Discover the World of Fantasy at Seriland

One of my childhood fantasies is believing Santa Claus is real and he has his elves working hard so that we can get all the fun and gifts we're asking for on Christmas day. Now that I'm a grown-up, I still believe in magical fantasy. And believe it or not, I still believe in Santa Claus even if I found out once that my dad had the same wrapping paper as Santa. LOL Of course, I know he's Santa and he sure looks like Santa back then (with his protruding beer belly) yet I still believe in Santa. I know it's weird but maybe it's just me, or that must be the "kid" in me. It might sound silly but I think we should still believe in Santa. Believe in others and ourselves. Believe in magic, fantasy and dreams. After all, Christmas was way better when we all believed in Santa Claus, as well as magic, dreams and fantasy. Sadly, it's not the same anymore. :( I know I'm a kid at heart when it comes to Christmas. Ho ho! I mean, ha ha! Can't believe it's only 5 days, and I can't wait either :) 

So now, my daughter is beginning to ask for gifts from Santa! Oh emmm! Believe it or not, kids today are even more imaginative and it seems like they are forever living in a world full of fantasy. I guess kids will be kids huh? And as a mom, my daughter is not an exception. She likes magic and play time as much as the other kiddos who like going to the playground. So I just let her play and have all the fun she wants, and take note, I even join in her play and gently nudge her to have more and unlimited fun, until she finally asks me to go home and take a rest. Reverse Psyche... it works ninety percent of the time and I have a happy kid cooperating with me after that plus the countless thank you's, hugs and kisses! :) If you're a mom, or even dads out there, you can join your kid too, into a world of fantasy full of magic and jam-packed fun. And where would that possibly be?


Established on November 20, 2010, it was developed out of curiosity on the science of 3D technology and the ambition to bring to the Philippines the attractions of SEOGWIPO SERI WORLD theme park in Jeju, South Korea. Eventually, friendship and business partnership between Filipino and Korean investors was developed. Both committed to provide unique and challenging attractions and promote fun-learning experience through the educational and entertainment value of Seri Fantasy World.

SERI FANTASY WORLD - a 1,200-square meter theme park located at the 2nd Level, South Wing of the Manila Ocean Park, Quirino Grandstand, Luneta Park, Manila. It offers never before seen attractions in the country. Its three (3) main attractions, namely TRICK ART MUSEUM, MIRROR MAZE and 3D CINEMA PLUS, are equipped with different angles of 3Dimensional technology for  visitors of all ages.

TRICK ART MUSEUM, a gallery of 3Dimensional art freehand painted by famous Korean artists, highlights interactive paintings that visualize 3D optical illusions when a picture is taken with it.

MIRROR MAZE is a labyrinth with multiple glass panes. It challenges the sense of space and direction. It gives the reflection of thousand images.

The 3D CINEMA PLUS, offers stereoscopic scenes and multi-sensorial effects to the viewers.
But the fun never ends there! KIDS’ PARADISE, a fun land with rides, jungle playpen, book cafĂ© and toy world, gives limitless entertainment to toddlers and young-at-heart guests. It is indeed the Land of Happy Thoughts.

Discover happiness right here, right now. Visit or call them at (02) 559-9563. Like them on Facebook (SERILAND) or visit their website at