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Yesterday, I found my old  PT license I.D from 16 years ago. Yes, 16. I feel so old. :)

It's been 10 years since I've stopped working as a physical therapist. Since becoming a mother, I have had the pleasure of being a stay at home mom, working part time mom (work from home as a freelance writer/blogger/medical indexer/medical transcriptionist/virtual assistant) and working full time mom. And this is what working 24 hours looks like.

The struggle is real, right?

But I love working from home! No more stress and hassle from the heavy traffic when going to work. I can spend more time with my kids and take vacations whenever I want. Best part? I have no BOSS... except for my BOSS baby! Unfortunately, I don't get an awful lot done when he's in his demanding and "bossy" mode.

Some days that means working on a project or editing a video at 2am, in bed with my sleeping toddler in one arm as I type with the other. That's how much I love my job as a mommy blogger and my kids who are the most important part of my entire life and I don't want to miss a second of it.

I remember earlier this year someone asked me about my "job" and why I'm wasting my education. That was when I felt degraded. Triggered ako, momsh, because she's a mom too! Why? Because no one has the right to judge another mother.

Because being a mom is a serious business. This is why I don't like the term “working mom” because every mom, whether they are working from home or in the office, works pretty damn hard for their family.

Being a stay-at-home mom doesn’t mean they're lazy or that they are wasting their education, and being a mom who works outside the home doesn’t mean that their children aren’t their priority.  Nope, I DO NOT (all caps para intense) just stay home with my kids while I lounge in the living room or in bed on Facebook or whatever.  I'm working from home but I don’t feel like I work harder than those who work in the office, nor do I feel like they work harder than me!

No one asks a SAHM, “Why did you study for 5 years if you don’t plan on practicing it?” And no one asks a working mom, “Why did you have children if you don’t plan on staying at home with them?”

Well, that's because YOU get to decide how you're going to live your life. And guess what? This is how I decided to live mine and I don't feel like I'm wasting my life, education, or talents at all. It took me a while to work this all out, but in the end, I'm happy where I am.

So, to moms who stay at home, moms who work from home, and moms who work outside the home… you are all doing a wonderful job. Stop judging or shaming other moms and mind your own business aka motherhood.

Now that my kids are getting older, I'm constantly wondering where my money went, and I want to secure the future financial needs of my kids. I'm glad a friend introduced me to online stock trading and it feels like a totally doable and great investment. I realized that it's better nga naman to invest in stocks than nasa savings account lang ang extra money ko. It's better to spend money building assets or investing in stocks than buying things that don't matter. That's what they call Passive income. Stocks investing is a form of passive income, and it's a habit you can easily integrate in your busy lifestyle.

So, why not grow your hard-earned money by stocks investing while balancing your day job, side hustles and social life?

I attended 2TradeAsia's Seminar led by some of the smartest traders/investors I know, and they shared a few tips for newbies like me on how I can figure out what stocks to buy, when to buy, etc. Just the basics of Online Stock Trading which is also a great overview of the things I need to know before I invest in stocks.

Here’s what I learned from the seminar:
  • You can trade whenever, wherever with a super simple and user-friendly platform.  
I used to work in a call center before and I was so used to working in a hectic schedule and was stuck in the mindset that in order to do this whole "business" or trade-ish thing, you had to work like 100 hours per week forever. And tbh, it didn’t seem like financial freedom to me.

Thankfully, there's 2TradeAsia, the first online trading company in the Philippines with a mission to develop an innovative and efficient online investment solution in the country. It just takes a few minutes of your time each day for you to trade stocks using your phone with 2TradeAsia's mobile app. The app is available for download in both Android and iOS.

What I really like about this app is that it is super easy to navigate, and you can see everything in one go. Loaded with features that will surely suit your on-the-go trading needs, you can trade, view your portfolio, check charts and a whole lot more.

