Shopee and Lazada Mystery Box Unboxing and Unbiased Review

I compared the Shopee and Lazada PHP300 Mystery boxes to show you all the mysterious things inside! I had so much fun opening these boxes and it made me feel like a kid again! Of course, part of the fun is that you won't know what you're getting until you open the box, but there's a chance you could get really lucky or unlucky.

 So, what’s inside a PHP300 MYSTERY box?!

There's only one way to find out — watch the video on my Youtube channel:

The Lazada mystery box, which I bought from Modern Tindahan ( included 4 items; USB cable for charging iphone/Android, Waterproof Case Bag Phone Pouch for iPhone, Lucky charm red ceramic bracelet, and Oval Silicone Band LED Sport Watch.

There were 3 items (2 sports bra and tube bra) in the Shopee mystery box. Bra galore and all I can say is BRA-vo! LOL I love the fabric, color and design.

Here, the criteria that I'm looking for in an amazing mystery box:

  • Prompt delivery
  • Packaging
  • Quality and selection of items
  • Is it useful?
  • Value for money (Is it worth the money?)

I give 2 points for Shopee because of FREE SHIPPING and FAST delivery. It was delivered after 2 days.
0 point for Lazada because I paid PHP141 for shipping and it was delivered after 8 days.


S=1 point because it came in a plastic bag. Obviously, not the one pictured and definitely not so environmentally friendly!
L=2 points because it came in an actual box (zero-waste, plastic-free, reduce single-use plastic consumption) and all items are brand new.

Quality of items and value for money

S=2 points because I like the quality of the items (sports bra, tube bra) and they are spot on for things I would use, which makes it worth the price.
L=1 point because it came with nice (but cheap) products. I was expecting that the value will be greater than the price I bought but it didn't look like a mystery gift box worth 2k. Seriously.

Is it worth it? Is it useful?

S=1 point because these pieces are basically everything I would use at home/gym. BUT when I checked the individual prices at Shopee, I found out that it's less than Php300.
L=0 point because it looks like a sad box, perhaps I was expecting too much. I was expecting that the value of the items inside it, will be more than the price I have paid for the box! lol I also got the feeling that some of the items were partly added to clear some excess inventory items in their shop. The only thing I would use is the cable for charging my phone. Other than that, not too exciting, and yes, I was disappointed. I am concerned about the lucky charm bracelet (hope it's not cursed) so I’ll probably give it away.

Shopee= 6 points
Lazada= 3 points

Overall, I can't say that I am completely satisfied with the Shopee mystery box, but the contents are better than the things I got from Lazada. Please note that I am speaking of Php300 Mystery boxes only, the 5k to 100k mystery boxes scare me to death! LOL

I would recommend mystery boxes to those who like to be surprised (either be pleased or disappointed) on a regular basis. LOL The unwanted item/s will make a decent gift/s for your friends, in case there’s something you won’t keep yourself!  And of course, if you really want to buy one, don't forget to check the seller's feedback and ratings.

I won't recommend this to those who are saving money or moms/parents who are on a tight budget. Just save up and buy the stuff that you really want or need. DON'T spend on an expensive mystery box. It's all luck!

Also, buy at your own risk since you have no idea what you'll be getting and remember, beshie, SCAM is real. I think there’s still a few people who are out there just to make as much money as possible. They can put anything they don't want or couldn’t sell in their boxes. That's the risk or, some might say, fun of a mystery box. So the question is "Are you brave enough to buy a mystery box?"

If you love surprises or you just like having a true to life "mystery box unboxing" experience for yourself, check them out on Shopee and Lazada, and take your pick.

I don't know why, but my little Yuan picked the Lazada mystery box. Stay tuned for more UNBOXING videos and giveaways on my Youtube channel and follow me on Instagram ( and like my Facebook page to find out soon.

Did you order a Mystery Box? Let me know what you received in the comments!

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Happy Monday!


  1. Wow mas maganda nga talaga sa shopee ang bonga ng mystery item nila..

  2. Wow mommy thank you so much kababasa ko lang winner pala kami ni si love fullido compoc

  3. thanks so much Ms Michelle. wasn't able to finish the video kanina madaling are, cute ni Yuan saying plsss. Thanks again omg�� using ogher phone to comment s blog Kai i don't know why did gumagana sakin

  4. Nakakatuwa man ang mystery box try ko yan next time😍

  5. First nag order ako ng mystery box sa shopee ng worth 100 n cosmetic product then ang natangap ko worth 300 n item two lipstick and one make up brush tapos sa naman lazada mystery item na binili worth 100 din mystery item for girls ang dumating sa akin ay item for boys na Body bag nagulat lang ako kasi sabi item for girls e body bag na black siya pero yung prize ng bag is worth 500+ kaya ok nalang din kako my magagamit din yung hubby ko na bag..

  6. Kahit ilang beses na ako umorder sa Shoppee or Lazada, never ko sinubukan yan mystery boxes. Although medyo may hint ka sa products at nakalagay yun shop, posible parin na hindi mo magamit yun items or less yun value.
    Anyway, ang cute ng assistant mo sa video, ang cute ni Yuan! disabled yun comments eh kaya dito ko nalang sasabihin hehe.

    -Jhake O.

  7. Napanood ko ito mommy ang kyut talaga ni baby yuan.
    Congrats sa winners .


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