5 of the Best Milk Tea Flavors at Presotea, According to a Milk Tea Obsessive (That's Me!)

I don’t believe there is such a thing as drinking “too much” milk tea. Seriously.

I never posted about it here in my blog, but I’m sure most of you know how obsessed I am with milk tea. If I were to count my weekly milk tea consumption, there are probably at least 12 cups—and that doesn’t count the ones I didn’t finish because of my kid's excellent milk-tea-grabbing techniques. Level: Expert!

Well, I put a lot of effort into work so I deserve time to rest and enjoy the fruits of my labor. Whenever I'm working, I always have a cup on my table and I make sure that there’s no distraction from the "business" at hand: milk tea, of course.

At Presotea's newly opened milk tea shop in Robinsons Magnolia, you’ll get to taste milk tea in a purer form. Originating in Taiwan, you’ll find two main types: fruit-flavoured teas and milk teas. And of course, the sinkers especially my fave chewy pearls give the drink its bubbly characteristic (they’re the best part). So glad that with almost 400 shops internationally, Presotea has finally reached the Philippine soil.

So what makes it different from other milk tea shops?

Presotea really isn’t the kind of milk tea shop with the usual sugar and ice options. Presotea got its name from its Teapresso machine, which makes sure that your tea is served fresh every time. All fresh and brew-to-order. The teas selected for each Presotea cup is made with only high quality tea leaves.

With an extensive range of tea choices which include Green Tea, Flower Tea, Black Tea,
Matcha, and Fruit Tea, what you get is a fresh tea taste and the health benefits of a freshly brewed tea with milk! Also, Presotea uses fresh fruits for their fruit teas, so you know you’re getting that healthy and authentic quali-TEA drink.

I’ve sampled each cup and slurped my way through countess cups of milk tea to bring you a round-up of the best flavors that you will surely love.

#1 Japanese Genmaicha Milk Tea / Japanese Milk Tea Macchiato with Black Pearl

Can't decide between these two, but it's a TIE! I ordered the Japanese Genmaicha Milk Tea. With an addictively toasty flavour, this is the champ of the milk tea world. The roasted flavor is so smooth and refreshing. I’d definitely recommend it!

TIP: Get this drink with no or less sugar to get more of the tea taste! You can opt to use liquid stevia or zero calorie sweetener for additional cost of Php30.

#2 PPJ – Pearl, Pudding and Jelly 

 Oh wow! I'm thanking the milk tea gods for coming up with this great combo. It is more layered and interesting with 3 different toppings and a good portion (50%) of sugary love. Try mo, besh!

#3  Apple Passion Fruit Yakult 

A better version of my fave childhood drink, cold and sweetened. This is so good and refreshing as it’s made with fresh fruit.  It’s also a bit lighter on the palate. My kids loooove it too!

#4 Signature Tea Latte with Pearl

Presotea's classic signature drink can't be knocked out of the ring! It's not too sweet even at 100% sugar and you can really taste the roasted Oolong tea.

#5  Matcha Latte with Red Bean and Pearl

If you love Matcha Milk Tea, this one will definitely be your new favorite! It's creamy with red bean and chewy pearl that tastes super good & is a healthy choice too. Coffee lovers would like this as well!

Price range of Milk Tea (Hot/Cold) is Php90 to Php150. Jazz it up with your fave toppings,  price ranging from Php15 to Php30.

Presotea Robinsons Magnolia
2nd Level Robinson Magnolia, Aurora Blvd., Q.C.

Presotea SM Cherry Shaw
UG Level Foodstrip SM Cherry Shaw

They are opening soon in SM Cubao and SM City North Edsa. I really hope there will be more branches in Manila and possibly elsewhere (hopefully in cities like Antipolo please lol).

Presotea seems to be building a following here in the Philippines, one carefully brewed cup at a time.

For more details, follow Presotea's social media accounts:
Facebook: Presotea.Ph
Instagram: presotea.ph
Twitter: PresoteaPH

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  1. My all time favorite momsh 3 milk tea my favorite "Signature tea latte with pearl and Japannese Milk tea Genmaicha milk with pearl and Royal earl Grey milk tea.Super I love to zip.


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