Gloww Collagen Powdered Drink Review

Hi, lovelies! Just so you know, collagen drinks are officially the newest beauty trend. I'm one of those people who don't like taking oral supplements and appreciate more flavor in drinks that's why I'm glad I received a Gloww Collagen kit a few weeks ago. Also, I'm not really the type to shy away from giving products like these a try, and I was seduced by the idea that I could have better skin by simply drinking Gloww Collagen Collagen Powdered Drink each day, so I gave it a go.

Collagen proteins are essentially the cement holding everything in our skin together. However, collagen levels naturally decrease in age which leads to loss of firmness and the formation of wrinkles. It can also lead to thinning hair and brittle nails. Yikes! I've been wanting to do everything humanly possible to preserve my skin, so I thought that Gloww Collagen Powdered Drink is definitely something I can add in my arsenal.

So how does Gloww Collagen Powdered Drink works? Here are the benefits;
  •     Increase skin firmness ​​
  •     Enhances skin moisture and suppleness.
  •     Reduces skin wrinkles and age spots.
  •     Provides essential nutrients for strong nails, healthy hair and skin
It's a product of advanced German technology that makes the collagen more bioavailable as it is absorbed by the gut, and allows for the repair of damaged skin to be more efficient. The efficient absorption helps the skin to get the most out of your collagen intake.

It comes in handy and portable sachets that is quite ideal for traveling, and it's available in all Mercury Drug Store and Watsons nationwide for Php 90 per sachet or Php 2,700 per box (30 sachets) with a recommended dosage of 1 sachet per day.

 Based on studies, after two months of continued use, the following effects can be observed:
  •     Improved skin elasticity
  •     Improved skin moisture
  •     Wrinkle reduction
 It can also be observed that even after a 4week washout phase, effects are still evident.

After 2 weeks of drinking Gloww Collagen Powdered Drink daily, I noticed that my 36-year-old skin is more supple, fairer and has that pinkish glow. Seriously, I'm no longer putting blush on and I didn't have breakouts. I recommend taking your daily dose at night before you go home from work or at bedtime. You'll definitely wake up looking fresh with that radiance and youthful glow in the morning.

What I love about the Gloww Collagen Powdered Drink;
  • dissolves fast in seconds. Gloww Collagen is pure collagen peptide that’s why
    when mixed with water, it easily dissolves.
  • tastes great, the fruity taste is palatable and there's no after taste; has mixed berries flavor so you can
    enjoy it w/out needing to add any flavoring.
  • highly absorbable; has  Verisol,  a  German-engineered collagen.  It  is  broken  down  into  small  molecules which makes it easily absorbed by the body.
  • safe as it is registered as food supplement in FDA Philippines
Want to have that beautiful, pinkish radiant skin too? Visit the nearest Watsons branch near you and avail Gloww for a captivating pinkish glow inside out. Check out their Facebook Page to know more about it.

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