School Year Ready with Easy Soft by World Balance

Shopping for quality, reliable and affordable school shoes? Maliit na bagay. It's a piece of cake and so easy that you will barely have to think about it. NOT! I know it sounds simple, but it’s not.

As a mom, I'm always in the hunt for the best school shoes that is budget-friendly. My kids need and deserve only the best footwear to keep them healthy, happy and of course, comfortable! I believe comfort and practicality are the most important things to consider when shopping for school shoes! It’s so hard to find shoes that do their job in protecting our little ones’ feet and are stylish. The struggle is real, BUT don't fret!

Easy Soft to the rescue!

Thankfully, World Balance has a sub-brand that covers both the practical and aesthetic elements of kids' school shoes shopping. Easy Soft school shoes has Memory Foam insole for a more comfortable and active movement! It is made with Vicrotech material that is made from a plastic base, that is guaranteed to be durable, flexible, waterproof, and shock absorbing. Perfect for everyday use!

Best part? It's super affordable and available in-stores and online for only P499.75, with EU sizes 30 to 35.

Thanks to Easy Soft! My kids are ready for the new school year, and I hope your kids are too. If you haven't gotten a pair or two, then here are a few tips that can help you on how to choose the best pair:
  • Buy the best school shoes your budget can afford. The best and most affordable school shoes that you can find, momsh!
But wait, is there really such a thing? Hmm..  Yassss! Akala mo lang wala, pero meron! Meron! :)

I used to steer clear of super cheap footwear because I’ve always been told (by my mom, of course) that I should buy expensive shoes for them to last. But the truth is the last three pairs of expensive shoes I bought for my daughter have all fallen apart as quickly as the cheaper ones that are less than half the price. I dread to think how much I have spent to get a good pair of shoes and they are never less than Php1000 a pair.

So, I'm really amazed by the fact that a pair of Easy Soft shoes costs P499.75 only. Compared to the price of other brands, I’d say they are more affordable and twice as cool. And that, my friend, is how you balance getting the best shoes for your child while not ruining your back-to-school budget.
  • Buy a size bigger. Half or one size up will do.
Children grow fast and their feet are still growing, so make sure their shoes have an allowance. Shoes that are too tight or loose can cause pain, discomfort and blisters.
  • Buy shoes at the end of the day.
It's best to go during late afternoon, as children's feet get a little more swollen by the end of the day. That way, you'll get shoes fitted when your kid's feet are at their biggest.

  •  Choose shoes that are Kid-Approved. Something your kid will love and be proud to wear. 
Children want to look good especially on their first day of school. That is why Easy Soft adds fun to their new collection of basic black and fashionable school shoes that can make every student stand out. Plus, aside from looking cute and stylish, it's important to note that the durability. They will be using these shoes for the rest of the year so it has to be comfortable and durable.

These shoes look as good as the first day my daughter put them on. She absolutely loves them, and says she can run and jump in them and still comfortable wearing them in the classroom all day too.  I checked the material and I bet this pair of shoes will last for more than a year and hopefully, she will be able to pass it to her younger cousins. Oh, and if your daughter is the type whose shoes are prone to slipping off, opt for strapped shoes such as these cute Mary Janes.

  • Buy shoes that are Kid-tested. Take your kids with you when shopping, and get them to try the shoes on WITH socks before buying them. Get them to walk around and try them on to make sure their pair fits properly.

  • It's super important to look after little one’s feet and get them properly measured. Because, why take chances on something so precious? Kawawa naman sila if they get sore and achy feet. They are doing a lot more than you or I would in a normal day and their shoe needs to support that. So don’t just take a few steps and decide. Make them walk, run, skip, jump, kick, to test the shoes for fit, support and comfort.

    • Check your kid's school requirements or uniform policies on what school shoes to wear.
    Some schools may have specific requirements when it comes to P.E. shoes, while some are not strict when it comes to color and style. Good thing Easy Soft has so many styles and designs that you can choose from.

