Four Awesome Reasons to Shop at Tickles in SM Noth Edsa

Everybody loves giving gifts. Well, not everyone, but everyone loves to receive gifts, yes?  So how does one go about buying gifts even for the most-difficult-to-buy-for person? You simply go inside a store and buy a gift.

Well, that is easier said than done. But thankfully, the genius people at Tickles have added another branch that is packed with unique gifts that will totally blow your mind! If you’ve never shopped at Trickles, you’re missing out. Seriously.

In case you missed, Tickles opened their newest store in SM North EDSA. I was super excited to visit the new store because Tickles is our favorite store slash happiest place in the metro. They have a wide array of unique gifts, quirky imported items and a whole lot of knickknacks. Whether you’re looking for the next best gift, or a sleek and stylish bag organizer, there’s a special treasure waiting for you at Tickles.

If you ever wondered whether it’s worth your while to shop in Tickles, here are four reasons you should:

1. They have the largest selection of unique and super cute items so it's a great place to find gifts for anyone.  Everything from pillows to slippers and outdoor items to organizers. Notepads, signs, pens, key chains, headbands, toys, cards, mugs... and the list goes on.

Thanks to Tickles, you need not worry about how to get the 6-pack abs even when you're cooking.
 No, I’m not talking about the real abs, but this unique and sexy apron that you can wear at home.

2. Something new and interesting always pops up. Fun-sized pizza pouch? Supersized fried chicken pillow? Yes, and yes.

At Tickles, there are lots of things you can't find in an ordinary gift shop. Check out the stuff toys and accessories that are almost as adorable as your kids are. Their most impressive and absurd products = their line of food pillows and pouches. The best part? You can buy pizza and fries but you won't get fat because these pillows, headbands and pouches are all fat-free! Yay!

Too much poop! I mean, food! Guess what? I think I've seen this big POOP hat before, the one we saw at Tickles in SM Megamall. I kid you not, it's like a Deja Poo, the feeling that you've seen this crap before. :) Check out my previous post here.

3. If you're feeling a little lonely, Tickles is sure to put a smile on your face. Because, it ain't called a "happy place" for nothing, guys. And who wouldn’t want to go through life wearing pink pompom headbands? A person who hates fun, that’s who! So go ahead and check these super cute headbands and fans in different colors. I bet you’ll want one of each!

For all your forever alone needs (if you're single) boyfriend pillow will never hurt you. No more lonely nights because  you get to be with a man, without having to actually be with a man! It's a pillow with the torso and arm of a man, made to be a perfect cuddle pillow. #Bestboyfriendever They also have the girlfriend version. Also, it's the perfect gift for someone whose partner is often away.

For when you want your notebook or passport holder to look like the TV series you’re currently binge-watching on Netflix. Can't find one in your favorite color? Well, welcome to your tape.

For people who aspire to only own cute things like these cute slippers! With lots of designs and color options available, you’re bound to find a pair for everyone, including yourself!

The coolest, funniest and quirkiest coin banks you’ve ever seen. Saving money has never been so much fun. Very timely to buy one for my daughter's tuition fee fund.

4.  You'll find awesome products that will simplify and improve your day to day life.  Like this one. This is no ordinary kitchen tool. It's so much more!

It is a one of a kind tool that will make eating, dare I say it, fun and handy! It's a spoon and fork set, plus it even triples as a can opener. It's the perfect gift  for someone who is always on the go... and always hungry! It combines functionality and convenience into one smart product that you never knew you needed.

These key chains are great for keeping your noisy keys in place and always just within reach when you need it.

Maia got the secret message pen. She said she wants to write secret messages that no other can read. How to use: Simply draw or write with the invisible pen, and then illuminate words with the mini flash light tip.

5. You can buy what you love at Tickles. Be it a key chain or a coin bank, a pillow or a fan. And trust me, there’s no way you won’t be able to find something that you’ll love at Tickles. That said, I got this pink inflatable piggy, fan and squirt camera for our next trip to the beach. I also got a pen and fan combo, one that you’ll always want to have on hand if you want to beat the heat this summer.

Well, there are more than enough reasons to keep going back. I do hope you love the products I recommend!  If you can't find a gift for yourself or your loved ones, don’t go running out of the store quite yet. Ask one of their friendly staff. They're very accommodating and when you do, I'm sure you’d end up buying a dozen of amazingly cute things to add to your collection.

Tickles is the perfect place to buy a lil gift for a friend… or yourself! Yeah, probably yourself. If you’ve shopped at Tickles before, leave a comment below and tell me about your experience. I’d love to hear from you!

Tickles is located at the Ground Level of SM North Edsa. Even if you never actually make it to SM North, you can visit the other branches;  Glorietta 4, Greenbelt 1, Power Plant Mall, SM Megamall A, TriNoma, UP Town Center, Alabang Town Center, Market! Market!, Marquee Mall, Fairview Terraces, and Ayala Center Cebu. Follow @tickles_PH on Twitter and Instagram and Tickles_ph on Facebook.


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