Nadine Ibay Launches her Very Own Art Gallery | NMI Art Gallery

Nadine Ibay, a 21-year-old abstract painter, recently launched her very own gallery, NMI Art Gallery.

Born on April 26, 1997, she grew up in Marikina and is currently living at her studio in Antipolo with her Boston Terrier, Phoebe. She immerses herself with numerous interests and frequently travels to other countries like Japan, Taiwan, and Thailand in order to diversify her experiences Having discovered her talent from a young age, she has been continuously developing her abilities in order to further share her art to people from all walks of life—fully dedicating all of her hours as a lifetime servant of the arts.

Watch the short interview with Ms. Nadine on  my Youtube channel.

Possessing the freedom of an artistic mind, Nadine’s unique paintings have been noticed by bloggers and have been featured in an article published by the Philippine Star. Her first solo exhibit at the Green Sun Hotel in Makati City was a success and had drawn crowds when it opened last 2017.
An adherent to the principles of Eclecticism, Nadine admires the principles of Gustav Klimt and Banksy, two contrasting artists from different eras known for their private life and highly personal styles of art. In the antithesis of elements found in her painting amidst the vivid array of colors on her canvas, Nadine strives to develop her own style of art born from her own principles as inspired by the great masters before her.

She has an unrelenting thirst for inspiration and finds creative influence in the splendor of nature, and the complexity found in the lyrics and melody of a song. This young artist is the embodiment of her own art—from the jewelry she wears to the antique pieces and crystals she collects, Nadine transforms the numinous realms of meditation and dreams into the reality of her paintings.

NMI Art Gallery houses contemporary modern artworks. Freshly established in 2018 and run by the artist herself—Nadine Ibay has broken the odds of putting up her own gallery, showing an art independence remarkable for her youth. Nadine’s paintings are filled with bold identity and vivid imagery that stimulate its audiences and move them to pleasant and positive moods—showcasing a combination of enchanting colors molded from the artistry of the mystical world. Within the enveloping white walls, her art is a collection of dimensions and a mixture of forms where each painting is a mirror of emotions showing the authenticity of every art piece; an invitation to an experimental adventure to a lifestyle of flowing passion, spontaneous connection, and pure excitement.

As an artist, Nadine seeks balance in the duality of the world through the abstraction of color, of the form, of art’s own meaning. Finding inspiration from the natural world and the mystical realms, Nadine translates into visual incarnation the artistry of vision unique to her own developing style of art.

The dichotomy of her old soul is the quintessence of her art. The materials she uses—acrylic paints, spray paints, mineral pigments, gold leafs, and textured canvasses bring to life a variety of art that is only given meaning by the eyes that appreciate it. Because of her ability to translate the metaphysical into reality, her paintings are more than a splash of color, they are the personification of emotion. Nadine’s abstract art extends beyond the boundaries of her canvas and captures the attention of all who gaze upon it.

Like  NMI Art Gallery on Facebook or visit the website Check out the art exhibit at # 9 Dao st. Town & Country Executive Village-Marcos Highway, Antipolo.

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