    • Buy waterproof school shoes because the rainy days are here!
    It’s so stressful when the kids’ shoes get wet in the rain because they can get really grumpy! So it’s good to have waterproof shoes to keep their feet warm and dry.

    • Lastly, save yourself the struggle, take out all the stress, and go straight to the store (ahem! World Balance! Ahem!) where you can find quality and affordable shoes. This will definitely help you save time and money on buying school shoes with their huge range of Back to School footwear.

    So there you have it! Hope this helps when it comes to picking out the right footwear for your kids. So, yeah... I'm not saying that you should visit the nearest World Balance store now, but parang ganon na nga, mamsh. :)

    Make your little tots #SchoolYearReady with Easy Soft school shoes. Check out the new School Collection and its wide array of styles in-stores and online.


    Click on the link to find a World Balance store near you:

    But wait, there's more...

    I'm giving away Php5,000 worth of Easy Soft shoes from World Balance! One winner from Facebook and 1 winner from Instagram!

    Treat your kiddo to a great pair of shoes by following these steps:

    1. Follow @rockstarmomma.official @estraclothing and @worldbalanceph on Instagram.
    2. Like Rockstarmomma
    Estra Clothing
    and Easy Soft  on Facebook.
    3. Like and repost this photo with hashtags #SchoolYearReady #RockstarmommaxEasySoft
    4. Comment why you like to win, and tag 3 friends in the comments section.
    5. Leave a comment on below.

    That's it! FOLLOW ALL the steps & PLEASE comment only "once" to make your entry valid. Deadline of entries is on July 13, 11pm. The brand will choose the winners and will announce them on Facebook on July 14. Good luck!


    1. Nung teenager ako ganito yung gusto kong shoes yung comfortable suotin at malambot. Simple lang pero pangmatagalan.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Done all the mechanics. Hoping to win for my kids. ��

    4. Its so important po talaga that we choose the right footwear to our kids, yung magandang kalidad at syempre po yung pang matagalan, mag iinvest na naman tayo e doon na sa alam nating magagamit ng matagal ng ating mga kids.

    5. Joined and hope to win for my nephews and nieces

    6. Para sa mga anak ko. 🙏
      This easy soft has a good quality na talagang nababagay sa mga chikiting kung super hyper kahit nasa school.
      Bumili ako ng shoes nila last week para lang magkaroon sila ng excitement dahil bago gamit nila, but sad to say i got a low quality type of shoes 😭
      Feeling ko di siya aabot ng half achool year.

      Sana palarin para mayroon silang reserba kung sakaling bumigay ang shoes nila. 🙏

      Kinulang ang budget kaya no choice ako, napabili ng mumurahin para lang mapasaya sila, but the end ako yun nasad at nanghinayang.. 😭😭😭

      Lesson learned!
      Di bale ng pricey basta pangmatagal talaga. 💕

      #SchoolYearReady #RockstarmommaxEasySoft

    7. Thanks for sharing. We really opt for budget friendly gaya sa family namin with more than 1 kids . Buying budget friendly should not focus on price but the quality and i believe Easy Soft passed all our requirements. There are diff styles to choose and will surely last even during rainy seasons.
      I want to win for my new student (kinder) and my grade6. Ive read good reviews of Easy soft shoes . Their shoes will go a long way because aside to comfort and style, this is known for its durability made with high quality materials.
      By being durable, magagamit ba eto ng kinder ko sa grade school and ng grade 6 ko until high school. Tipid at sulit buying this brand at highly recommended sa mga budget wise parents without compromising our kids well- being dahil komportable silang suotin eto ,perfect for the approaching rainy season��
      Ig: elybcomp
      #SchoolYearReady #RockstarmommaxEasySoft

    8. cool designs and super comfy shoes.

    9. Maliban sa bag, isa pang bagay na kailangan ng ating mga anak sa balik-eskwela na pang-matagalan is yung shoes. Tulad ng bag, dapat ang shoes na bibilhin natin is pwedeng pang-harabas at pang-ulan. Hindi lang dapat maganda lang ang shoes ng ating mga anak, dapat pang-long lasting din para walang hassle at tuloy-tuloy lang ang pag-aaral.

