Start the New Year with Something Extra Crispy like the New #KFCExtraCrispy Chicken!

To help me accomplish some of my 2017 goals, KFC sent me a New Year, New You Starter Pack, plus its newest offering to make sure I start the year finger lickin' good! I've tried the New KFC Extra Crispy Chicken and it's super juicy and packed with extra crunch! So crunchy that you just might want to consider getting extra rice, too. *Buurrrp!* Excuse me po. :)

Made finger lickin’ good, KFC’s Extra Crispy chicken is double breaded by expert hands and fried to crispy golden-brown perfection. Every bite into this delicious, non-spicy offering is sure to give your taste buds something different to crave.

If your mantra this year is "New Year, New You" then why not try a new and exciting chicken meal, too? Usher in the New Year with the crispy new you and the new KFC Extra Crispy chicken! If you want to travel, go and take that trip to your dream destination! And when you get "hangry"... think Extra Crispy!

You can enjoy the KFC Extra Crispy chicken in any KFC meal of your choice, but the winning combo is KFC Extra Crispy chicken with rice, regular drink, creamy junior mushroom soup, and KFC’s signature gravy all for just P99. Also available for a limited time only is the Bucket of Fortune priced at P620.

So go ahead and visit your nearest KFC branch now and start the year with something so good, something extra crispy like the new KFC Extra Crispy chicken! You may also dial KFC Delivery at 887-8888 (for Metro Manila only) or visit