Mix and Match Your Wardrobe with Robinsons Department Store’s Exclusive Brands, Stella and Liberté

How flexible is your wardrobe? Are you able to mix and match them?

Oh, well... Fashion trends continue to evolve by the day. But only few have the luxury of space and the budget, to have a closetful of clothes. Women are now smart shoppers, turning to the internet for tips and tricks to streamline their wardrobe and become skilled at mixing and matching. The secret to successful mixing and matching is having select pieces that easily morph into new ensembles.

Stella’s black and white ensemble gets a modern twist with the fancy, delicate detail of the skirt juxtaposed with the tailored coat which brings a contemporary vibe to the outfit. 

Robinsons Department Store’s exclusive brands, Stella and Liberté, present wide options that will help women have the perfectly curated wardrobe. Ladies can expect elegant and tastefully done pieces from Stella for the woman who wants to flaunt her feminine edge. With versatile pieces where one could flexibly mix and match, be it for the office or for parties, Stella’s classics are staple must-haves in the closet.

The white detail on the black Liberte skirt, brings together the all-black accessories and the white blouse into a perfect harmony. The soft fabric of the top tempers the strong corporate vibe of the ensemble. 

While the young and adventurous dresser finds sexy, edgy silhouettes from Liberté that defines a young lady’s fashion statement with colors and styles exuding contemporary moods. Be it for casual day outs or for hangouts with family and friends. For pieces that call for personality and functionality combined, Liberté’s got your back.

Every woman’s wardrobe should let their confidence exude and shine through as they face the challenges of every day, and welcome pleasant surprises. See more of Robinsons Department Store’s latest fashion pieces at http://www.robinsonsdepartmentstore.com.ph and follow  Robinsons Department Store on Facebook and @RobinsonsStore on Twitter.


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  1. Truly elegant tlga mga offer nilang styles! Perfect for offices but with a glamour posture! Love it!


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