    10. I want to win para sa tatlong anak ko na nag aaral. They are in Grade 2 and Grade 1. At dahil tatlo sila, super tight kame sa budget para mapagkasya at makumpleto ang lahat ng kailangan nila sa iskwela.
      Sa totoo lang, naghanap talaga ako ng mga gamit like bags, uniforms and shoes na sale or ung buy 1 take 1 para makatulong sa pag bbudget ko. Then I ended up buying a pair of shoes na sakto lang sa budget pero nasa katamtaman lang ang quality. Medyo nag woworry ako dahil baka hindi tumagal sa school
      Dahil super playful nila di maiiwasan tumakbo, matapakan at mabasa dahil na din tag ulan.
      If I won, malaking tulong ito dahil mabibilhan ko na ang aking mga anak ng sapatos na matibay at siguradong susuuingin lahat ng bagyo o init na dadaan sa mga susunod pang araw, buwan at taon. Matagal ko nang gusto makabili ng Easysoft na shoes for my kids, kaso lang di pa pasok sa budget namin ngayong taon. Maybe next time makapag ipon ipon pa ng mas malaki laki before school year. ��
      Thank you po Rockstar Momma for this wonderful opportunity and sharing your blessings to us. ❤️

      Followed on IG @mhaneagus
      Join here guys!
      Julie Vicente Suba
      Ken Ken G. Santos
      Noveh B. Geronda

      #SchoolYearReady #RockstarmommaxEasySoft

    11. Super check lahat! Talaga malaking bagay ang tamang pagpili ng shoes. Perfect ang #EasySoftShoes for my kiddos, swak for my working senior student, for sure hindi ito masisira agad for my junior binata and hindi mananakit ang paa ng aking grade 2 bebe girl.


    12. My daughter is using her easysoft shoes since grade 1 until now that she's grade 2. I always choose a shoe with a bigger allowance when it comes to her since her feet gets big easily.
      Its actually perfect since it is soft, waterproof yet very affordable 😍

    13. I want to win this contestso that I can give a pair shoes on kids who goes to school that doesn't have money to purchase a new shoes. I want to give them these so that I can help them to go to school especially these rainy season. Its more comfortable & convienient if you have a shoes that is suitable in any weather conditions.

      #SchoolYearReady #RockstarmommaxEasySoft

    14. Gladys Macapagal VasquezJune 22, 2019 at 11:46 PM

      High school na ang mga girls ko, mula noon hanggang ngayon Easy Soft pa din ang gamit nila. Pati yung P. E. Shoes nila from World Balance naman. Affordable kase sya, matibay. Tsaka always looks fashionable and trendy. Kaya talagang magugustuhan ng mga kabataan lalo na ang mga millenials. I myself used to own a pair na nagagamit ko pag hatid at sundo sa mga bata during rainy days dahil waterproof ito.

    15. I had ortho problems since forever and this Easy Soft shoes is a great help, non slip and affordable, Now that I am already a Mommy I let my child use it and I can keep up with the bagets kahit sa anong lakaran!

    16. Kung praktikal kang ina you will go with much cheaper pero alam mong mas tatagal kesa mamahalin.wala naman tlga sa presyo ung kasiguraduhan na matibay at matagal masira..madami tlaga mas mura dyan which mas comfortable at durable..good thing easy soft is here na my foam..hindi masakit sa paa ..

      Since ng start eldest ko ng skol praktikal ano ngayon kung mumurahin lang. Ika nga quantity vs.quality

      Try ko mag hanap nito sa mall ..sana lang my display sila..npaka helpful ng blog nato esp.for us na budgeted ang sahod ni mister..and praktikal.thank you po

    17. We are always in our pajamas because we are homeschooling :) and would love to win these GCs and score some Easy Soft shoes that we can use for our fun trips to the musuems, botanical gardens and public libraries! Please pick us #RockstarMomma
      #homeschooling #worldschooling

