patiently waiting...

It's raining outside and I can't help but write about my most recent ramblings... the art of waiting. amp!
I'm patiently waiting. I'm almost there, but not quite..

Unfortunately, life doesn’t have a fast forward button. For some important things in life, whether we like it or not, we simply have to wait. We have to wait for the flower to grow. There’s a saying that Rome wasn’
t built in a day and my baby Chanelle needs, more or less, 9 months to grow... That's why there is a virtue called patience, in which you tolerate the time you have to wait for something...

I have 7 weeks to go until my baby girl is born...but it sure feels like eternity. I can't wait to see and hold her, to know whose temper she will inherit, which veggies she'll hate, what toys she'll love to play, what will be her first word..

so many surprises waiting for us. Right now, she is such a restless little girl kicking inside my tummy but squirming and moving is good, so I'm not complaining except for those few not-so-funny rib tickles. Well, sometimes tho....when its 2 AM, and she decides that the most fun place to practice some "new moves" is over mommy's bladder or when she kicks into mommy's ribs. but yeah, she enjoys hiccupping and the soft kicks are pretty exciting at times. It just reminds me that she's real, and she's there and I can't wait to see what she looks like.

Her head is down where it's supposed to be, pressing against my bladder, which makes me feel like I have to pee every time I stand up or walk around. My next check-up with my OB is in another two weeks .. on Jan 9th. sigh!
I'm just praying that at the right time and place where she'll decide to come out, she will be well and healthy and ready for the world.