Maia's 8th Disney Descendants Themed Birthday Party

Last Friday, Maia and her classmates gathered to celebrate her 8th birthday at OB Montessori. Unlike her 7th birthday party, no Jive or the amazing Carlo the magician was present but the "wicked" force was notably strong.

Why Descendants? Well, my daughter is head over heels for the Descendants book/movie but of the four main characters, the amazing Mal ranks at the top of Maia's list. And when she started eyeing leather jackets and purple wigs, that's when I thought it might be time to consider throwing a wickedly evil Descendants themed party. Everything was captured in gorgeous detail by her very supportive tatay, Daddy Benj of Shuttercount Photography.

For her birthday dress, she wanted a leather jacket that's why I silently wept for her lost childhood when everything she ever wanted was pink and sparkly. *sigh* However, it was quite a relief to know that as her mom, I still have a say in what she wears in school. So I bought her a simple purple dress and matching purple boots.

I also thought Mal's Spell Book was a fun birthday gift and she loved it. I also made Disney villains themed party invitations for her school party.

I got this beautiful cake from Lovely, the extremely talented pastry chef of Sugarplum Pastries, and I must say that I fell in love with the gold and purple color scheme with a rotten-to-the-core apple on top, Maia's initial and Mal's signature icon.

These Disney Descendant cupcakes with not-so-rotten apples and Maia's initial on top were inspired by the Evil Queen's poison apple and I loved the surprisingly moist chocolate flavor that's evilly and sinfully delicious.

I didn’t have a lot of time before her birthday but I was so glad McDonald's team came to the rescue and they gave Maia an even more fun and hassle-free party with its McCelebrations party.

Thank God for making parents’ lives easy as McCelebrations proved to be surprisingly helpful – the package includes full hosting, complete party amenities, games and prizes, loot bags, freebies like piñata and a special gift for the celebrant. I booked a McCelebrations party at the McDonald's party store nearest to her school.

Being wicked and troublemaker sure works up an appetite so I got the meal combo that costs Php 180 per guest which includes 1-pc Chicken McDo with Rice and Fries plus Regular Drink and Happy Meal Toy.  If you're planning a McDo party in school, you can also create your own meal combinations depending on your budget.

But of course, these troublemakers did not come all the way from the Isle of the Lost just to eat and sing Happy birthday. No, they were up to have some fun and cause a little mischief.

 Stuffed with lots of Happy meal toys, the kids were so excited for the piñata.

And the Happy Meal toys, loot bags and cupcakes.. Party favors. Riiight. The kids loved them!

Maia's 8th birthday party was pretty simple but it was filled with laughter and a healthy dose of fun. One thing's for sure: It's a wacky and wicked party that Maia will surely remember for a loooong time. My only wish for her is that she'll always be the little girl with that wicked smile who always puts the most good out into the world, and someone who always chooses love instead of hate.

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