My Baby Maia Chanelle, Grand Prize Winner of Ai-non Cutest Baby Contest

I just received a call from Ainon telling me that my baby Maia Chanelle is one of the Grand Prize Winners of Ai-non Cutest Baby Photo Contest!

She is the Grand Prize Winner for the category of 0-5 months. I'm just so proud of her and when I told her about it, she just laughed. Lolz =) So in behalf of my baby girl, I want to say thanks to Ainon and thanks to tita Kim, my fellow girltalker who told me about it and sent me the link! Now, lemme translate and interpret my baby's speech for all of you.

She said, "Aaah..ah-goo..gooo...atah-tah tah...aaaaah...maaaaaaaaa.. ma...dah!"

Oh only means.."Thank you sooooo much!". Lol