Yummy and Healthy Snacking Made Easy with CalCheese

Looking for a a healthy and  on-the-go snacks to give your kids? Wais moms shared their favorites at the fun-filled Mother’s Day celebration and launch of CalCheese, a new cheese wafer biscuit that is super yummy and healthy.

Held at the City of Dreams, the event was hosted by actress and proud mother of two, Dimples Romana, who expressed her enthusiasm over the snack.

With CalCheese, Filipino moms won’t have to choose between treats that their kids will like and snacks that are nutritious.

CalCheese is made from real cheddar cheese and milk, making it a source of calcium and vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, and B12. These nutrients help in a child’s development by boosting their immune system, strengthening their bones, and giving them energy all throughout the day.

“These days, parents lead very busy lives. We juggle our work, family time, and errands all in one day, but we make sure that our kids get the best, especially when it comes to food,” explained Maica Rivera, Brand Manager for Mayora Philippines - Biscuits. “This is why I’m happy to introduce CalCheese to the wais Filipino moms because I believe it is a snack the whole family will come to enjoy and love.”

During the launch, mothers shared their memorable experiences and exchanged tips to help them through the journey of parenthood.  I also learned the importance of including nutritious snacks in a kid’s daily diet.

Dimples and Licensed Nutritionist and Mayora Philippines Regulatory Manager Joan Sumpio also demonstrated how busy moms can quickly prepare a delicious and healthy baon for their children.

Moms and kids followed the step-by-step demo on how to make an easy and nutritious baon. Easy peasy!

The best part of the event was when our kids surprised us with roses for Mother’s Day. Yay!


Then, as a part of CalCheese’s Mother’s Day treat, we explored DreamPlay creativity play center and had fun trying out its different attractions. Maia had so much fun doing the activities with other kids such as Wall of Destiny (wall-climbing activity), Shrek’s Swamp Stomp (puzzle room), and Dream Studio (movie and animation studio) that really challenged their physical, logical, and creative abilities.

CalCheese is available in supermarkets and sari-sari stores nationwide. Moms and their kids can also watch out for the nationwide CalCheese School Tour where Mayora Philippines will give out 1 million CalCheese samples to 500 schools. For more information visit mayora.com.

Thank you, CalCheese, for the sweet Mother's Day treat!


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  1. fave yan ng anak ko! masarap tlga yan,.,,yummy, kakaiba cheesy nyan


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