Maia's Rainbow Dash Pony 7th Surprise Birthday Party

We threw a surprise birthday party for my daughter's 7th birthday last February 7 at One Cafe in Ortigas. She didn't ask for a big party because she said it's expensive so we gave her a school party instead. But we felt that she deserved more...

We didn’t want to do a normal My Little Pony theme so we picked out my daughter’s favorite pony because we know Maia's absolute favorite and she's currently on a serious Rainbow Dash obsession. So there was no doubt that the theme had to be My Little Pony, Rainbow Dash to be exact.

My life. Rainbowfied.

By this little girl right here! Still can't believe it's been 7 years since this little girl made me a momma for the first time. Bittersweet. My daughter just turned seven. Can you believe that? Seven. Holding her soft hands is just a little different now. Her cheeks aren’t chubby anymore and her limbs are stretched into long arms and legs.  Insert more mushy stuff here and a love letter.

Oh well, I’ll spare you all the gushy details about how I really feel about this amazing kid, and just share the party deets. Take a look at this amazing spread in all its glory!

The first step in a party prep is creating an invitation. Although the party was like a last minute decision and we only had 1 month to prepare, I was able to come up with a simple and Rainbow Dashian one. I like pastel colors so I add pastels with the whole element  of a rainbow... every bright, vibrant color there is. Plus, it's a surprise party so the other invite was apparently "private" and a well kept secret.

We told her we're just going to a fashion event for kids and its theme is My Little Pony. She was so excited. As expected. :)

The kids loved doing the catwalk. Love how they rocked their shades, tutus and bow ties. And they all looked adorable beyond words.

The birthday girl was all dashed out, of course! She was surprised to see her friends and classmates. And they even power hugged each other...

Indeed, some dresses were created to make anyone look 20% cooler! Just like Maia's Rainbow Dash dress.

 I fell in love with the dress, which was custom made to combine a puffy, girly dress and the colors of Rainbow Dash. I asked my friend Roche who is the owner of Yumi's Nook to sew the most gorgeous RAINBOW DASH” inspired party dress. And she actually nailed it!

Look at the tail on that dress! I love the details of colorful drape, velvety pale blue wings and bow at the back.

It has a cloud and rainbow bolt Cutie Mark embroidered in front, which represents her amazing speed and weather abilities.

Her shoes light up and sparkle. Maia couldn’t have been happier twirling and spinning.

Plus the magical and colorful ball gown and the tickled pink, flowy dress were absolutely gorgeous!

Our event stylist was Aileen of Pink and Peach Party. Her parties are always chock full of the most insanely creative details. This year’s birthday party was a lot less stressful because of her help. Stress level: -1000 notch

The darling rainbow backdrop that is bright and colorful screams Pony Power! The decors were in an assortment of rainbow colors set against a bright colored  tablecloth plus they hung fluffy colored paper balls with a couple of  paper lanterns. ROYGBIV, baby!

The party decor was a rainbow theme of pink, purple, orange, yellow, and aqua. It was such a bright and fun party. I love the mix of rainbow colors and vibrant pastels  all over the place.

Our host/magician is perfection. He's none other than Albert Cuaresma aka Carlo the Magician. I adore this guy so much, can’t really explain it. So nice and so talented.

He is hilarious, incredibly witty, all-energetic and his magic act is one of the funniest and best magic shows I've seen so far. He has an amazing passion for his work. He's good at what he does and you can see that he enjoys it, too.

I've seen the kids laughing non-stop from the time the magic and puppet show starts to the very end. They were amazed and mesmerized by the magician's box of tricks and funny antics, even the adults was like ooh ahhh, and they were laughing the whole time. Their laughter, as well as the epic facial expression, was priceless.

Also, his rates are affordable considering that he can give a super fun and entertaining magic show. Trust me, super sulit! He is an excellent game master as he can manage the "hyper kulit" kids very well and knows how to entice the adults to participate in his games. Since a lot of people were asking me for his contact details, will just leave his numbers here; 09434435427, 09199546994, 09064371263.

We also got Jive's Mini Concert Package led by Chubi del Rosario. They were the perfect "pop" of life to spread around the party! Cue tons of  pure and high energy performances. Mini concert ang peg!

Seriously, you can never go wrong with Jive. They're all extremely talented performers! Having wow'd all kinds of crowd, they constantly get their audiences up on their feet with their lively and interactive song and dance numbers.

Here's the Same Day Edit Video;

Maia Turns 7 SDE (Same Day Edit) from Shutter Count on Vimeo.

