Rewarding and Gifting Made Easy with Sodexo Mobile Pass

I love using Sodexo Gift certificates, but there were times when I forgot to bring it (Blame mommy brain) or worse, lost it. Good thing Sodexo recently came out with the Sodexo Mobile Pass— a voucher type wherein you'll receive a code via SMS on your mobile phone or via email, and apply the code directly to your order as you checkout. Now for the first time ever, you may now receive Sodexo rewards on your mobile phone and directly use your rewards when you shop online.

All you have to do is present the e-mail or SMS to the cashier of any partner merchant that accepts it, and it works just as conveniently as the Premium Pass!

 I was able to try it out last week when I went to The SM Store in SM Makati to buy stuff for my kids. I just presented my phone with the SMS from Sodexo and the cashier punched in my item. Easy peasy!

In   the  Philippines, Sodexo Benefits and Rewards started its operations in March 2003 and since then,  it is trusted   by   most   of   the   country’s   Top   3,000   companies   and multinationals in helping them address some of their strategic challenges to motivate and provide rewarding experiences to their employees, customers and partners because our solutions work.

The services such as the meal pass, gift pass, culture pass, sport pass, childcare pass, mobility pass in addition to incentive and recognition programs open the doors to healthier lifestyles, a more satisfying work-life balance, as well as greater personal development and professional recognition.

What I love about Sodexo Mobile Pass:
  • Instant Reward. Recipients instantly receive rewards anytime, anywhere! You can send   rewards   and   giveaways   to   your   consumers from   as   low   as   P10   to   any   desired   denomination.
  • Wide merchant network. Enjoy endless possibilities with the country’s top preferred brands nationwide
  • Hassle-free. Distribute rewards without the hassle of leaving your office 

You can choose either an Activation Code or Mobile Pass. Find out how it works;

So, where can can you enjoy the Mobile Pass? Check out the ff. merchants nationwide:
  • The SM Store
  • Bench
  • Kenny Rogers
  • Seattles Best Coffee
  • Rustan's Supermarket
  • Shopwise
  • Wellcome

Visit to see the full list of merchants.

Using your mobile phone, this is how the Mobile Pass via SMS looks like;

If you're using your laptop, this is how the Mobile Pass via Email looks like;

The   Sodexo   Mobile   Pass   is   a   fast,   secure,   effective   and   hassle-freed solution for your digital rewards. It is accepted at exclusive and you can use it with the top preferred merchants nationwide. With Sodexo Mobile Pass, you can experience a new way of gifting and rewarding right at your fingertips.

For more details on where to use the Mobile Pass, visit



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