just finished packing!

As early as my 7th month of pregnancy (excited??) , I already started with the things I have to pack for the hospital and now, they're all set! yey! I just hope I won't forget them when Dday comes. lol here's my check list!

For me

jammies, nightgowns
Underwear, underwear and more underwear!!! :)
Bath towel/ Bath robe
Maternity bra
Maternity pads, adult diapers,underpads
Breast pads/breast pump (I'm planning to breastfeed..wish I got milk)
Toiletries (toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, soap,conditioner,body wash, fem wash)
Alcohol (dapat yung 70% solution) /hand sanitizer/Betadine wash
Change of Clothes/going home outfit
Kikay/vanity kit para pretty pa rin... lip balm, hairclip,hair brush
Ipod, tennis ball in a sock to massage/rub the back during labor pains/stress ball ->my labor-saving devices!
baby book
ATMs,phone cards,admitting letter from OB,ballpen

For my baby

Nappies / Diapers
Face washers / cloths / receiving blanket
Feeding bottles (sterilized and ziplocked) hehe OC?!
going home outfit
petroleum jelly
baby wipes
cotton balls, tissue, cotton buds
mittens (kasi matulis ang nails ng baby, di pa naman advisable i cut agad yun kasi nakadikit pa daw sa balat)

lemme know if you notice i missed out on some stuff ok? thanks!