Glupa: Putting the Spotlight on Women Empowerment

Hey, lovelies! Have you ever dreamed of living the life you've always wanted? To become an empowered woman who possesses a lasting beauty that radiates from within. To be someone who is content with what she has, but that is not to say she does not aspire to improve her life and the lives of the people around her. A woman who strives to do better every single day, and she is motivated by something far more important than material wealth.

It is easy to label beautiful women as shallow and superficial. We see them and judge them outright. For most, it is incomprehensible for beauty and substance to go together. However, this writer was lucky enough to sit down with two smart, eloquent, beautiful, and empowered women for a chat about beauty and women empowerment.

That being said, here's to big dreams...and the women who make them happen.

Aiza Diuco, founder and CEO of Age Defying Solutions, and Glupa’s latest endorser model Bea Candaza, each looked radiant as they approached our table at the lobby of the EDSA Shangri-la. They were hard to miss because they are both statuesque and quite striking.

Ms. Diuco has long been an advocate of women empowerment and a strong believer in education as an effective means of improving one’s life and as a solution to poverty eradication. Ms. Candaza, on the other hand, once gave up an opportunity to enter the lucrative world of show business when she was granted a full college scholarship.

Both women have always worked hard and they have always known which things to prioritize and which things only weigh them down.

At 10, Ms. Candaza started working as a model. By the time she turned 13, she was handling her finances on her own. Work has always been a part of her life. And as a young girl, she thought every child worked and made his or her own money.

“I started doing commercials at a very young age. So during that time, I thought everybody did the same. I grew up with friends who were also commercial models,” said Ms. Candaza.

There was no hint of resentment in her voice, despite circumstances forcing her to help provide for her family. With the money she earned from modeling, she was able to send herself and her siblings to a private school.
Ms. Candaza is grateful that she was given the opportunity to help her parents at such a young age. She said they did not have much while she was growing up, but they always made her and her siblings feel loved.
It is not hard to imagine why Ms. Diuco chose Ms. Candaza to represent Glupa, a company which she has built from the ground up. When asked what made her decide to hire Ms. Candaza, she said, “I’d been following her on Instagram. I met her through Jay Buen, who was my photographer in one of my photoshoots for a Manila Bulletin feature. I saw in her posts that she’s not just beautiful outside, she’s also beautiful inside. Every time I look at her posts, I see how she looks at life, how she views reality, and even though she’s a millennial, I feel that she’s mature for her age. I believe she can be a good brand spokesperson, aside from being an image model. I was looking for someone who’s a total package. Someone who won’t just display her skin or beauty, but someone who can speak on my and company’s behalf and the talk about Glupa.

More than whitening skin, Glupa is also about giving their clients a healthy, smooth, and even-toned skin. Their products are backed by a solid Research and Development team, led by the very competent and very hands-on Ms. Diuco.

Ms. Candaza believes in the importance of finding the best skincare products that suit one’s needs. She said her search for the best skin whitening products came to an end the moment she tried Glupa. She does not only believe in the products, she also believes in the company behind them.

“Glupa has been here for almost a decade. I guess you could say it’s one of the pioneers of skin whitening products. Apart from the research and development that went into developing these products, this company is a company built by a woman who had a vision. So, this was not meant solely as a business that they would really mass produce.This is someone’s dream, crafted with love. Everything is handpicked by Ms. Aiza herself. It makes you appreciate the products even more because you know all the hard work that goes into making them,” said Ms. Candaza.

Ms. Diuco is a true visionary. Not only is she empowering women by making them more confident and providing jobs for them,she also empowers young women by focusing on Personality Development.
“Currently I’m very passionate about educating young women about developing their personalities. Ranging from skincare to the way they carry themselves, the way they walk, poise and posture, how they talk. Part of that is good communication skills. Teaching them about that. I have future speaking engagements at different schools for girls, where I’ll be talking about personality development. I’ll be talking about not just skincare but other aspects as well that will help them improve themselves. What I want to do is empower them through my seminars and workshops,giving them tips so that they will be ready for college or their future careers.”

This holistic approach to personality development is a welcome change in a seemingly shallow world focused on physical beauty.

When asked to define beauty, Ms. Candaza said, “I’ve always said it’s something that is within. Whatever you have within, it radiates, and that’s how you become beautiful. If you keep negative things inside you, people will see it. I believe in inner peace and inner balance.”

“For me, beauty is not just something that you see outside but something that you also feel and see inside. It doesn’t stop at having good features or a perfect skin. It goes deeper than that. A person becomes more beautiful if she has a good heart. And if she has substance.When I say substance, I mean she has to have the necessary knowledge and skills to face the world,” said Ms. Diuco.

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