The Takumi Spirit: Toshiba Launches the Latest Line of Advanced Home Appliances

It was in 1930 when Toshiba manufactured Japan’s first electric washing machine and refrigerator. Since then, following decades of home appliance innovations and developments—thermal cookers in 1955, microwaves in 1959, air conditioners in 1961—Toshiba, driven by its takumi spirit—a craftsman’s approach to work in his relentless pursuit of perfection—offers appliance solutions that are designed, engineered, and manufactured with an uncompromising attention to detail, all towards technological innovation and engineering craftsmanship.

Drawing inspiration from the company’s early, pioneering spirit, the Toshiba of today reinforces its presence in the Philippine appliance market through its local partner  Concepcion Midea, Inc., a Joint Venture Company of the  Concepcion Group and Midea.

Addressing the needs of smart and discriminating homemakers, Toshiba introduces a complete range of home appliances that are convenient to use (featuring ease of operation and control) and intuitively designed (through strong consumer research, Toshiba has designed into its appliances the solutions to everyday problems that consumers struggle with). See more photos here.

Each superb product is anchored on superior Japan quality, design, safety, and reliability that Toshiba has been known for all these years: The Toshiba T-07 Washer and the flagship T-07 Washer/Dryer, the 3-SystemOrignFRESH™ Refrigerator, and the top load water dispenser.

For breezy and trouble-free laundry work, the Toshiba T-07 Washer and the flagship T-07 Washer/Dryercomes with a humanistic-oriented design that is aimed at providing exclusive laundry care for your family, powered by its proprietary RealInverter™, Greatwaves™, CycloneMix™, and SenseDose™ technologies.

TheRealInverter™ technology controls rotation speed, which results in reduction of loss and energy saving.

The Greatwaves™ technology was developed based on Flush Wave and Cold Wash, which leads to a great saving and color protecting performance for laundry.

With impeller in the drawer, CycloneMix™ technology makes great increases in detergent dissolution, hence improving washing performance. Detergent dissolution rate is raised by about 20% compared with the model without CycloneMix™.

Based on the integrated sensor, SenseDose™ technology can weight loads and calculate right amount of detergent accordingly, with injection accuracy up to ±1ml. This then dispenses detergent automatically, which leads to minimal detergent residues and waste.

Meanwhile, the flagship T07 series Washer/Dryer comes with the SameLoads™ technology. Compared with the normal washer dryer, the SameLoads™ technology expands the volume of the inner drum up to 25% by making the drum deeper, which helps to effectively enhance drying capacity.

What’s more, each T07 model presents a luxurious, yet ergonomic design with color TFT!

For modern kitchens, and for practical homemakers seeking energy efficient appliances, take a closer look at the1st Japanese Quality 3-System refrigerator in the market: the Toshiba OrignFRESH™ 4-Door INVERTER Refrigerator.

Not only does the Toshiba OrignFRESH™ 4-Door INVERTER Refrigerator keep food in its original state of freshness, vitality, and nutrition for longer, but it also transforms by expanding—increasing capacity by 15%—right when you need it.

With its independent cooling system, plasma odor terminator, and 26 compartments, food can now be kept longer and fresher with no cross-contamination. As well, save up to 20% on energy with its Dual Inverter, which automatically adjusts compressor speeds to cool and freeze food fast using minimal energy consumption.

Finally, Toshiba also takes pride in its line of top loading water dispensers, offering fast heating and cooling: 420 watts heating (providing water outlet temperature up to 85-95˚ C in as fast as 10 minutes) and 120 watts fast cooling (between 3-8 ˚ C in one hour).

Low electrical consumption, safe operation thanks to 2-Step Protection cut-off, electrical shock protection owing to an insulated body material, plus rust-free durability is also guaranteed!

With all these impressive qualities, Toshiba has truly come a long way since its founding in 1875. And as it makes its renewed and revitalized presence felt in the Philippines, today’s intelligent and sensible Filipina homemaker need not look long and hard for home appliances—washing machines, refrigerators, and water dispensers—that offer Japanese reliability, durability, and harmonized design that’s in-tune with their needs and that of their families.

For that there’s Toshiba!

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