Back-to-School Baon Preparation 101 with Jack ‘n Jill Magic Junior

School time na ulit, mommies! Kids can’t help but be excited to reunite with their friends and meet their new classmates. They're also excited for their baon. However, it's not easy to choose and load up on healthy and tasty snacks for our kids, especially if you're preparing baon for a super picky eater like my daughter.

Good thing we received this package from Jack ‘n Jill, and my little Yuan is so excited to show it to his Ate. It's Maia's favorite snacks and I'm pretty sure she'll be bringing some of these snacks to school for her baon.

As a mom, I know how important it is to make snack time extra special for our little ones by preparing baon that will definitely make their school days more magical! And if you're looking for fun snack ideas so your kids enjoy a wee bit of magic in every school day, this post is for you.

Decorate their lunch box 

While buying all those last-minute school supplies, surprise the kids with a couple of sticker packs and make decorating their baunan a magical bonding experience. Go the extra mile and help personalize their lunch boxes by having colorful stickers of their names made!

Surprise them with notes

The same way our kids show their affection through the drawings they make for us, we can also return the sweet gesture by surprising them with notes too. A simple “Have a great day!” written on colorful post its or a drawing of a cute dog inside their lunch boxes will surely brighten their day.

Prepare the baon together

Make baon preparation time with the kids a magical bonding experience with Jack ‘n Jill Magic Junior. Its perfect size and variety of flavors will surely bring a little bit of Magic to any regular school day. With a pack of Magic Junior crackers, moments at home and in school become extra special and more magical!

Hopefully, these tips have given some of the things you need to get started with baon prepping so you can make life a little easier, and your kid's baon extra magical!

After all, that’s what baon is all about. Magic!

Well, that’s it for now, momsh! So go ahead and get started with your kid's favorite baon.

What are some back-to-school baon tips you know? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below!


  1. Yey. Isa din si Jack and Jill sa mga list na baon ni Lj. May bago syang favorite ang condensada. Kaya palitan lagi ang baon niya na never siyang nagsawa.

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  3. That's my twin sister favorite. They really love taste and specially when they bringing this for baon❤��


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