      IG: nanaynimiguelinigo

    18. School days are most of the times associated with rainy days. And right now I have to students in different curriculum but needs shoes that has the same strength and durability beccause we commute most of the times. that is why I really want to win so that I could buy my kids a pair of shoes that would definitely stays with them until the end of the school year or even until next year. #SchoolYearReady #RockstarmommaxEasySoft ig:@ricamatajean

    19. Maganda po talaga ang shoes na yan, nakasubok na rin po ang anak ko, di na nga lang po nasundan kasi medyo tight ang budget😊 nagustuhan ko siya para sa anak ko kasi bahain po sa lugar namin, kumbaga,double purpose siya, hindi masisira ang sapatos dahil waterproof,hindi pa mapapasma ang anak ko kasi nga hindi siya mababasa. This school year,tatlo napo ang estudyante ko kaya naman sana palarin akong mapili nyo na manalo. Sobrang laking tulong po nito sa akin if ever na ako ang swertehin...Tiwala lang😊😇🙏
      #SchoolYearReady #RockstarmommaxEasySoft
      Ig: @sunshinemartinez1038

    20. So excited for this giveaway favorite ko tong brand na to, thank you rockstarmomma for having this giveaway ❤️❤️

    21. Hoping to win this easysoft shoes with world balance, my daughter and my son had no new shoes this school year. my husband and i had no work. i wantbto give this shoes for my children,if i will win this. because for me they deserve it. even if we had not stable financially they did a great job in their school and report card to get scholarship :)

    22. Hoping to win for my son dahil ito ang unang pasok niya sa school gusto ko maging komportable ang mga paa niya at pwede niya magamit ng pang matagalan..#SchoolYearReady

    23. Very affordable po itong Easy Soft shoes. My kids will love it because it is comfortable and my pocket will agree because it's affordable and durable.

    24. Sana manalo po para sa mahal na mahal kung pamangkin na ang maliit na kahilingan niya Ay magkaroon man Lang ng bagong sapatos Since pumasok po kasi sya puro luma ang sinusuot niya t bigay lang din po ng kapitbhay ..������

    25. Easy soft to the rescue talaga lalo na sa aming mga mommy. Eto yung the best choice para sakin kapag ganitong pasukan na. Affordable, magaan, matibay, at comfortable pa.!

    26. Easy soft and world balance sobrang useful anytime anywhere. Matibay at pang matagalan. Kung bibili kayo ng shoes try this di kayo mag sisisi. Thanks rockstarmomms for sharing this! IG:Mik_elliryc

    27. Easysoft and worldbalance isa sa mga tatak na matibay at alm mo komportable ang iyong anak lalo na sa isang tulad natin mga nanay dun tayo sa swak sa budget at magiging masaya at maayus ang lakad ng ating mga anak .Salamat po sa pagshare ng blessings .

    28. Easysoft and worldbalance isa sa mga tatak na matibay at alm mo komportable ang iyong anak lalo na sa isang tulad natin mga nanay dun tayo sa swak sa budget at magiging masaya at maayus ang lakad ng ating mga anak .Salamat po sa pagshare ng blessings .

    29. Thank you sa tips on how to choose the best pair for my love ones. �� Worth reading! IG: @thejxnndiaries

    30. I like to win for my kid and my hubby, my son will be going to school soon and my hubbies easy soft shoes are now worn out. A new pair for them would be great! Easy Soft shoes are ablessing to us, so durable and affordable!

      IG: @mitchecas

    31. Wow! This looks so nice and yet so affordable. Hope to win for my daughter for this coming school year. Ig: tintinkhu

    32. Lagi ko nakikita yang Easy soft sabi ko pag may extra akong money pag iipunan ko para sa 4 kong studyante ang ganda kasi ng quality at ang ganda ng design affordable pa kaya thumbs up talaga akonsa Easy Soft.

    33. Lagi ko nakikita yang Easy soft sabi ko pag may extra akong money pag iipunan ko para sa 4 kong studyante ang ganda kasi ng quality at ang ganda ng design affordable pa kaya thumbs up talaga akonsa Easy Soft.