If you ever wonder why parents work so hard at preparing a party like this, just watch the video and check the expression on my child’s face. The best part of the party was seeing the big smile on Maia's face when she walked in and that contagious smile stayed on throughout the day and spread to all her friends and guests. That was truly magical!

You don’t do it for anything else but that.

But that's not entirely true.

You do it so you can have cake too. Haha

The cake was amazeballs! It had two layers- a huge and edible chocolate cake at the bottom layer and another layer with a rotating carousel with 5 super cute fondant ponies on top.

You see cakes sometimes that look awesome and taste blah- not so with SugarPlum Pastries' cakes who does INCREDIBLE work.  The chocolate cake was really moist and delicious. I am still in awe of how delicious and gorgeous her work is. Look at those details!

We live to grow old and eat as many cakes as we want. So, hooray for super yummy ice cream cakes! :) I was way too excited to devour these ice cream cakes from Baskin Robbins. Totes the best ice cream cakes ever!

Of course, there's sweets for everypony! Sprinkled throughout the dessert table are Rainbow Cupcakes and Cake Pops, too!

The rainbow with clouds backdrop was lovely and the colorful tags / labels were super cute! The table is filled with tooth-achingly sweet rainbow fondant hearts, flowers and ponies over a sweet, dense cupcake, that makes for a very, very sweet treat.

These yummy cupcakes were begging to be eaten, I tell you.
Also, aside from toys for the prizes, we found all of our sweets from Made in Candy which are UH-MAZING. We just texted on the phone about the theme and without even asking specifics, they put together the most perfectly coordinating candies for our party. 

You can have these bite-sized candies customized which are the perfect treats or souvenirs for a kids party, or even as rock candy favors on weddings. But since I got them last minute, we just gave them away as prizes for kids. Funny how the moms and dads were more excited to munch them as if they're getting some happy pills. After all, who said candies are only made for kids? :)

For more deets on how to order custom rock candies, you may contact them: (02)866 56 24; 0920.964 90 76 or email:

 Of course, the Starbucks booth was a big hit too. The whole SB team was so efficient and their service was impeccable!

Plus, some cool face painting! Yay! Hello there, Ironkid! :)

At the end the party, each kid went home with some totally awesome Rainbow Dash pillow as party favors. I got them from Lovely Pillows, who is such a responsive seller via phone and email.  The pillows were a little bit expensive than some other goody bag options, but it was not completely out of the budget either. It has great quality and the designs were perfectly stitched. Nicely done.

I didn’t mind forking up the extra cash to give Maia's guest something with real long-lasting value, as opposed to useless junk that’d go straight in the trash can.  Although they weren't able to finish adding personalized names, they were still absolutely perfect and the kids loved them to bits!

I think my spiritual gift is actually sharing and giving gifts to kids, so when you come to a kiddie party that I personally organized, you will most likely leave with more than you came with. We filled the goodie bags with little trinkets of love and Maia's favorite snacks like Oreo, Magic Flakes, Cadbury, etc.

 As always, I'm eternally grateful for our wacky and extremely talented Shuttercount team who captured all the details and rainbow magic from Maia's party. So so proud of them.

The kids and kids at heart had a blast taking photos together with photo props at the Photobooth area.

All in all, it was a super fun party. My birthday girl enjoyed her birthday party and from all reports, the kids totally loved it! I'm pretty sure my daughter will remember this forever. Also, these photos will always remind me of how much she appreciated the party. Big cheers to our family, relatives and all our guests who came to celebrate with us.

So glad almost everyone were able to attend the party even on a short notice and even when everyone was actually busy with the kid's exam week or their pre-Vday celebration. I guess the party was that needed diversion before we get lost in love and Vday preparations. Maia was so happy because she got a whole bunch of lovely presents from our guests. Needless to say, she was over the rainbow moon.

Thanks to the ridiculously talented party suppliers listed below for helping make our vision all come to life. You guys are amazing, and I am your biggest fan.

Last but not the least, thank you to the "Mastermind" of this whole "secret or surprise party" thing. Yun o! Her dad. :)

My only wish for my baby girl is.. "May you grow up possessing all of My Little Pony’s Elements of Harmony! Because we can never have enough of honesty, kindness, loyalty, laughter, generosity, and magic!"

And that, my friends, is how we celebrated my baby girl’s seventh birthday.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I am rainbow-ed out and I have an overdue date with my OB to catch a glimpse of our new rainbow baby. *wink*

Have a rainbowfied day everyone! Thanks for stopping by.

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