Le Petit Prince: Markus' Little Prince Themed Birthday Party

As soon as I clicked through and saw the cutest Little Prince themed cake, I knew it was a party I had to feature on my blog. The lovely parents of our Shuttercount baby, Markus Andrei, have big plans for their Little Prince. So much so that they won't allow the celebrations for his next milestone to be so understated.

Full of whimsical imagination, unforgettable quotes and wonderful details, this is undeniably exciting for a party theme and it's definitely fun making the Little Prince come alive in a birthday party! The best part, however, is most definitely the fact that Markus' party gave me an idea on what theme to use for my baby boy's nursery room. I have always loved The Little Prince, which is my favorite childhood book written by Antoine de Saint-Exupery.

Let's take a look at some of the pictures taken by Benj of Shuttercount that'll take us to an extraordinary world where anything is possible, the world of the Little Prince Markus.

The Little Prince. If you remember, he's the little boy prince with the flowing scarf that lived on a tiny planet with a rose. "She was not a common rose. She was the only one of her kind in the whole universe."

Take a good book with a poetic masterpiece, add one pair of little shoes, a tablespoon of happiness and a pinch of love and you get this party. Bright and lovely.

The colors of the party were yellow, blue, red, white and gold.  The details are rich and lovely, the stage backdrop and setup are perfect. Everything is heartwarming. Every. single. detail. Hats off to the creative team of stylists from Sweet Street Manila for the lovely setup.

For the dreamy stage backdrop, there's wall decals of stars, birds and clouds with hanging light bulbs. On top of a white table was a beautiful custom fondant birthday cake with the Little Prince standing on top of his lonesome planet. And it has 3 layers of pure sugary goodness.

The dessert table was a great centerpiece for Little Prince Markus' birthday party. It is surrounded by picture frames and stars on top of the lollicakes and cookies, with a cupcake tower sitting in the center of the table.

The photo wall with Markus' memorabilia or photo gallery was a great photo op area for all the guests. Indeed, photos are great birthday keepsakes for the prince and his guests after his big day.

“You - you alone will have the stars as no one else has them...In one of the stars I shall be living. In one of them I shall be laughing. And so it will be as if all the stars were laughing, when you look at the sky at night...You - only you - will have stars that can laugh.

The kids had a royal good time at Markus' first birthday party! The rest of the program was equally as fun, playful and completely suited to the theme. Also, Symond the Magician made the fun party 10x wackier!

The most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or touched, they are felt with the heart.

The kids went home with party favors that will surely make them remember Markus' royal day. A personalized birthday loot bag with some of my favorite quotes from the book was filled with  super sweet treats.

The proof that the little prince existed is that he was charming, that he laughed, and that he was looking for a sheep. If anybody wants a sheep, that is a proof that he exists.

TBH though, how could you not love someone with a face like that? Gah! Too cute.

All grown-ups were once children... but only few of them remember it.” 

Well, I think the Markus' Little Prince themed party, just as the story itself, tried to teach us about life, happiness, sadness, and how to grow up without forgetting who we really are. All those kinds of valuable things that we tend to forget, as we grow up and be part of the adult world.  It's quite inspiring, I must say.

If you don't know the book, you'll read it after seeing this amazing party. If you do, I'm sure you'll consider a Little Prince themed party for your kiddo. And at the end of the party, you'll want a rose or maybe a fox for you too.

And now here is my secret, a very simple secret: It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.”
― Antoine de Saint-ExupĂ©ry, The Little Prince

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