The best thing about online stock trading is the freedom to work anywhere at your own pace. Maybe no one will pay you to travel, but you can certainly work and earn money while you travel! You just take your laptop and keep moving. Because of online trading via 2Trade Asia, you can trade whenever and wherever and you have the ability to invest at the tip of you finger tips.

2TradeAsia is an investment platform with innovative trading features and provides the following online services:

- Internet-based stock market trading
- Real-time ticker and quotes
- Philippine and international news, relevant & up-to-date research
- Daily, weekly and quarterly market commentary and outlook
- Corporate features
- Portfolio and account management reasoning causes many people to shy away from the stock market
- Daily snapcharts or chart analysis reports.

You can also check what stocks are the most active, top gainers and worst losers. There's also a LIST of Top 100 Stockholders.

  • Stock investing is not as hard or complicated as what most people think it is. 
It's true that Stocks Investing demands responsibility, but it shouldn’t have to be difficult. Investing in stocks simply means you're buying ownership in companies listed in the Philippine Stock Exchange. Basically, it's all about companies, corporations, and big financial institutions who want to raise funds and gain additional capital for their businesses. By investing in stocks, you buy a share of a company thereby making yourself a partner with the owners of the businesses.

Once a part-owner, you are entitled to:

Vote in shareholder meetings
Receive a portion of the company's earnings, called Dividends
Sell your shares to somebody else at a higher price, called Capital Gains

2TradeAsia has made stock investing easier. To give you a better idea of how it works, 2TradeAsia is a lot like a middle man that allows you to have access to buy all the 270+ stocks in the PSE. It's an online platform that gives you all the right tools that you need, so you can actually start investing online.

  • The stock market is not just for the rich, it's for everyone.
Yep. You do not need millions of pesos for you to be able to start investing in the stock market. That's one of the biggest misconceptions about stock investing. You can start small, with as low as Php5,000 as initial investment.

  • Trading and investing on stock market does not equate to gambling. 
Some people say investing on the stock market is gambling, that is why many people tend to shy away from it. But it's not gambling! Investing in stocks should not be confused with gambling's zero-sum game. When it comes to stocks investing, it's a win-win because you get to choose which companies to invest in, and those that are really making money in a sustainable way.

  • The stock market is not just for the analysts and experts. 
You don’t have to be the smartest or the quickest to make money work for you. I thought it's something that's super hard to understand, especially when I'm looking at the mind-boggling charts, but it's actually simple. You'll learn along the way. Attending seminars about trading and investing helps too, because that's how you learn the basics and remember, a little knowledge is better than none. If you really want to invest in Stock market, you have to study, do a research, and check if the company has increasing growth and if it can actually make more money in the future.

  • Investing in Stocks is one of the FASTEST, MOST ACCESSIBLE and secure ways to grow your money and beat inflation.
Some people have doubts in stocks investing because they think it's risky. It's partly true because all investments have risk, but with proper education and guidance, you get to minimize that risk! That's why it's so important to have a knowledge or clear understanding of what you are doing with your money. At 2TradeAsia, they provide you with the platform, research, and simple strategies that YOU CAN use to minimize the risks and create wealth.⠀

 2TradeAsia offers FREE beginner-friendly seminar to get you started with stocks investing. They teach simpler ways on how to analyze the market. They give a quick reference on what companies are good and growing, or what stocks are heavily connected to the economy. 

To be a stock market trader or investor, you need the following:

1. Knowledge of company you put your money to.
2. Knowledge in stock market, reading charts (technical analysis) Read a lot of books by/about Buffet (not  the food ha, Buffet is one of the most successful investors of all time)
3. Money, of course! Just remember this: always invest money you are ready to lose. Secure an emergency fund.
4. Internet connection
5. Mobile / laptop
6. An online platform/broker accredited by PSE, where you can buy/sell shares of companies.

To open a stock market online account: or book your seminar now by messaging them on IG @2tradeasia or Facebook.

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