Serenitea Cookie Brulee Series | 4 New Drinks to Try Now

Who says you can't mix dessert and milk tea? Definitely not me!

I know it sounds too good (and yummy) to be true, but at Serenitea, you definitely can. Whoever said you can't mix dessert and milk tea never had the pleasure of trying Serenitea's Cookie Brulee Series. It's their newest collection of deliciously indulgent beverages, inspired by the popular confection, Creme Brulee, and infused with everyone's favorite Choco Cookie treat. As for the taste of the two mixed together, I guess there’s something magical between the flavors that keeps me coming back for more. Seriously, mamsh! These drinks are meant to bring you back to a time when something delightful and sweet could make the world a little brighter.

Kaya naman....

I ordered 3 out of 4 Serenitea Cookie Brulee drinks available, and set 'em all out to learn something exciting and new. My husband (who took the photos) and little Yuan agreed to help.

So here's the convo with my kiddo:

Me: Yuan, you want to try this?
Yuan: Nope (pakipot lang)
Me: Look o! There's cookie crumble on top!
Yuan: Mmm.. Okay! I wanna try this! Annnnd this! And THIS!
Me: Ayan na syaaaa... :)

All for Yuan, Yuan for All!

Tbh, I love how these drinks turned an already delightful drink (the traditional milk tea) into a more delightful one! Oh, and in case you missed the poster, just ask their baristas for the Cookie Brulee Series when ordering as this is not part of the regular menu. Here's the list:

Cookie Brulee Milk Tea (P120 M / P135 L)
Cookie Supreme Milk Tea (P155 M / P170 L)
Cookie Brulee Matcha (P140 M / P155 L)
Cookie Supreme Matcha (P175 M / P195 L

The first drink I  tried was the Cookie Brulee Milk Tea. Their traditional Milk Tea just got so much better and I love the sweet and milky taste with a layer of  Choco Cookie custard! It gave a thick, velvety mouthfeel which I really like. Ordered this with 25% sugar because I'm not a huge fan of overly sweet drinks. Also, it goes perfectly well with the crispy savory fish and fries!

Next I tried  the Cookie Supreme  Milk Tea. Topped with a delicious crunchy choco cookie crumble with frost, and the perfect pinch of pearls and and creme brulee custard, this supreme-ish drink is an absolute must-try for milk tea lovers.  The verdict: The frost absolutely makes it better.

Finally, I tried the Cookie Supreme Matcha which is my fave! The Matcha is perfectly complemented by a layer of creamy and crunchy Choco Cookie custard then served with luscious chewy pearls sinker. Trust me, it's matcha-rap and has the authentic Matcha Latte goodness, like a good matcha milk tea should. Mapapakanta ka talaga ng...

Matcha kasama kita, lahat magagawa,
lahat ay maiaalay sa'yo...

Here o! Looks yummy no? Well, you really can't tell just by looking at these photos, so why not head on to a Serenitea store near you?  I strongly encourage trying it now, because why not? If not now, then when? Kapag wala na sya? #hugotpamore

 Also, para mas matcha-ya, check out these giveaways that might finally convince you to try soon, if not today.

Get a chance to win Php 1,500.00 worth of Serenitea GCs. Click this link for more deets: Contest ends, June 30, 11:59 PM. Winners will be announced on July 01, 2019.

But wait, there's more... (bagong bago itong line na to, besh!)

I'm giving away this gift pack:  A specially designed tumbler, cap, waterproof dry bag, plus Php200 Serenitea GC and a metal straw set.

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Thanks to Serenitea, the most passionate champion of the environment, for encouraging all milk tea lovers to use metal straws and reusable containers. In this way, we can avoid single-use plastic and lessen the unnecessary use of plastic.

Don't forget to join the previous giveaways that I posted on Instagram last week, guyth! The prizes are:  2 Mind Museum All-Day Passes, Php25k worth of shopping money on ZALORA, and Php5,000 worth of Easy Soft shoes from World Balance!

So, what are you waiting for? Join na and enjoy the incredible taste of the new Cookie Brulee Series. You'll be glad you did. Visit their website at for a complete list of stores.


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