Review: LastTwo Weeks of Delicious Diet

I'm pretty sure a lot of you went on holidays this week and I sure hope you had a great one! As for me, I ate a lot of crappy junk food that's why I'm determined to go back to fun dieting and healthy eating!

Yes, believe it or not, dieting is fun! I'm pretty sure you've read about my first two weeks of trying out Delicious Diet. I lost 6 pounds in 2 weeks, and that's without exercise. Easy peasy.

Now, here comes the part two... And by part 2, I mean, Delicious Diet's healthy meals that show up on my door step every morning, or better yet, another two weeks' worth of delicious meals and snacks all ready to go.

Let's face it... it's easier for us to go out to eat at a fast food restaurant or order take out, or even heat up crappy microwave meals that will end up killing and destroying our health... but what's "easiest" is definitely NOT healthy, and I think you'd agree that we ALL need to become more adept in the food we eat, so that we can nourish our bodies instead of poisoning them with processed, cheap and unhealthy food.

Aside from the fact that you can maintain a healthy eating habit, Delicious Diet is easy, worry-free, time-saving and convenient, the food is gourmet level delicious - which was a great surprise for me.  I was hoping for something so-so and edible, but the meals far exceeded my expectations.

With DD, you won't get the same old boring and bland meals of dry chicken and broccoli, egg whites, and fish. Instead, these are the types of delicious and rich tasting meals you'd get at a 5-star restaurant, but done in the healthiest manner made by experienced chefs.

I just can't believe how delicious and appetizing the food is. The quality of the food and the variety each day made the diet program a breeze. I never craved for anything else and I love the wide variety of food in their menu. I was guilty of making/eating the same things over and over because it was all I really knew how to cook. And with my busy schedule, there's no way that I would be able to re-create even one or two of these meals - let alone three different meals plus snacks every single day.

Also, please do NOT be intimidated by the fact that this is a diet's meant to be a 1200 Calorie Menu, 5-day program of calorie counted meals that you'll willingly eat everyday and NOT something that you have to use measuring cups, count calories or think twice about how much you actually should eat. You don't have to worry about anything so don't be overwhelmed by the meals in their beautiful weekly menu.

That's right... I said "beautiful" not only because my favorite DD Lean Pork Embutido is back this week, but mainly because the menu is really well laid out and organized, better than others I've seen.  And they even post pretty pictures on their Facebook page to show you the delicious and healthy meals you're about to get.

As far as the price is concerned, it's worth it. The amount of time, effort and money that I was spending on my own, buying products and ingredients in the grocery and looking up recipes was sort of time-consuming - and I still wasn't satisfied because I just got tired of my own cooking. And I was doing the grocery, cooking and cleaning the dishes at least three times a day! With DD, it's like having your own personal chef that surprises you everyday with healthy and tasty meals. You can save more money by getting their monthly promo because of its cheaper cost compared to a weekly rate. Plus, you can spend less than on take out and it's all healthy and organic food! And that is why the money you'll spend on this service is TOTALLY WORTH IT.

5-day package - Php1800
Super Saver Package Nov 2-27 (20 days) -Php6700
Office Package Nov 2-27 except Nov18-19 APEC Holidays (18 days) - Php6200

Oh, and I'm also losing weight in the process, which wasn't my primary goal by any means. It's like a bonus for me! I just wanted to feel healthier, sleep better, have more energy, get rid of toxins and digestive discomfort, and, yes look better naked. *wink*

Gooey, chocolateeyyy, yummayyy revel bars!
Of course, my faves were the pastries and sweet treats they included but even those were healthy! (Have I mentioned their revel bars, chocolate chip cookies and Blondies are delicious?)

Overall, it was another delicious 2 weeks and I lost another 5 pounds. I highly recommend that you try out this healthy diet program today while they still have such a good deal. If you are struggling with your weight or just looking to eat about the healthiest food available, you will not be disappointed with Delicious Diet. It's definitely the best, easiest and stress-free way to eat healthy, lose weight, and have delicious meals delivered to you daily. Book now before slots run out!

Have you tried  Delicious Diet or other diet food delivery services?  Let me know how it works out for you and what you think about these options.

Learn more about Delicious Diet, their calorie counted meals and how they keep their customers fit and healthy. For more details, visit their website and like their Facebook page Instagram: @deliciousdietph Just text them at 09088797915. Email:


  1. Those foods are really look delicious!I'm so happy for you that you're in the track of not just on a diet but eating healthy foods. I agree it's just to easy to go for fastfoods but it's hard to eat only the right and healthy one. I should start to do so:)


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