    34. Lagi ko nakikita yang Easy soft sabi ko pag may extra akong money pag iipunan ko para sa 4 kong studyante ang ganda kasi ng quality at ang ganda ng design affordable pa kaya thumbs up talaga akonsa Easy Soft.

    35. Easy soft and world balance best choice ko na shoes para sa mga estudyante kong anak..super comfortable suotin at affordable pa..


    36. This is what my kids needed.
      My daughter is wearing pink shoes because her black shoes is totally ruined.
      Easy soft and world balance are perfect shoes that anyone needed.
      With it's durability and beatiful and elegant designs and worry-free during rainy seasons, it's a great help to a mom like me for having these kind of shoes..
      They also need a great pair of easy Soft shoes that perfectly fit especially now rainy season.

    37. very well said i love this shoes so comfy and affordable lalo na sa ngtitipid na mommy katulad ko low price pero high quality shoes ito..
      joined hope to win for my daughter

    38. Easy Soft by World Balance is a great shoes that is really fit to give your feet comfort. Good to wear these rainy days.

      I like to win this giveaway because I will definitely get one for my daughter. She really loves to walk in the rain with her umbrella and school shoes on. She is like Peppa Pig who loves to jump in a muddy puddles. With Easy Soft it will not worry us because I know that her feet is protected by this shoes and even I will care less because this shoes are built for rainy days!

      Of course, the other pairs will be given to my daughter's cousins in Quezon, Province. They can maximize the Easy Soft by World Balance because they are just walking to and from school and will definitely benefited with this shoes specially when its raining.

      FB: Aldrin Montierro
      IG: @abmontierro

    39. The first and foremost factors that we should consider in buying shoes for our children, esp for school shoes are: (1) comfort, (2) its durability (quality) and of course (3) the price.

      1. A pair of COMFY shoes may give a child the feeling of security and safety wherever he goes to esp at school. This is, for me, the most important thing to consider. Ang sapatos kasi parang bahay lang din yan, dapat maayos at komportable ka para mas madali kang makakilos at makapagpatuloy sa araw-araw. Ikanga, dapat feel at home ka. This is for them to also feel home at school for better understanding and learning, too.

      2. The QUALITY covers its efficiency and at the same time its effectivity while in use over time. The durability and flexibility is what we need. Kaya mas okay talaga ‘pag dekalidad ang mga binibiling sapatos para mas long-lasting which means hindi bili nang bili ng bago, in short, mas nakakatipid! And rain or shine, tuloy pa rin ang lakad dahil just like these #EasySoft waterproof shoes, you don’t have to worry about getting your socks and feet wet anymore! So, say no more to smelly shoes and feet na!

      3. And lastly, the PRICE. As a wise and practical mom, we always tend to look for the most affordable ones but there are times that we are getting okay na with others which are a bit pricey basta ba’t worth it naman ang value for the quality of the shoes. ‘Yung tipong kahit mahal nga, “sige okay na ‘yan” atleast alam mong di ka makokompromiso kasi nga sigurado ka namang magtatagal like Easy Soft shoes!

      Tagging here my brother CJ Cañas who is a proud Easy Soft user, too.🤗

      Hope to win this to buy some pairs for my father, Dindo Cañas, who works in Manila na laging bahain ‘pag tag-ulan na, and my hubby SirLyoid Mora Martinez to have something durable to use at work, pa post Father’s Day na rin sa kanila.💞👨🏻

      Would love to also give each pair to my 3 brothers na din para may waterproof shoes sila this rainy season at work and at school.🖤👞

      R0ckstarm0mma X World Balance
      FB: Dyanna Mae Cañas
      IG: @dyannameowww

    40. Easy Soft has been my 2 daughters go to shoes for school. My younger one started wearing it when she was in Gr.4 and up to now she is in Gr.6 still uses Easy Soft. While her Ate started wearing it when she was in Gr.10 and now incoming college we are planning to buy a new pair for her. I used go buy leather shoes for them which is double the price of the Easy Soft. What makes me decide to switch to it because as we know rainy season is also a school season I’m always having a hard time drying their shoes when it gotten wet while going home if it is raining. Problematic on what they will wear the next day and ends up that it didn’t even last for the whole school year. Easy Soft saves me from having those troubles and worries. Plus I like their styles that looks like real leather and the inner sole is so soft!
      Easy Soft is our preferred black shoes because even my son who is college has one and lastly my husband too bought one. He uses it during casual days going to work. That is how we love Easy Soft!


