It's All About Hue at Roy and Biv | Shopping Haul Part Two

Need a cute pair of earrings that will match your outfit? Are you a shopaholic who has an endless need to buy items? In your favorite color, of course. I'm pretty sure everyone has a favorite color or two, and sometimes it's hard to find something in the mall to cater to these personal favorites. Guess what? There's a colorful store to go nuts over — and this one just might be the most color-oriented yet.

If any store is synonymous with a rainbow, it's Roy and Biv. It’s a Filipino brand that makes life more colorful than ever. Featuring a kaleidoscopic array of a rainbow, the crazy spectrum of colors includes everything from a red to Rainbow-brite-ready hues like bright lime green, yellow, fuchsia, lavender purple, and aqua blue. I'm sure you will swoon over every single shade.

Sprawling in the metro, with branches in Glorietta, Alabang Town Center, Trinoma, Ayala Terraces Fairview, and Ayala Center Cebu, Roy and Biv sells pretty much everything. All their products are categorized by colors. Items range from household wares to fashion items, and from tech accessories to just pretty much anything unique and interesting.

Here are some of the most colorful and amazing things we found at Roy and Biv.

So, let's start with the first color of the rainbow. Are you red-y for this?

They have an assorted line of red items like chic neck pieces, bling-blings, tops, dresses, purses, scarves, hair accessories, key chains, sunglasses, all in red!

Next is orange! Yay! Orange you glad there’s a store like this? An orange retro bus? Seriously, how fun does that sound? It's like summer in a cup!

Say hello to yellow! Every item here is sure to make you pop out from the crowd.

Go green and bare it. I love the green polo pouch, it's so cute!

And here's the blue section that promises to chase the blues away.

Purple overload. I know a friend who has a huge closet full of purple clothes. Even her room is purple. So if you're obsessed with this color, this spot is perfect for you.

Think pink! I think our shopping haul screams pink because my daughter's fave color is pink! She said everything looks better in pink! So she got a hair clip, head band, fan, Trex toy, light bulb glass, wallet, pencil and eye mask, all in pink! She added an orange pillow and pouch combo and I bought myself a blue and black dress.

Roy and Biv provides an eye candy to color-crazy shoppers like me! It's where you can buy an item as low as P30 for a hair clip, while the most expensive one is a vintage toy like the Beetle model car at P3,495.

At Roy and Biv, you can buy the rainbow, either one color or one letter at a time. Look!

As for me, it is more than just a retail shop of sorts. It's a store that's all about hue. Yes, you, because you will surely come out of the store with a smile on your face and a feeling that there is a store that knows your favorite color and pre-selected items for you. It's a unique color-oriented shopping experience that you shouldn't miss. 

Between pink cups, purple dresses, and orange hats, it's safe to say that Roy and Biv will have plenty of refreshing, rainbow-inspired items to give us a dose (or maybe megadose) of happiness this summer. I can't wait to see what they come up with next... perhaps a yellow or green plate?

Well, let's just wait and see,,.


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