What's HOt or NOT this Christmas!

We all know that Christmas is all about traditions but I am finding the familiar traditions to be a bit boring so I'm thinking of something new. I mean, it doesn't always have to be the same thing every year, every friggin' Christmas...same Santa, same lights, same food....yawn!

I want to try something new and have fun for the holidays so I thought of something what's in or what's out , or what's hot or not this Christmas. :)

To the man of the house, if you're thinking of a sweet Christmas treat for your missus or wifeys, I suggest you put on some sexy Santa boxers instead of the old boring Santa suit! harhar
and for the missus, instead of wearing the usual Christmas red and white hat that everyone else is wearing, try wearing the christmas tree hat! I'm sure you'll sparkle and really glow! :)

For a unique Christmas decoration, forget those usual round Christmas balls and try the Poopoo balls..I'm sure you'll smell the Christmas spirit like you've never smelled it before. lol


Last but not the least, Santa had been so busy giving gifts for years but this Christmas, I bet Santa will be busy checking blogs. He said he used to get letters..now all he got was e-mails saying, "Dear Santa, check out my blog! care to exchange links?" lol

ho ho hoh well, I hope you'll see a different kind of Christmas this year and I hope it's a bit more interesting this time!

merry Christmas everyone! :)


  1. wow! buti napapasyal me here kasi ang daming hot..dito kasi ang lamig..hehehe..

    thanks for visiting allin

  2. hehe ganun ba sis!? well i hope u have someone to warm u up this christmas hehe happy holidays!


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