fun and it shall be epic! I think the food is so important, as well as the party music, but to set the mood you've got to have the right venue for the party. The ultimate party venue with a superb thematic party experience! You feemee?? Believe me, it's a different kind of party!

They offer outstanding dishes and affordable food packages great for parties and events. I personally love the El Taco Salad, cheese sticks, spicy chicken wings, pancit canton, and nachos.
Pansit canton
Pizza party
Spicy Chicken Wings
Clubhouse Sandwich
For some, they would disagree to Victoria Court's claim of being the best drive-in hotel group, but undoubtedly, no one will dispute the fact that it's the best innovator in the industry. Started by the family patriarch, Angelo King as the Anito brand, Victoria Court came into being with his eldest son Archie King who was determined to achieve his dream of veering away from the traditional look of a motel room.

Gone are the days when checking in and going in a motel means a secret haven for lovers, hush-hush, illicit affairs, and was even considered taboo. Indeed, Victoria Court has grown a lot in terms of social perception. “When people talk about Victoria Court, at least among the younger generation, it’s ‘Hey, I’ve been there.’ You wouldn’t hear that before, especially from women,” shares King. “Now it has become a party place where groups can hang out, and it’s come off almost like a club.” Now it gives anyone extra bragging rights just to attend even one of their parties. Actually, that gives me the right to brag that I actually had my surprise bridal shower party in one of their themed rooms, the Divine room.

I got the sweetest and prettiest friends and sister in the world.

Censored?! LOL What happened in VC....never happened.

So if you want have to the biggest party of the year and you want your party to be remembered and talked about, then make your reservations pronto before their rooms are all taken this party time season. Reserve now!

They can arrange ocular visits to the different suite rooms at your convenience or you can simply do your own visit of their website. You may click the link HERE to view their exact location and nearest landmark for your convenience.

And remember this by heart... you'll never know when you're gonna use it. ;p
Let the holiday parties begin!

Big ups to the management and team from Victoria Court. Victoria Court ROCKS!!! \m/


Any comments, my dear?