Review: First Two Weeks of Delicious Diet

Dear rainy weather, let's break up! It's not you.. well, actually it is.

These rainy days will definitely make you want to curl up on the couch, eat, and watch movies all day. You may be looking down at the bulging evidence of too much happiness around your waistline tho. For those people who are committed to make a positive lifestyle change and who are resolved to lose weight, you might be considering getting diet meal plans online. Meal plans are designed according to your needs, whether you intend to lose weight, gain weight, maintain weight, or have certain food intake restrictions due to health concerns.

However, the looming question still remains: Are these diet meal plans really worth your money?

To find out, I'm currently trying out Delicious Diet and I'm now on my third week. I got the 1200 Calorie Menu, 5-day program. It costs P1800/ week but they had an amazing promo for Sep7 to Oct 2 for only 6700, instead of 7200 if booked weekly. Would you believe this delicious chunk of revel bar is actually a part of their calorie counted meals? What a revel-ation!

I'd love to share more #foodporn photos but my Internet connection is acting up. Excuse me while I spiffy up a bit. I'm on it.
Okay, moving on. Here's the menu for Week 2:

I received 3 meals and 1 snack a day for 5 days a week made by experienced chefs and a nutrition and fitness specialist. Free delivery except for the South peeps.

Delicious Diet serves up healthy meals with the calories in check. Worth the money? Yes. Here are some of the reasons why I think these customized diet meals are totally worth your money;

Convenience:  The weekly or monthly trips to the grocery store may seem daunting and difficult to someone trying to shed pounds. So this program saves dieters from trips to the grocery store. As a way to lose weight worry-free, you get every meal delivered directly to your door. Each day, I got three portion-controlled meals, plus a snack. Each meal is packed separately and properly labeled.

Time-Saving:  Meals are microwavable and are ready within two minutes. Perfect for busy people who don’t want to add stress or time to their already-hectic lives. Many people think eating healthy requires a lot of time and effort, and these meal plans seem like the solution.

Level of Effort: Low  Delicious Diet  is pretty simple. You order the food online or via text, and it arrives in pre-packaged containers ready to heat up in the microwave or oven. You won't have to do any shopping or cooking, since all of the food you need each day will be delivered right to your door. All the decisions are made for you right off the bat, so there's no impulse potato chip or ice cream buys. Sounds awesome, right?

Portion Control: With these meal plans, portion sizes are under control, without having to use measuring cups, count calories or think twice about how much you actually should eat.  You may start to feel hungry during your first week of portion-controlled eating but you will eventually get used to it  and eventually, it becomes a lifestyle.

Healthy and Delicious : I was pleasantly surprised that I never felt deprived. The meals definitely don't taste like diet food, and to be honest, it's the best tasting diet delivery I've tried. The packages for the dishes look small-ish, but they're all satisfying. You get vegetables, lean protein, and whole grains served up in mouth-watering combinations. Also, I'm happy to see that there's a great variety and they don't scrimp on the ingredients of each meal.

You can even eat yummy pastries like Oatmeal with Dark Chocolate Chip Cookies, Delicious Blondies and Whole Wheat Banana Muffin. Trust me, their snacks/ pastries are super duper yummy! I've read on their IG that they're going to launch their pasty line soon, and I can't wait to order more revel bars and chocolate chip cookies! Yay!

Here are some of the diet meals I've tried from Delicious Diet;

Cost:  It’s very economical and reasonably priced. The cost of  5-day meal programs is Php1800 a week but they usually have an amazing promo every month. Tip: Book early before you run out of slots. That being said, don't forget to book for next week! You can also opt for 4 days for 1440 due to the Friday holiday.

Good Results:  How much can you expect to lose? You can lose up to 2-3 pounds per week. As for me, I lost 3 pounds in a week, and that's without exercise because I was really busy. Crazy busy. And 6 lbs. in 2 weeks is not bad, right?

Overall, it was a delicious 2 weeks, and I ended up losing a few pounds without even trying! So if you’re thinking about trying one out, you should seriously consider Delicious Diet. Try it... you've got nothing to lose, except the weight. Just watch what you eat and achieve a leaner and healthier body in no time with DD's meal plans.

This is me smiling on the inside... :) Because I already lost a few pounds and I'm looking forward to losing another 6 lbs. after 2 weeks. Thank you, Delicious Diet, for helping me achieve my fitness goals.

Have you tried  Delicious Diet or other diet food delivery services?  Let me know how it works out for you and what you think about these options.

Learn more about Delicious Diet, their calorie counted meals and how they keep their customers fit and healthy. For more details, visit their website and like their Facebook page Instagram: @deliciousdietph Just text them at 09088797915. Email:


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