    41. Maganda talaga ang quality ng easy soft eto lang talaga ang nakakatagal sa anak ko at pwede pa sya magamit next year dahil matibay talaga kaya nirere comend ko ito sa mga kakilala ko mommies na may anak especially yun budgeted lang. Mura na matibay pa.

    42. Hi mommy michelle, Actually may shoes ang hubby ko na easysoft yung malibu na black po. Super advisable to since sa Manila siya nagaaral malapit sa quiapo na sobrang bilis bumaha. Sana noon ko pa nalaman yung easysoft, Back when I was in highschool. Before sa Pasay City ako nakatira, Sobrang bilis bahain doon since maraming ilog at maraming residential na lugar. Naalala ko kung hindi basa ay laging nasisira yung shoes ko kasi natatakot ako noon na magpaa sa baha so kasama ng paglusong ko sa baha yung pagkabasa ng shoes ko. Mura yung shoes ko tig150 lang kaso ayun madalas bumaha lang bye na, Unlike itong easysoft mura na pwedeng pwede pa this rainy season walang kaba kaba. Hindi lang

    43. Wow ang gaganda ng shoes EasySoft matibay daw sana matry ko for my kids, at World Balance shoes pang PE namn nila ang gaganda ng kulay buhay na buhay, syempre pwede din pang OOTD sana manalo 😍🙏
      Fb Queenie Mance

    44. This comment has been removed by the author.

    45. Easy soft and world balance garantisadong matibay at super affordable choice ko na shoes for my 3 maria..

    46. I would love to have Easy Soft by World Balance shoes for my daughter because it is:

      1. Waterproof
      2. Gives comfort as it is soft and absorbs shock
      3. Flexible
      4. Classy
      5. Affordable

      I would love to win this giveaway, I will definitely hoard Easy Soft by World Balance for my daughter's school shoes this rainy season. I will also give a pairs of Easy Soft by World Balance to my godchildren and nieces in our province in Quezon. For sure they will be very happy to have these kind of shoes that can brave rain and can be used for longer period of time.

    47. Ang bongga talaga ng Easy Soft🥰🥰🥰
      Masasabing pangmatagalan👍👍
      Perfect gamitin kahit na rainy season na. Super love ko na talaga🥰🥰🥰
      🤞🤞 sana mapili ng mashare ko po sa mga pinsan ko po at sa bunso po namin ganun din para may magamit na din po ako sa pagbabalik eskwela🥰
      Thank you po sa opportunity na po ito.
      God bless po🙏

    48. Thanks for sharing this reviews madam. Super nakatulong po ito sakin to know that may brand na talagang subok na sa tibay at kalidad sa abot kayang presyo nating mga mommies. �� Gusto ko po itong itry sa mga anak ko kaya I joined in your Facebook and Instagram giveaway! Malaking tulong ito lalo na when it comes on my budget. Rainy season na din kaya need na nating palitan ang nakasanayang shoe brand sa Easy Soft by World balance dhil it's waterproof and shock absorbing.�� Perfect for the whole school year!! �� Yaasss!!!

      #SchoolYearReady #RockstarmommaxEasySoft

    49. Malaking tulong talaga sa ating mga anak yung may mga ganitong klase ng sapatos na matatag at matibay . Sa abot kayang halaga nito mapoprotektahan nito ang ating mga anak sa ulan . Sapagkta nagbibigay ito ng warm feeling na kahit mabasa siya ay hindi maapektuhan yung paa sa loob.

