Bumpdate | 35-36 Weeks + Maternity Photos

I am officially 36 weeks today. This week proves to be another exhausting week, full of Braxton Hicks and yes, fatigue. I’m just feeling bigger and heavier, which seems pretty obvious and let’s not even talk about how often I have to pee or how many times I almost cry because of the painful leg cramps. Such is pregnancy life, but I'm not complaining... Seriously. I'm extremely happy and my daughter seems to be more and more excited about the new baby coming.

Last week, my hubby surprised me with a maternity photo shoot and he told me about it a few days before the actual shoot. I didn’t want to do a full on maternity session but he was keen to get some shots of my growing bump which I could treasure for years to come.

Take a look at some of my favorite shots, plus some tips for moms planning a maternity photo session;

Location; Outdoor shoots are great but because of the ridiculously hot weather, my husband decided to shoot more natural, lifestyle indoor photos in a cozy hotel room. The best place would be in the comfort of your own home, or in a studio because there’s privacy.  Also, turning off the flash and standing right in front of an open window is the best way get great natural light.

If you prefer outdoor, I highly suggest to have your photos taken on a cloudy day to avoid direct sunlight. The best time to take them outside is between 4-5pm for soft lighting. Other lovely locations for photo shoots are gardens, parks, and beaches.

Pick a tranquil spot with a clean and clutter-free background. My favorite spot, however, is a simple picture of myself sitting behind a window with my hands on my tummy. I cherish it.

What to wear:  A preggo mama can go two ways, either clothes on or partially off/ boudoir shoot. To bare it all, or go partially nude. Sadly, not everyone develops an adorable, perfectly round bump with no weight gain anywhere else. Just. like. me.  I’m not the slim and sexy, (think supermodel) or the petite and pretty pregnant. That's why I planned to stay covered up, and because I didn't have enough time to order a nice “flowy” empire waist dress or a soft and sheer lingerie online, I just chose a few comfy clothes from my closet that would typically look best and most comfortable to wear.  But my husband had it all planned out already.

I was concerned about my arms, so I got this white, loose fitting and super comfy long sleeves from H&M that worked nicely with a pair of maternity pants. Actually, just wear exactly what is comfortable for you. As for me, a loose fitting and oversized shirt is the most comfortable thing on the planet. I have no other accessories, because obviously, my budding bump is the perfect accessory!

Also, I'm obsessed with this seamless nursing bra that I got online (IG: @inaymoments) so if you have seen it or see it again on me in any form of social media, don't say I didn't warn you. I literally could wear it everyday.

If you want a look that celebrates your blossoming form but is a little more or less revealing, try a milk bath session. Hubby said; Show off your bump, and flaunt the curves because the pregnant body is nothing short of gorgeous! Just make sure you have enough bathbombs and know the perfect time just when your belly gets really round and big enough for the photos. Best time would be around 7-8 months however mine was further along than this (35 weeks) because like I said, I never planned to have a maternity shoot.

Make-up: Go au naturel or have someone apply it for you. Consider having your hair and make-up done at a professional salon. As for me, I did my own make-up and I made sure to keep it plain and simple… no shimmer, sparkle or glitter. Same thing with my nails. No polish whatsoever. But of course, it depends on whatever makes you happy, it can be as natural and fresh or sexy and smoldering as you wish.

Here's a #Selfie. #NoFilter

Props: Anything cute, creative and fun. I had planned on taking balloons, scan ultrasound pictures, baby books, a little chalkboard and writing the number of weeks on it, but forgot to bring them at the last moment. Some fun things we were able to use were baby shoes, blocks, letter pillows and some flowers.

Everyone loves tiny shoes, yes? :)

One of the most fun baby announcements is revealing the name! We loved the idea to use children’s blocks to spell out our rainbow baby's name over my round belly.  And as excited as I am for my baby boy to arrive, I think I’ll miss the bump. I'm pretty sure hubby will miss it too.

Spell it out. We also used letter pillows from Pillownthings. IG: @pillowsnthings

Take along a tripod if you plan on taking family photos. We had a tripod but getting my hubby and the big sister in pictures was so difficult because he was too busy teaching me how to do the poses and Maia was busy swimming in the bathtub. :)

I absolutely love my husband's patience, style and eye for photography.  A little bit melodramatic, the poses he made me try had us laughing the whole time! It was fun, relaxing and just a good giggle.

That being said, make sure to find a good photographer, someone you feel comfortable with and will have fun around taking your picture. If you think your husband is qualified and knows what he's doing, ask him to take the pics.

Surprisingly, I was glad my husband took my maternity photos (no regrets) and I'm amazed how he made me feel relaxed and beautiful even though I wasn't feeling sexy and confident. It's all about having fun, getting glammed up and forgetting about little insecurities. Trust me, I connect with this "unsexy" feeling as much as any other moms. But just because you’re pregnant doesn’t mean you can’t look sexy. So work it, mama.

So many of my pretty blogger friends are preggers (baby boom it is!), and it hasn't stopped them from remaining totally stylish and beautiful. I know that pregnancy is not glamorous and either is gaining weight, so I think it's even more important to take timeless pregnancy and bump portraits photos captured tastefully, so you can look back and not remember all the hard things, but remember how beautiful pregnancy really is and how it's such a miracle! After all, a brand new person is about to be born into the world, and being able to capture a moment of joy and eager expectation is priceless.

I'm so ready for our baby boy to get here, except for the hundreds of things on my list of things to do. Is my hospital bag packed? Nope. Am I ready for labor pains? Not exactly. Is the house clean and ready for his arrival? Not even close. But I know I’m pretty much ready for him to make an entrance soon so feel free to come whenever you're ready, my baby boy. In fact, I’m about to give him an eviction notice in a few weeks.

The most important thing for me, of course, is to say a little prayer for the healthy delivery and birth of our baby! Because a healthy baby boy is all we want and pray for.



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