I Suck at Being a Mom But...

I felt like I was doing a bad job at being a mom. No, really. I suck at being a WAHM. Read: Work at home mom.

Just to give you an idea, this is what a mother working (or blogging) from home looks like...

Check emails.
Clean the room.
Drink coffee.
Start a new article.
Have a brain fog.
Check email again.
Oooh new deals at Dealgrocer.
Go back to writing the article.
Finish a paragraph. Yay!
Clean up the world’s most smelly crap and change my baby's diaper.
Shoot the soiled diaper to the laundry hamper instead of the thrash bin. I suck.
Answer emails while my baby sits on my lap, watching Elmo.
Forgets an event. Mommy brain strikes again!
I wish I was more organized. I bet all the other moms have a planner. Maybe that's why I suck, because I don't have one. I need a planner. Put that on your To-do list, Rockstarmomma.
To do list?? I'm too tired and lazy. I can't "to-do" today. I suck.
Tries to exercise but can't finish because again, I'm too tired and my baby is so clingy.
Watch Netflix instead.
Suddenly realize that maybe the reason I'm too tired is because I don't eat 100% organic or work out 7 days a week. I bet the other moms go to the gym and feed their kids organic. I suck. BIG time.
Check Facebook and IG stories.
Forget that it's the due date of the water/electric bills.
Eat my gluten-free cake. Yaas! I never forget this part!
Return to my article. For reals. I can do this. Repeat 100x.
Seriously try to finish the article because it's a sponsored post and I have a looming deadline.
Forget about taking a shower, combing my hair, and skips all the skin care stuff.
Finally get some ideas in my head, sit down to write but gets interrupted 1550x by my daughter wanting to show me something and my baby trying to rip the mouse off of its cord while screaming at me so I could play with him.
Okay. Screw it.

Well, you might read this and say, “Wow! She really does suck at being a mom.” Way to go, Rockstarmomma.

The reality is that I CANNOT DO EVERYTHING! I am exhausted. I was not even prepared for my daughter's birthday gift or my baby boy who was staring at me like he needed his mommy.

So, although my scattered mommy brain was going a billion miles a minute with my non-existent to do list, my heart reminded me that my kids are the reason for it all. If I can't stop and be with them in these clingy moments, then what's the point of all of the hard work? MY family is why I push myself, my driving force.

When I ask myself; Do I suck at being a mom? Am I a bad mom? Yes, and yes.

But when it comes down to my kids.. I actually don't suck at being a mom at all. When my daughter gave her gifts for me with wide eyes and a huge smile, and told me that I'm the best mommy in the whole wide world, I was smiling from ear to ear. And she even drew a picture of me (and a cat) because for her, I'm the most prettiest momma ever! (Double superlatives intended.) She doesn't care how I look like even if I don't shower or comb my hair or that her socks don't match. She doesn't care that I'm a scatter brain that can't keep track of due dates and deadlines. In her eyes, I'm doing it all right.

And as I watched her look after his baby brother, or gives me a diaper without me even asking her to do it, and listened to her say a prayer, say please and thank you to others...  I realize that maybe I really am doing it right.

Those are the moments that make me forget all about those ones that make me think that I suck at being a mom. And although sometimes, in my own eyes, I'm not good enough, in my kids' eyes I am always good enough, and that's good enough for me.

So, why did I write this post? Because I want to point out the fact that "mom life" is not easy. Actually, it's physically, mentally, and emotionally grueling. I know I speak to nearly every mother out there, whether you are working from home or not. Life is super complicated, to-do lists are endless, and tasks are never complete. I think it's important to remember that these moments are what it's all about. We work hard every day to be the best version of ourselves for our families, and sometimes it takes a little human's blank stare to remind us what's really important in this life.

Aside from having kids who think I'm the best mom in the world, the lovely people from my favorite brands also think I belong to the non-sucky moms. Yay! In fact, they sent these thoughtful gifts to show me that I'm one of the okayest, if not the best, moms out there. A big thank you to Baskin Robbins, Nido, Unilever and Robinsons Supermarket.

Last but not the least, thank you to my Instagram husband for giving me the best gift ever on my birthday slash Mother's Day! Idk what I would do without you.

All moms deserve the best. Having said that, I want to greet all moms a Happy Mother's Day!

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