    50. my kids always used easysoft.. either sunny days or rainy days... sobrang tibay at talagang pangmatagalan

    51. malaking tulong talaga tong easy soft by world balance kasi quality tlaga durable and comfy shoes siya pang malakasan rain or shine hindi ka iiwan 👏👏👏

    52. Thanks for the tips big help. NowI know na late afternoon pala dapat bumili ng shoes.

      SHOES ��

      Is the most important thing to everyone, especially to all the students, walking everyday to reach their destination to learn.

      I remember my trainer told us,
      “Pick the shoes which is suits to you not just because of the design but it’s the comfortable feeling in everyday life.”

      The reason why I want to win because Easy Soft hooked my heart and trust them when it comes to their quality and comfortable shoes. And I want to win for my son Theon, a Grade 1 student who is eager to rise to go to school.
      I want the best for my son, and I believe I deserve to win this for him.
      Thanks for the chance R0ckstarm0mma!

      FB: DebOrah Dividina
      IG: @dheb_dheb

      #SchoolYearReady #RockstarmommaxEasySoft

    53. Done all the mechanics
      Perfect for rainy season its waterproof fashionable soft and affordable
      Fb a miguel andres😍

    54. My kids used easy soft shoes last year,maganda ang quality at affordable pa! Very stylish din.

    55. Saktong sakto po ito para ngaun tagulan... No worries ka na Baka masira agad ang shoes nila kapag Nabasa and yet fashionable pa din sila at school

    56. Very helpful ung mga tips nyo po. Saktong sakto po ang easy soft shoes lalo na ngayon at tag ulan.Very affordable and comfortable to use. .Hope to win po for my 2 nieces. .
      Fb:Aizabel Domingo Tamayao

    57. Gusto ko pong manalo para sa daughter ko para mabilhan na po namin siya ng bagong sapatos para sa school �� at gusto ko rin po kasing masubukan ng anak ko ang worldbalance Easy Soft shoes dahil my * memory foam na siya sure akong di sasakit ang paa ni daughter ko kahit mag hapon niya pang suot ung sapatos niya
      * durability at quality talagang okay na okay
      * made from VICROTECH kaya kahit umulan sure akong d mababasa paa ni daughter at di rin masisira agad ung sapatos
      IG: @lyndelafuente237
      FB: Roseltn Dela Fuente

    58. I want to win kasi pag back to school i have in mind buying items na tipid at sulit for the whole school year. We were at NBs Glorietta and last minute to shop Easy Soft but to my dismay walang stock gaano lalo na sizes ng eldest ko at daughter but one of these days sana makapasyal ako sa mga world balance nearby. I've read so much bout this brand. Yang kayang ma withstand ang ang ulan, napakaganda na nyan for us moms kasi kasi sure tayo na magtatagal eto. I remember i bought shoes nitong summer vacation for my daughter na gamitin sa Jollibee summer camp, affordable yes and it looks durable yet it only lasted an hour💔 My daughter is so active and naputol yung bakal na parang strap ni shoes and there's no way to replace it. Just a waste of money. It's not about the price actually, may mga pricey din ako nabili before kay eldest pero mabilis nasira. It's bout how it's crafted and made durable to last for years and that's what i like kay Easy soft, durable pero hindi ma compromise ang budget esp for a mom like me na 2 na ang nag- aaral. I want to win so i can buy Easy Soft shoes for them na pwde kay eldest since grade 6 na siya magtatagal til high school and kay daughter na prep until grade school. I haven't tried this brand but with all the amazing reviews and testimonials, I want them to feel comfortable with their shoes 💓🙏 #SchoolYearReady #RockstarmommaxEasySoft
      fb: love fullido compoc
      ig: iamlove_iloveyou

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    66. Yey! Giveaway ends today! I'm really excited for the announcement of winners. I'm really hoping to win and I know you all are too. So congrats in advance to the who really deserves to win! Thankyou rockstarmomma for sharing us this blog, It really helps us in our motherhood journey. Every blog you make is like a step by step lesson for us. Godbless all!

    67. hoping to win for my kids yan gamit ng panganay ko po 2 years na buo padin


    Any comments, my dear?