Goodbye 2016, Hello 2017

2016 may have its ups and downs, but I'm grateful for everything. I thank the Lord, my family and friends for the wonderful year spent seeking inspiration, joy and excitement. Having said that, here are some of the highlights of my 2016 in snaps!

Best part of 2016 and the rest of our lives. :) After having a miscarriage in 2015, I got pregnant again.

Tried maternity shoot for the first time and it was fun! Of course, hubby was the photographer.

Did a few awesome staycations. Oakwood Premier Joy-Nostalg Center Manila is our favorite because Maia loves the bath tub with TV. #BathroomGoals

Maia celebrated her 8th birthday at OB Montessori. It was a wickedly evil Descendants themed party.

Took a trip to Batangas with hubby and my not-so-little flowergirl for a beautiful wedding.

I turned 35. Got lots of cakes and gifts from PR friends. Guess what else I got for my birthday? Fat. I got fat!

Best part. My baby boy, Yuan Brent, was born. Words cannot describe the happiness, fear, the anxiety, panic and love that happened so quickly. For a moment, I thought I was gonna lose him but God has bigger plans. Thank you, Lord.

Went to a few awesome events with my Fab Four Friends. I love these girls. Sadly, this photo was our last pic with our dearest Ate Jenny. :(

Saddest part of 2016 was when we lost her. :( I still miss her...

Also, hubby's Aunt Mary Ann and cousin, Donna Li, passed away. :(

On a lighter note, I did lots of memes with my LO. :)

Lots of monthsary photos, too!

Became one of the 100 Fearless Filipinas, tagged as the Fearless Mommy Blogger. I'm also glad to be a digital brand ambassador of a few brands that I love.

Lots of staycations like this one at the Linden Suites, where my baby boy spent his first Trick or Treat.

Went to my dearest cousin's wedding!

Shared our first family photo with our little Yuan.

I'm not an expert in the kitchen but I managed to cook a decent dinner for my family every so often.

I got to plan my baby boy's Baptism. It was a no theme kind of theme with lots of tribal details and neutral palettes.

We went and sifted through the super crowded and crazy Divisoria streets. My hubby did the backdrop while my daughter helped me paint and make the centerpieces. All for Yuan. ( All for one, One for all.)

Ate lots of sweets, too! LOL

Now, I'm excited what 2017 has to offer.

Speaking of 2017, a brand new year means a new set of New Year's Resolutions. This year, I will...
  • Say Yes to new adventures & goals!
  • Travel more.
  • Be more positive and stay away from negative people. :)
  • Treat myself and my loved ones more. Whether it's a staycation or vacation, I'm sure there's R&R waiting for us somewhere.
  • To look and feel my best. To lose the post-holiday and post-pregnancy weight; perhaps sport a new do or treat myself to a well-deserved day at the spa.
  • To spend less and save more money. 
  • To grab every opportunity that comes up and to collaborate with people I can learn from. 
  • To blog more. To quit slackin' and make it happen.

2017 is here. All you have to do? Welcome it - and it's yours for the taking!

Happy New Year, everyone!



  1. Love the decor at your baby boy's Christening!

    Happy new year to you Michelle :) Hope to see more of you!

    PS. I do miss ate Jenny too :(

  2. There are plenty of goal ideas for 2017 here to make the new year a special one. We should always be looking forward to having a better year than the one before and working on our personal growth, so I wish you all the best.. Thank you Ma'am Chelle for sharing your blessings as always thru this! Wishing you a bountiful blessings ahead, good health to you and your family! More blogpost to share this 2017! ;)

  3. Lots of memories of 2016 , me too ���� I'm truly blessed that my family stays healthy all through the year and I'm very thankful that were still getting stronger no matter what bad situations we've enter in.

  4. While reading your blog, I saw on how delightful you are as a mom, from having a photo shoot during your pregnancy down to a mini photo shoot of your baby, considering that you even have memes including him. Subsequently, as I scroll down, I was surprised seeing the picture of my Tita Jenny! I didn't knew you were friends at all. I am one of Carl's closest friends, and I would never forget how Tita Jenny helped me on my research paper just last year, 4 months before she died. Anyway, I know it is not yet too late greet, Happy New Year po! :)

  5. 2017 is new beginning, new chapter of life.

  6. Ang ganda po ng pamilya mo madam..and as I see it, you had a wonderful're very lucky po madam! God Bless you always!


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