The Mo Twister and Rhian Ramos Trilogy Star Wars Continues; New Kissing Video

The Mo-Rhian Star War(la) trilogy, at the very least, continues its epic legacy of bad morality and publicity with more viral and controversial videos surfacing the web.

It's not that I'm a showbiz chizmis-crazy kind of person but some friends would like to know and see mo, I mean more. :)

And what's new? Rhian Ramos' make out or kissing scene video with Mo Twister is now on YouTube. This is just one of the most controversial and viral videos circulating in YouTube right now.

I'm not sure if I can call this a scandal or just an intimate vid or some kind of MOMOL vid with all that kissing and pumping in between their laughs and giggles. Read: MOMOL= Make Ot Make Out Lang. It's going viral and I, for one, officially don't like Mo Twister. And I don't like Rhian either. Bow.

Here's another one of the earlier videos of Mo talking about the ABORTION.

If it's true, then I feel sorry for them. I guess he could be one of those guys who wish that God made women with an "abort baby" button on their arms that they could press "accidentally" so their lives would be easier and better. But abortion is murder, plain and simple. It's a crime against God because this is not merely my own opinion, but the teaching of the Bible.

Exodus 20:13... "Thou shalt not kill."

I'm in no position to judge anyone but try as they may, they cannot justify their crime of killing a life no matter what their real motives are. Abortion is a sin, which makes the mother guilty of murder, and the father too if she had his consent. Thus, it is normal for Mo to feel GUILTY, to feel remorse or regret, after what they've done. I understand why he would feel guilty after murdering their own child, let alone why they did it in the first place. That's their own child for crying out loud! Ayan na, kalma! Kalma! Haha  Eh kasi naman Mo, dapat kasi nagpakalalaki ka. Dahil ang tunay na lalaki, pag nakabuntis, di dapat naiisip ang salitang "abortion". *sigh*

I just can't help but wonder how some people can do this and then forever suffer from guilt. I imagine a woman who had an abortion, staring idly at an empty spot beside the Christmas tree every year, thinking and trying to imagine what it would have been like to have her child sitting there enjoying Christmas with all the food and gifts from a "loving and nurturing family". :( Then after Christmas, she will continue to wonder what her life would've been if she didn't abort her unwanted, unwished-for and unborn child.

So there, Mo was crying and looking awfully guilty about the alleged abortion. Rhian didn't comment at all. Deadma lang. Then Rhian said Mo had threatened and harassed her. But Mo Twister denied harassing her and being an abusive boyfriend. Now, they said they're both seeing other people. So is it the end of their story?? I sure hope so. But why are there so many videos still leaking out of nowhere? As ugly as how their relationship has ended, these videos make the 'issue' (and both of them) a whole lot uglier than ever before.I don't even know who's bitter ocampo and disturbed!

Hoh well.. Let's not allow Mo Twister or Rhian from stealing the scene and attention from those who need help from Sendong. There are more important things in life than this. Go figure.