Avida Land: My Path to Financial Freedom Journal

In order to help me jumpstart my future towards financial freedom, Avida Land sent a planner which contains the "My Path to Financial Freedom” journal. It has practical tips and valuable insights on how to achieve financial freedom for most hard-working millennials who aspire to grow their savings and achieve financial independence.

As for me, pursuing my dreams and passion is always a rewarding experience, especially when I know that I'm free from worries on my finances. This journal helps me prepare for a better future and to quickly realize my dreams such as starting our own business, or simply buying our own house and other investments.

It inspires me to take charge of our finances and achieve financial freedom. But of course, not all people can achieve complete financial freedom. One must have DVD (it's not what you think though) which means Discipline, Vision and Determination so you can take on the challenge of managing your finances towards a more stable and brighter future.

The good news is that the road towards this stable and bright future is not as hard as it seems. In fact, it can actually be quite fun. I'm so glad I have a partner, my "Path to Financial Freedom" journal, in this exciting journey to help me take the first step towards achieving financial bliss. This journal is very handy and it's a visual guide for my personal financial plan, complete with worksheets and financial ratios that are easy to learn and apply.

I'm happy to share this journey to being financially free with my readers and inspire others to take on the challenge too. So let me share you some of the important tips I've learned from the journal;

First, ask yourself if you are financially fit. Know where you stand right now and how to drive your path towards financial freedom. That being said, prepare a cash flow statement. Here are 3 simple steps to make an effective Statement of Cash Flows;

1. List all incomes. These would include the ff;
  • Salary
  • Bonus
  • Incentive
  • Sideline
  • Rental Income
  • Other Income
2. List all expenses. Expenses can be divided into two categories; Fixed and Discretionary.

Fixed expenses- Typical household expenses like water, electricity, transportation, food, gas, phone bill, etc.

Discretionary expenses -For non-essential goods or services that may vary every month like eating out, entertainment, travel, gifts, vices and miscellaneous expenses.

Of course, you must not forget to include the Hidden Expenses-- those expenses that may not occur monthly like insurances, license renewal, tuition, vacation, donation, shopping, car repair, home repair, etc.

3. Compute for the Net Cash Flow which can either be positive, negative or almost zero.

Total Income- Total Expenses = Net Cash Flow

Then, start preparing your net worth statement by having a list of all assets and liabilities. Lastly, compute for your Net Worth.

Total Assets - Total Liabilities = Net Worth

It's important to learn how to develop the right perspective when it comes to savings as well as how to cultivate discipline and control cash flow, towards becoming debt-free. Also, by having SMART goals, you can create a concrete plan for your goals.

So be S.M.A.R.T!

S- Specific (What is it that you want to achieve?)
M- Measurable (How much would you need for that?)
A- Attainable (Are they worthy of your time, effort and resources?)
R- Relevant (Manage expectations.)
T- Timely  (Set a deadline.)

It is also possible to make them SMARTER. Goals should also be Exciting and Rewarding! Make your goals smarter and you become one as well.

Also, we must know the importance of keeping track of money, time and energy spent on everyday things. The way you spend your money, time and energy is reflective of the way you spend your life, and your future depends on how you manage these. To help change your financial perspective, replace “spending” with “investing”.

When it comes to money and investment, I have a deeper understanding of how to appreciate its value. When you exchange money for the things that you consume, those things represent value. Price is what you pay for, value is what you experience.

Like for instance, with Avida Land which offers different beautiful units, you pay for it and you experience it because of its value. However, money can also become a hindrance to achieving financial freedom. More often than not, expenses always rises up to the level of your income. That is why we should have discipline in managing finances.

How? By saving money and tracking our expenses. Live within your means but improve your means by increasing your income. Focus on coming up with creative financial solutions.

When it comes to debt. remember that not all debts are bad. There are also good debts (which you incur) when you buy something that increases in value. These could include investments such as houses, lots and other properties.

"If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail."
-Benjamin Franklin

This journal gave me better understanding of how to take back control of our finances towards achieving financial independence, and how to finally make our dream home a reality.  Being financially free should not be just a dream. You can make it a reality if you take the necessary steps to get there. But you have to begin somewhere. It all starts with a plan, so start with a financial journal to help you through your financial freedom journey. Your future self will thank you for it. Oh, and you're welcome. :)


Any comments, my dear?