Taiwan’s Famous Tiger Sugar is Now Here in Manila

Yasss! The popular Taiwanese boba chain with crazy long lines in other countries like Hong Kong, Singapore, and Taiwan, is now here in Manila!

 Tiger Sugar, Taiwan’s first tiger striped brown sugar milk drink, is opening their first branch tomorrow, December 21st, at the Activity Pod X, 11th Avenue, Bonifacio High Street, in front of Fully Booked.

Earlier today, I got to try their bestseller Brown Sugar Boba Milk with Cream Mousse at the media launch. Super smooth, creamy and I looove the chewy boba! Oh, and it's not too sweet!

The taste is actually "layered" with black tea base, fresh milk, and perfect proportions of brown sugar syrup so there's no need na to adjust the sugar. Perfect na sya as is! They replace the creamer with fresh milk, giving it a rich and savory taste! And of course, meron ding freshly-made hot boba and mini pearls! FYI, boba are the bigger tapioca pearls, while pearls are the smaller ones. It's recommended to shake 15 times to make boba super chewy and tasty! Price range is P80 to P120!

The layers resembles the stripes of (yes, you guessed it!) a tiger! 🐅 Rawrrr!

Before Tiger Sugar came to be, the owners first opened San Yuan classic green bean soup. This
allowed them to study the improvements and advancements of beverage goods. Having a
strong market foundation strengthened the team’s mission and objective, anchored on the
“natural and simple” diet feature. This helped hand-craft-beverage stalls set new standards. Tiger Sugar deems product quality and brand image very important in providing consumers the
highest satisfaction.

Through the experience of the successful models of San Yuan, Tiger Sugar set a more ambitious
goal. It hoped to create a new era for Taiwanese pearl milk tea so that consumers could gain a
new impression of handcrafted beverage stores. From Taiwan, Tiger Sugar has grown in
Singapore, Hong Kong, and now, in the Philippines through Making Fine Beverages Corporation
on December 21, 2018 at Activity Pod X, BGC.

 If you’re craving for caffeine, try out other drinks on the menu such as Green Tea Latte, Black Tea Latte or the one with Cream mousse!

Tiger Sugar will be opening their doors tomorrow, December 21 at 11am.

Address: Activity Pod X, 11th Avenue, Bonifacio High Street, in front of Fully Booked.
Opening hours:  11am – 10pm (Sunday– Thursday)
11am – 11pm (Friday– Saturday)

After trying Tiger Sugar Milk Tea, I would gladly stand in line for more fresh milk and boba. It's a must-try! So, alam na! haha

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