Cebuana Lhuillier Celebrates the ‘Asensadong Pinoy’ Spirit

Cebuana Lhuillier believes that becoming an Asensadong Pinoy is the best way for Filipinos to achieve their dreams and financial goals for their families and loved ones. An Asensadong Pinoy is a person who knows how to effectively manage and grow his resources to cope with life’s challenges.

Embracing the Asensadong Pinoy spirit encourages ordinary Filipinos to realize and accept their financial status, seek and achieve financial literacy, find ways to get and stay out of debt, control their personal and household expenses, grow their savings, and invest wisely for the future.

The country’s largest micro-financial institution helps celebrate and promote this Asensadong Pinoy spirit by providing products and services that can help Filipinos achieve, maintain and protect their success.

This includes 24/7 pawning services in more than 1,800 branches nationwide to enable individuals to have hassle-free access to much-needed cash to cope with financial emergencies or take advantage of business opportunities. Borrowers are assured of low interest rates and quick transactions.

Cebuana Lhuillier also has some of the country’s lowest money remittance rates for its Pera Padala service which assures clients of easy, secure and real-time transactions. Enterprising Asensadong Pinoys who have small businesses are already using Pera Padala to secure payments from their customers, wherever they may be.

More than 20 affordable micro-insurance products, including the flagship Alagang Cebuana Plus, also assure Asensadong Pinoys of much-needed protection for their families, homes, valuables, small businesses and other properties.


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